SKECHERS GO RUN RIDE 8 HYPER | 50 mile review

what’s up runners is Justin your average
running PT and I want to talk to you guys today about the Skechers go run dry
bait and how it performed for me after 50 miles all right so I’ve already done one
review of the go run ride eight and that was my initial impression run and now
what I want to do is talk to you about how has performed over the last 50 miles
I just ran the last seven miles in it this morning six and a half miles in it
this morning and I wanted to go ahead and bring this to you guys so that you
know just what to expect from this shoe and gosh I’m professional alright um so
here’s my initial impression of the go run ride eight after the first run I
felt like it was really really stiff but responsive so I was really excited to
kind of see what it was gonna do over the next 50 miles just to see you know
if that stiffness was gonna change her fit was gonna feel kind of stiff and
hard underfoot the whole time and here’s kind of the basic gist of it after those
50 miles it’s still a little stiff it’s still very responsive but it is
definitely still a very stiff kind of a shoe
and when I say stiff I mean it’s really kind of firm underfoot it doesn’t feel
like it gives very much no I would say that has maybe gotten a little bit
softer over the course of 50 miles but I’m not sure whether to attribute that
to actual use or whether to attribute or whether to attribute it to the fact that
the temperatures have actually changed over the course of those 50 miles so in
the first two runs that I took it was probably in the 40s and my shoes sit out
in the garage so it was probably sitting in about forty or low 50s kind of
weather but over the last few runs I’ve actually brought the shoe inside and let
it sit and about 70 degree temperatures before I go out for my run and the shoe
and it’s been a little bit warmer outside anyway so it’s been in the 60s
low to mid 60’s pretty much the whole time the rest of the way and I think
that that has potentially made it feel a little bit softer but it’s still pretty
stiff and pretty from underfoot so here’s the specs
basically this is an eight point seven ounce shoe and a men’s size nine the
stack height is thirty millimeters in the heel and 24 millimeters in the
forefoot this gives you a drop from heel to toe of six millimeters the sizing is
pretty true I got a size eleven and a half which is my normal shoe size and I
felt no issues I felt like the size of thing was just about right the upper is
this knit material that’s pretty spacious in the forefoot I feel pretty
locked down everywhere else the in the forefoot there’s a little bit of
swimming going around in there it is a little bit spacious there’s a little bit
of extra material that kind of bunches up in the front but overall I tend to
like that feel I like that feel of being able to be a little bit more free in the
forefoot so I’m what I wasn’t too bothered by the fact that there was a
little bit more space out there the midsole is of course the hyper burst
material and the hyper burst material has been pretty nice other than the fact
that it has felt really quite firm and I don’t really know why that is because I
have also used the Skechers go run a razor three which the Hyperborea feels
completely different in that shoe and I can’t tell whether that’s because of the
outsole that’s making a little bit extra rigidity in this shoe versus the razor
three it’s a very thin very very thin rubber that’s got very little rigidity
at all so in terms of you know the feel underfoot with the mid foot or with the
missile it feels pretty stiff it feels kind of hard but it is responsive and it
is fast so I would say that the midsole is what attributes a lot of this this
extra kind of pop and speed whenever I’m actually run
in the shoe no it’s also got the M straight technology which is this kind
of rocker type of type of appearance and it it kind of pushes you in from mid
foot into the forefoot and I’m more of a forefoot striker anyway
so so I don’t know how much I’m really relying on that but yeah the midsole a
little bit firm a little bit hard but definitely fast responsive the outsole
is of course the Goodyear rubber so the Goodyear rubber meant to be a lot more
durable now for me I tend to wear a very common areas of my shoes pretty quickly
I land a little bit more on the outside of the forefoot roll straight across and
off the toes and that’s exactly where my wear pattern is on this yeah I would
have expected this to maybe last a little bit longer I think the tread is
wearing down maybe a little bit faster than I would have expected but I think
also some of that is I’m starting to learn a little bit more about my own
running in my own foot strike and I think I’m just a lot harder on the
outsole shoes than what I actually think and that’s something that I probably
need to work on myself so without soul there’s a lot of it there’s a lot of
rubber here but even with all this extra rubber
I think the Hyperborea insole makes it light enough that this is not your
typical kind of daily trainer all right so now that you know the specs here’s
some of the pros and cons so let’s start with the pros number one this is a light
– very light – and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that it is this
