Stop Here to Avoid Errors In Driving Test and Stay Safe On The Road

Hi there, this has Mandeep from Ace Driving School in Winnipeg Manitoba phone number two zero four five zero nine four one seven five this video is definitely going to save you some general errors in your driver’s test but most importantly it’s going to help you stay safe on the road did you know by the law there are three different places where you supposed to make a full stop even if there’s no stop sign if you said no then stay tuned this video is for you. okay guys so we’re going to exit this parking lot the signal right checking traffic staying on the right hand side parking lot are just like a two-way street so same thing here signal right checking traffic I see a divider here’s the signal left and I’m gonna cross the divider staying on the right side of the divider and now we’re going to exit parking lot so I make a full stop before the sidewalk we don’t have any stop sign here but again it’s under the law before you exit a parking lot you have to make a full stop before the sidewalk then you check on the sidewalk first make sure the sidewalk is clear there’s no pedestrian or cyclist and after that you can check traffic and when the road is clear that’s when you complete your turn so we are turning right okay folks so here we gonna exit this back lane and we are turning left so I signal left and I make a full stop before the sidewalk as you can see like I see nothing here right like right now I don’t know maybe there is a kid coming cyclists pedestrians I have no ideas I made a full stop and I’m just I’m just going to roll forward very slow and I can lean forward to check on both sides to make sure it’s clear and now I check traffic just checking on both sides and when it’s clear that’s when I complete my turn all right so just another example for you guys this time we are turning right so same thing here complete stop before the sidewalk now on the left side I can see a little bit but on the right side this fence is blocking everything so I’m just gonna roll forward very slow checking okay no pedestrians all right then I check on the street looks good and then I complete my turn so we’re going to exit our driveway here so I’m turning left like signal left complete stop here checking on both sides and then I entered on the roadway and we are turning right so right signal


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