[S2 -Eps. 21] I reached the End of the Road!

There is a house here I don’t know if somebody lives here Let’s check it out Good morning internet, it is 08:36 in the morning and welcome back to the channel I am walking in a town called Tolhuin in the Argentinean part of Tierra del Fuego and I just had my breakfast which was quite nice, it was toast with jam and some yoghurt with muesli but what I’m going to do now is go to the bakery there’s a bakery around the corner here and buy a lunch because I don’t think I’ll find anything to eat around lunchtime where I’m going to go today I’ll show you on the map later where I’m going to go today what is the plan but what I do know is that in total it’s about 285 kilometers that I’m riding today half, no, probably more than half probably two-thirds will be off-road I think and then a little bit paved The weather is still pretty okay, there are some dark clouds but I think they’ll go, at least I hope so Very nice place, when I leave this town I will see if I can make a small round because this town is right at a lake and I think it’s actually the same lake that I saw in the last ride but then the other side of the lake I think, I’m not 100% sure if it’s two lakes or if it’s connected to be honest See there’s the “Panaderia”, bakery They have a library in the fridge See that? It says “leave one and take one” Pretty cool Why not? Okay let’s see if we can get a lunch here I got myself a roll and a vegetable empanada An empanada is just a pastry, like this and this one is filled with vegetables They come in all sorts, with meat and ham and cheese and all sorts of things but I’m trying to be a little bit healthy Lunch is in the pocket Let’s pack up Dhanno and then hit the road I am now here in Tolhuin which is in the Argentinean part of Tierra del Fuego and the plan for today is I’m going to ride a dirt track, somewhere around here which basically will lead to the end of the road, so somewhere here the road really ends and you cannot ride any further South so that’s where I’m going first and then, it’s a one-way road, so then I have to go back and then I continue and then I’ll stay the night in Ushuaia Before I go anywhere else, let’s just first ride to the lake have a look at the lake Before I miss that This should lead to the lake, this track According to maps.me this track should lead to the lake I hope that’s right Here’s the lake.. wow! Very nice spot Beautiful. Beautiful! Okay, let’s go! Wow, it is so cool to be here! This water is the Beagle Channel amazing right? So, that, over there, is Chile again so now I’m standing in Argentina Beagle Channel. Chile. And then on the Chile side, you can’t see it from here but somewhere over there, there is a town called Puerto Williams so that is more South than Ushuaia but to get there, it’s very expensive and you also cannot go there with a motorbike there’s only a small boat taking passengers but you cannot bring a vehicle so there’s not much point for me to go there incredible place right? I’ll show you on the map where I am standing now then maybe it makes more sense So I am now standing in the purple, somewhere over here so that land I showed you on the other side of the Beagle Channel, that is this part of Chile That’s what you see on the other side of the water And I am somewhere around there and to the end of the road from here is still 27 kilometers I am here This is the end of the road I cannot go no further And there’s a house here I don’t know if someone lives here Let’s check it out So it turns out that this is a naval base I had no idea! I just saw on the map that this is the end of the road so I thought, okay let’s go there, but it turns out this is the “prefrectura” which is the navy and they control the vessel that come past here it’s quiet nice, they gave me a coffee and we had a chat and they told me some really cool stories and when I told them I’m from The Netherlands they said like ‘oh yeah, there was a guy here a couple of years back. He went, I don’t know, he was here in wintertime and he went hiking by myself, got lost and had to be rescued. And that horse over there, is from one of the “gauchos” here There are two or three gauchos in this area which still work here with horses and they have a huge area where the cows just run free and that gaucho went with that horse to look for this man and they found him, he was still alive so that was a happy ending to that story Anyway, a bit of a surreal place I’m having my lunch now, my empanada with vegetables And, I’m just, I’m turning around, it’s the end of the road this is the furthest I can go So from now on I’m going the other way and go to Alaska although, today I’m going to Ushuaia which is a little further the other way but yeah, this is the end of the road and yeah it’s, I don’t know, it’s a strange feeling to, really start now because I’ve been calling this trip “Patagonia to Alaska” but first I had to reach Patagonia so the whole adventure towards Alaska is really starting now It is now 2 o’clock and then I first have to go around 90 kilometers back on this dirt road and then the last bit to Ushuaia is paved so that should be all fine Alright, let’s go! And we are back at the paved road towards Ushuaia! Ushuaia! Wow, what a place! Look at it! Incredible, huh? Somewhere.. ah, hostel! See if I can stay here So, they had a place to stay tonight, this is my room! I’m in Ushuaia! I can’t believe it, it’s quite nice to be here this was kind of the first real goal of this trip to just first reach Ushuaia and I’ve done the end of the road and now it’s just back up North from here and on to Alaska In the end, I’m super happy that it stayed dry all day because the weather didn’t look too good, but luckily no rain and it was actually funny, because when I left the ‘prefecture’, so that naval base place When I was leaving, I was thinking to myself what am I doing? This was such a classic moment that I think, oh, the end of the road, I see this building and I just rock up there and just kind of walk into a naval base Which was just so random I didn’t expect that I thought, the end of the road, probably there will be some sort of sign saying ‘end of the road’ or something like that but I had no idea there was a prefectura office there That was it for today I hope you liked this video if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!

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