[S2 – Eps. 11] YES!! On the road again!

Change of plans I’m just gonna take a track down this way Good morning internet! It is 8:20 in the morning, and welcome back to the channel Now, as you can see…I have a new plate! And I attached it now straight on this one, with three bolts The plate actually arrived earlier then they said, so that was a really pleasant surprise to be honest So I immediately put it on and now I’m ready to go I had a pretty cool time here in Viedma In the weekend it was the annual was what it now.. the annual international folklore festival So I had a look how was that, so here is some footage from that day So it turns out that today is the international day of the folklore Never knew And this is how they celebrate that in Viedma So in the programme I saw that there singing and dancing and all sorts of activities So I’m really enjoying all the local dances a lot of it, I think, is Argentinean style, but for example, the group with the girls with the hats, they are a Bolivian group and I’ve been told that it’s a Bolivian community that lives here so they didn’t come especially all the way from Bolivia to dance here, but it is a Bolivian folklore. It’s a bit difficult for me to really figure out what is from where They do announce it, but I don’t understand everything they say But yeah, it’s really cool and it’s starting to get quite busy as well Good afternoon everybody Oh, next act! How cool is that! That last song, that wasn’t an act all those people dancing, that was just.. eh freedancing it’s just really amazing to see that everybody knows these local dances I’m gonna head back I really enjoyed this, it was amazing to see And now I actually feel kind of lucky that that I lost my number plate because if I wouldn’t have lost my number plate, I wouldn’t have been here today I would have already left Viedma So this actually was an opportunity to see this local dance and just spend an afternoon with some local people it was really really nice They say, everytime a door closes, another one opens and that is so true But now I’m ready to go again, I’m really excited I’ll show you on the map where I’m gonna go today So I’m now here in Viedma in Argentina and this circle is from that dayride that I did to see the parrots and the, or the parakeets and the sealions and today I’m going to ride here to Puerto Madryn In the beginning I will take the ruta 3 but then somewhere here, I can also ride here along the coast again on some small roads so I’m going to see if I can do that and then ride a small road all the way down to Puerto Madryn In total it’s going to be about, what was it now 400 I already forgot. 400 kilometers or something? 460, I don’t know but it’s going to be a full day I also had an oil change done on Dhanno while I was here, so that was pretty good timing of course the first service she already had when I was still in the Netherlands because the first service is already after 600 kilometers, that’s a really quick one and now I’m just back to like the normal service intervals Alright I just covered about 200 kilometers in absolute flat terrain, and finally I see some mountains over there! Which actually comes as a surprise because I thought the entire way would be flat So I’m a little over half way now, I think it’s about 200 kilometers to go It’s actually quite a long day today This morning I thought, how long was it 380, 400, but is 480 kilometers today so that’s quite a long day, so but I’m more than half way and my plan was originally, to take a left turn in about 2 kilometers from here, then ride to the coast and take a dirt track around there for fun But now, that I saw these ehh mountains, well, you can’t see it now those small mountains and I saw a dirt track going that direction, so I thought, change of plans I’m just going to take a track down this way see if I can get a little bit closer see if I can ride around there a little bit and take a small break because well, it’s past lunch time and I don’t want to waste a lot of time looking for food so now I have some snacks with me, so I’m just going to eat those and then continue my way, so, let’s go! Look at them! Awesome! Don’t eat me Yeah, this is the spot! I”m going to eat something and eh, maybe fly the drone a little bit, that would be cool Nice place huh! Really cool, but I think the funny thing is that, if you would see something like this in the middle of the Alps or something, okay you won’t, but theoretically, you wouldn’t be really impressed but it’s just after riding 200 kilometers in just absolute flat terrain when I see this, I just get all super excited anyway, no I think it’s really beautiful here I’m enjoying the ride My lunch is going to be, an orange, some muesli bars and this is some dried fruit and nuts Alright, let’s continue to Puerto Madryn And we are in Puerto Madryn Made it That was a really stunning view coming from over that hill and then seeing the whole city pretty cool Casino *sneezes* That is disgusting. Hostel! Alright, I’m going to stay here They have a nice garden So I’m going to park Dhanno inside This way I think Yes So I”m staying in a pretty cool place, this is my room I have my own front door and this is the room And then I have a key to a bathroom which is just around the corner Very nice I just really look forward to, actually, the next ride already because the reason why I came here to Puerto Madryn is that there’s a peninsula very close by which is called Isla Valdes I believe and from there you can see a lot of wildlife So I’m really looking forward to it, or at least, I hope I’m gonna spot some wildlife, so in the next ride I”m gonna ride a circle around the peninsula and then come back here again So that was it for today, I hope you liked this video, if you did please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!


  1. Comparing this trip to the last trip, you need less human contact. You are traveling through more civilized area of the world.
    Interesting, see what technology does to humans relationships 🤪🤪

  2. I know you are intelligent and have wonderful instincts, just saying that 'Pedro Moto' another youtuber motorcycle vlogger has a lot of wonderful (educational 😉 ) South American output…Lets go!! 🙂

  3. We expect Turkey to navigate again, this time until the black sea beautiful and natural places you could never predict.

  4. Noraly I hope everything is okay with you? Normally you upload a new video every 2 days like clockwork and now it has been 3 days without any videos. I am starting to get a little bit worried. 🙁

  5. God Bless You for sneezing & not losing control of the bike. Your boots are itchy because you have the sand in your shoes personality.

