Scientist gets too close to lava lake! – Richard Hammond’s Journey to the Centre of the Planet – BBC

While the team sleep the superheated molten rock in the lake churns and boils spilling over the rim When Nairagongo last erupted in 2002 nearly 400,000 people in the nearby town had to be evacuated because when near Nairagongo erupts There’s no way to outrun the lava Nairagongo’s lava can flow at over 60 miles an hour faster than any other lava in the world Next morning and the lake is calmer Darío sees another scientist reached the bottom of the crater It looks like he’s going for the ultimate prize; a sample of lava straight from the lake itself It is dangerous in my opinion it is a little crazy I mean I wonder that The special suit he wears will deflect some of the incredible heat at the lakes edge But it’ll do nothing to protect him if he comes into direct contact with the lava It’s very very close Okay, it’s just there really few centimeters It’s just on the ring oh Oh my god come back tomorrow come back Lava begins to bubble over the rim of the lake Darío believes the scientist is taking too big a risk I kind of agree The lake is becoming more active lava surges over the edge The lava lake is now overflowing in three different areas very strong exactly where it was five minutes ago Later that day some perhaps more sensible scientists collect samples from the crater floor


  1. MY greatest respect from my heart to these mad scientists for risking their lives to provide us the information about unknown. Hatts off.

  2. My science teacher showed us this video in class a few days ago.

    The thing was, he didn’t show us the end because he said that the scientist fell in and died.

    I was curious if he actually did.


    He lied.

  3. Scientist is on his way to collect lava directly from an active volcano
    Scientist climbs up unstable hill
    Scientist suddenly drops bucket down the hill
    Time is running out, lava lake is getting more active

    Scientist looks at hands

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