hyper verse material the hyper burst material is meant to be lightweight it’s
also meant to be fast it’s the second Pro that I have this is not just a
typical kind of daily trainer because of the hyper burial I think because of the
hyper burst material it kind of forces me to go a little bit fast and I said
that in my initial impression run as well it just seemed like it was gonna be
really really hard for me to control and it still kind of is I learned how to a
little bit but it’s still pretty bouncing pretty fast and a little bit
hard to control for me right now so I think that the pros obviously light
fast for me this is a pro for me maybe not for everybody else there is some
pretty good space in the toe box I like from my toes to be able to move or have
a little bit more freely and this shoe they’re able to do that now for the cons
as I mentioned before the shoe is stiff the midsole is firm underfoot and what I
noticed over the course of a longer run or even just getting up into like the
six or seven mile range I started to have a little bit of metatarsal pain so
pain that was kind of coming up coming around underneath the ball of my foot
now remember I strike pretty much on the ball of my foot so part of that is from
my running pattern am i running for but for my running form I feel like I need
something that’s a little bit softer under the forefoot so that I don’t end
up with these kind of hot spots underneath the ball of my foot it was
never anything that you know turns into a problem I don’t think it’s gonna lead
to stress fractures I don’t think it’s gonna do anything crazy to where it’s
gonna cause a significant injury however just comfort wise I would much rather
have a little bit more squishiness underfoot and one more thing in the
right foot in the right shoe I was having a little bit of trouble with the
insole it was starting to slide backwards a little bit not significantly
it’s not like it was coming up out of the shoe like I’ve heard for some other
people but it was sliding back just a little bit to the point where my toes
were just kind of hanging off the end of the of the insole and I didn’t love that
feeling for sure so especially if I get up into
ten mile range and you know I don’t really want to feel my toes dropping off
the end of the the insole throughout the entire run so that was just one thing
for me I don’t and it was only in the right shoe why not real sure but just my
own observation now with all that said where do I think that this shoe performs
best I think if you can handle the stiffness this shoe really performed
pretty well for me on my longer runs with up tempo miles in the middle of it
so when I do my longer runs I pretty much do two sessions a week where it’s
not just easy miles and one of those is actually my long run I will go on a long
run and I will work on increasing my pace over the course of the first half
peak and about halfway and then come back down the other side to where I slow
back down and ease it back in with this shoe I think that the the
springiness of this shoe and the lightness of this shoe really allowed me
to be able to do that and do it very very effectively so I think that this
shoe performs best in that type of environment if you can handle kind of
that that firmness underfoot for your longer runs so the moment of truth would
I actually get this shoe again I think the answer is no so because of that
firmness underfoot and the way that I like from my foot to feel at the end of
a long run I’d rather not be feeling so much of that that discomfort under the
ball of my foot I think that I could find a shoe that’s maybe a little bit
squishier I think that the hyper burst I’m confused by it because not only did
I get this shoe but I also got the Razer 3 and the Razer 3 hyper burst feels
completely different so I’m kind of torn about you know what the hyper burst is
actually about you know how does it actually feel it’s hard because I can’t
tell if it’s the amount of stacking here I can’t tell if it’s the outsole that
adds the stiffness but it just doesn’t feel extremely comfortable in this shoe
now will I continue to use this shoe yes I know that there are some people that
basically they tried to get to 50 miles and basically said no and they threw it
away I’m talking to you around like hello but I found that it’s soft enough
for me to be able to continue to use especially for those longer runs where I
like to kind of build the pace and then bring it back down I found that this is
a really effective shoe for allowing me to be able to do that so there you have
it guys there’s my 50-mile review of the Skechers and go run ride eight we’ll see
if I get to a hundred and if I can do a review on it and then
I’m not so sure it’s gonna change that much over the next 50 miles as it did
over the first but if it does I’ll make sure and let you guys know about it also
a quick announcement I plan on tomorrow morning March 24th
going for a one-mile time trial so if you guys are interested in that make
sure you go down to the links below follow me on Strava and on Instagram so
that you can see kind of what the results of that are going to be hope you
guys enjoyed this review and as always move with freedom

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