Take a Ride on the Terror Dactyl Canyon Swing! – Travel Channel

[screams] Oh, my god! Oh, my god! [screams] I want all
buckles tight, Alex. I want all buckles tight. Oh, there we go. Oh, the floor’s gone! The floor’s gone! What do I hold onto, Alex? Those little orange
straps right there, man. These little orange straps? All right, now would you like
a little tip before you go? I would love a lot of tips. – All right.
– No! Not a little tip like that! I thought you meant advice. Alex! Is it just– is it just
going to go at any second? Yep. Alex, it’s leaning
a lot forward. Let’s– [screams] [laughs] Oh, oh, guys, anyone listening,
this is how you see Colorado.

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