  6. Awesome vid and drone footage! Loved ❤ this episode 😉
    Itchy nose 👃💥 🤧Itchy boots👢
    Bless you!…😊Safe travels always👍🦅🍴🍊🌰🍒🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️⛰🏍🌎

    Please make sure that you use lock nuts on those bolts holding new license plate. (Of-course, if you have not done that already.)

  8. Always like catching up on your journey! Fascinating to see parts of the world we'd never normally be able to see.

    Question: How is the chain oil thingy working out for you?

  9. It’s been a few days… She should at least check in to let us know she’s well and safe… Just the father in me.

  10. We know you are in an area of poor wifi etc…but 3 days without hearing from you is nerve-racking…hope and pray all is well.

  11. I'll reiterate the concern of many here for your health and safety, really hoping you are ok. Very much looking forward to your next video adventure du jour.

  12. The large soaring birds at ~7:20 are Turkey Vultures. Very common in the Americas (they are all over Tennessee in the USA, where I live). Contrary to popular belief, they do not circle over carcasses, but when you see them circling (also called, "kettling"), they are searching for thermal updrafts to take them high in the atmosphere. Turkey Vultures also have an extremely good sense of smell.

  13. Hi Itchy, I'm following you since few days ago. Please don't ungry by this, but I need to speak about your eyes, are so beatifull, send you my regards, I be waiting at Buenos Aires, to ride witnb you some kilometers.. be safe please..

  14. You are very good with editing, very Cinematic. Head movements with the helmet cam are very good. Just some of the small reasons I follow you. oh, and the music too.

  15. Ik hou van de wat was het nou momentjes tussen het Engels door. Echt prachtig wat je meemaakt. Heerlijk om mee te kunnen genieten vanuit het koude Nederland. 😂❤️🏍

  16. Noraly, I’m happy about the new video about travel, mountains and national dances! Special respect for the person who helps with the translation of the videos. My friends watch with subtitles! Good luck and new emotions !!!

  17. Eating a lunch in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road and to enjoy the beautiful nature. 7:38 I saw that big bird in a Dutch zoo. In Dutch it's called a ''Kalkoensgier''. 10:51 gezondheid Noraly!

  18. Hey Noraly! When you stopped for lunch you didn't appear to have drink. Please take care not to get dehydrated, have some water or tea or coffee! I suppose you don't want to over do it and have to keep stopping to pee! Still it's important to take fluids on board.
    Thanks for posting and best wishes.
    Edit: I just read your link about equipment and Camelbak tank bag so scratch the above!

  19. How is possible that i no see you enjoy a Mate Argentino together!! Sorry for my bad english!! i hope you enjoy my country!!

  20. Agree about problems leading to opportunities. Happens to me all the time; have seen so many wonderful things I would have missed without a "mishap".

  21. Please look up Bob Wells on you tube. He’s doing the RTR in the Arizona desert. A big gathering for people that travel, they would love to hear from you.

  22. You are getting me anxious to take a world tour on my 64 Ural.
    I agree with you all the off roads interest me a lot more then tourist trap.

  23. I love your videos, but above all I like to see how you enjoy the trip, the places, including a stop for a snack in the middle of nowhere. A hug and a nice trip.

  24. Love your channel, it's very enjoyable to watch your video truly!
    Through your vedio, I can realize outside my world there are many different cultures, life styles, bizarre buildings and magnificent landscapes…..exist. You give me an opportunity to understand the world further.
    Thanks for sharing! please keep updating your channel.

  25. The shot starting around 7:27 is amazing! I love watching through your videos and your upbeat personality really shines through!

  26. Thank you for including 10:49, bless you, and “that’s disgusting” is my favorite quote from this video. Most editors would leave that scene on the floor, but you kept it. You are humble, and it’s refreshing. Keep up the great content.

  27. Well always enjoyed the Netherlands🙋‍♂️ the north sea coast when deserted and stormy in winter and really love the Van Gogh museum. As well as those outdoor folk museums my ex-wife made me go to. I'm an American jazz pianist so I adored your country. But ended up off the grid in Copenhagen . Watching your videos reminded how I'd strap a tent sleeping bag and a backpack to my old Honda Nighthawk and get outa Seattle in the 90s.☯️👌

  28. Hi Noraly, I see all your travels around the world, I wonder if you are traveling alone seriously? because I saw the trip you traveled to Argentina part 11 how did you film from long distance so that your whole body with a motorcycle? I am grateful if you answer that question. many greetings Reza Rezai From Norway.

  29. Hello … I am an Argentine who is touring his own country with a Dutch woman on two wheels. I love your videos and how addictive you make them. I am a motorcyclist just like you many years ago and I am planning to cover several routes that you have done. Is there a website where they are uploaded? Thank you very much and I will continue devouring chapter after chapter ….. thanks again.

  30. Your journey must be costing a bundle; how do you manage the costs? I really am enjoying your journeys – you really should have a Patreon Page.

  31. Gracias Noraly por otro video espectacular! Llegar a Pto Madryn y ver de repente la vista de la ciudad con el mar de fondo es muy lindo. Saludos.

  32. That's something that I have done several times over the last eighteen years — sneeze inside of my helmet! All this time later, I still think it's kind of disgusting! I had not thought about it happening to other riders wearing a full face helmet until now.

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