Season 2, Episode 24 – Sweet Ride | Red vs. Blue

Simmons: Okay, I get it. You built a remote control for the jeep into Lopez. Sarge: Yep. But there’s no way anyone could have found out how to turn it on. I hid it in a place no one would ever look. Unless… Hey, pretty in pink! Were you messing with my robot? Donut: What are you asking me for? Grif: So someone else controls the jeep right now? And the big gun attached to it? Sarge: Oh, get a pair, you bunch of Barbies. Even if they’ve figured out how to turn it on, they’d never know the set of code words to control it. Only me and my diary know that. Church: There, you hear that? Tucker: Is it like a screaming, high-pitched whistling noise, followed by a series of random clicks? Church: No, it’s just like this constant “beep beep beep” noise. [beeping]
Church: No, it’s just like this constant “beep beep beep” noise. [beeping]
Tucker: Oh. Then no, I don’t hear anything. [beeping] [beeping]
Church: Do you, eh, wait, do you actually hear a series of whistling noises followed by some random clicks? [beeping]
Tucker: No. I was just trying to be helpful. [beeping]
Church: Yeah, well, you’re failing. [beeping]
Caboose: All I hear is that voice, you know, telling us to kill all of our friends before they have a chance to kill us. [beeping] [beeping]
What, you guys don’t hear that? [beeping] [beeping]
Church: Oh, man, I can’t take this anymore. Tucker, you’re gonna have to do something, man. [beeping]
This beeping is going to drive me crazy. [beeping]
[echoing] Going to drive me crazy. Drive me crazy. Warthog: Drive. Sarge: Jumpin’ Jehosafats, they’ve cracked the code. Those dern windtalkers. Doc: Ooh! Aah! Donut: Hey, he’s taking the jeep! Doc: Help! This jeep is kidnapping me! Donut: Now he’s taunting us. This is just embarrassing. Simmons: Hey, Sarge, new rule. How ’bout we just don’t take any more prisoners, since we seem to suck at it. [beeping]
Caboose: I see a switch down here. [beeping] [beeping]
[whispers] It’s not very big. [beeping]
Tucker: Oh yeah, that’s it. Just flip it. [beeping] [beeping]
Church: Wait, stop. [beeping]
Warthog: Stop. [beeping]
Church: Caboose… [beeping] [beeping]
do you know how to work a switch? [beeping] [beeping]
Caboose: Uhhhhhhh… [beeping]
Church: Alright. [beeping]
Here’s a full tutorial, then. [beeping]
The switch is pointed in one direction, [beeping] [beeping]
just turn it around so that it’s pointed in the other direction. [beeping]
Warthog: Turn around. [beeping] [beeping]
Caboose: Oops! [beeping] [beeping]
It broke itself. [beeping]
Church: Ugh! Doc: Oh, man, what now? Grif: That does not look good. Nice kitty, nice kitty! Tucker: Okay, I see two wires down here. One’s green, the other one’s red. Caboose: What about the blue one? Tucker: That’s your thumb, idiot. Church: Come on, guys, just grab whichever one goes to the switch, and yank it out. Tucker: Eh, I can’t tell which one goes over there. Church: Then just yank ’em both. Caboose: Church, if we pick the wrong one… [whispers] you could explode. Church: I don’t care, look, just follow the red one. Warthog: Acquire target: red. Grif: Uh, Sarge, y-you, you may wanna start running. Now. Sarge: Ahhhhh, fudge pumps. Tucker: Okay, I see what’s going on here. The red one goes close to the switch, and the green one goes… Eugh, someplace else. Church: Fine, just pull it. Take out the red one. Sarge: Oh, I’m pinned! Warthog: Eliminate red target. [machine gun fire] [machine gun fire]
Grif: You’re gonna kill him! [machine gun fire] [machine gun fire]
Sarge: What a way to go. [machine gun fire] [machine gun fire]
Killed by my own mechanical creations! Caboose: Hello! Yes! I am here to talk to you about subscribing to our channel! Aaaand done! Bye! What the heck just happened?


  1. Sarge's codewords
    Drive = Drive
    Stop = Stop
    Turn around = Turn around
    Follow = Target
    Take out = Eliminate

    Sarge is the master at codewords, and if later seasons are an indication, passwords as well.

  2. They cut out a hilarious joke at the end:
    Sarge: "Killed by my own mechanical creation, I'm sure they're a philosofical lesson to be learned from all this"
    Simmons: "Something about the advances of technology, and the unwavering pride of mankind?"
    Sarge: "No, something about hiring better help that just doesn't sit around watching you die!!!!"

  3. You know, Caboose is surprisingly resistant to the Omega AI.
    Maybe his fighting it, along with everything else, is another cause of his mental decline.

  4. A shame the ad at the end killed my favorite joke in this episode.

    "I'm sure there's a philosophical lesson to be learned in all this."

    "Something about hiring better help that doesn't just sit around watching you die!"

  5. Donut: He's taking the Jeep!


    Donut: Now he's taunting us. This is just embarrassing.

    Simmons: Hey Sarge, new rule. How about we just don't take any more prisoners cause we seem to suck at it

  6. I really miss the extra bits at the end of episodes when it would fade to black. I wish they would put that stuff back in.

  7. I've watched this many times and never caught grif saying "nice kitty, nice kitty" to the 'puma' 2:17

  8. originally at the end of an episode it had funny dialogue, now it's just telling us to subscribe, that sucks

  9. Was Tucker referencing something with the, "A high-pitched whistling noise, followed by a series of random clicks?"

  10. I am half-sure that, if Caboose wasn't as stupid as he is, Omega would've taken control of him already, but because his synaptic functions seem to be a little…. uh… stinted, Omega just CAN'T 😀

  11. All i here is that voice telling me to kill all of my friends before they have a chance to kill us. Wait you guys dont here that?

  12. ya know ,all I hear is the voice telling us to kill all our friends before they can kill us. Caboose is awesome!

  13. I like how Sarge immediately ask Donut first out of all people when the remote was triggered.Pros to anyone who know what I am talking about

  14. This may be one of the most brilliant episode for character building and plot, should become full tv series

  15. "All I hear is that voice, you know, telling us to kill all of our friends before they have a chance to kill us."


    "Wait, you guys don't hear that?"

  16. This scene was funny for the fact that the Blues never knew that they had control of the Reds jeep and then they use it to attack Sarge

  17. I love the first season. It’s chill to walk as well as hilarious. The fun is in the writing and conversations. And the plain silliness in the shit that goes down.

    You could explode…

    I don’t care-

    I fuckin die everytime

  18. When The War hog drove forward if you look closely you could see Brown armour in the driver side if you slow it down or watch closely

  19. Aw, poor Sarge. Y'know, a parent-friend of mine told me this, once: In every parent's life comes a time when ya just gotta tighten the bolts, strip off the electrodes, & watch yer creation go lurching down to the village. *sniffle

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