Stupid driving mistakes 401 (October 2019 English subtitles)

in Russian slang, “throwing a stick” means getting sudden carnal joys that evening. says something like “my horseradish root discouraged” Ukraine mutual dismantling of bumpers This old Lada is still early, under the scrap metal press outrage oh and the sidewall is crumpled classic plot integration of a mopedist in the trunk lid original title of the video “fell asleep at the wheel” video from last year, published today
before the snow 2019 about another month moron why did you break my beautiful atomic car?

who broke ?! why are you pushing me? and you can’t drive less closely? you have a lot of free space.
And I need an incontinence to the left if you need left, then you need to look left.
I have a dash camera no one went to heaven left the scene yourbunnyrob blyat Pillar accused of disobedience to police Gently confused blyat why did you cut my way?

in the sense of? I turned left I turned left. what’s wrong? I’m driving back, they should have given way to me 30 year old female passenger neglected seat belts and went to heaven Oh
pancake saw?

stunned! (literally – an overdose of horseradish) need to save probably it is Petersburg sorry rusty jeepers creepers burst into the frame honorable lord! pizdez!

Some kind of chaos Great, new car, scratches on the doors blyaaat rabies rat separation barrier
was close what cars do they drive to Petropavlovsk Kamchastky?
mainly all-terrain vehicles
And an unusual police car video from a subscriber : I love your channels and thought i would give my own near miss encounter in the USA with my ford focus ST πŸ™‚ I wanted to say ‘blyat’! you can use the video in your own if you want they said he hurt his neck I watched three times and I don’t understand how he didn’t break the body from the frame you are alive? normal? Marty B sent a video to facebook group
Australia mighty Matiz pushes cars massively the driver and passenger of the fast Lada went to the hospital a woman driver said that “the brakes refused to work” Tanker in South Korea Lim Lim sent a video in the Facebook group Matthew C sent a video in the Facebook group Lim Lim sent a video to Facebook group Dragosh H sent a video to Facebook group Lim Lim sent a video to Facebook group Marty B sent a video to facebook group Dragosh H sent a video to Facebook group Marty B sent a video to facebook group Alberto S sent a video to facebook group Lim Lim sent a video to Facebook group Moscow Domodedovo Airport what kind of joke is this? hey where are you from? come here Moscow pussy on the road little sweet go around. hope they see oh, she’s under our car I will slowly move away come on, come on no this is a wild cat, he does not give in to hands well let him sit here won’t be able to catch no across the road will get into the car? well it’s funny pipez

pussy blocked movement stupid cat he is hiding we need to go to work.
yes the cat made a mess Well, now they will catch and search.

escaped? yeah all are so kind and decent pipez now she will catch.

well, let him be there and a saddle in the corner stupid cat how did he get here?

I do not know

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