The 840-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon — TEST/DRIVE

I’m gonna roll the windows up here to
get the clear the smoke out of this baby holy mackerel
oh-ho all right I did a little went a little crazy on the burn out there we are doing not some normal lap race
we’re doing some straight line racing into eight hundred forty horsepower
dodge demon that eight hundred forty horsepower is on racing fuel only about
eight hundred eight horsepower on the regular stuff to get out of the pump but
maybe the more impressive number seven hundred seventy pound-feet of torque
about 2.3 seconds zero to sixty but this thing is born for quarter-mile drag
racing tires everything optimized just just get you down the strip really
quickly of courses everyone knows by now a nine point six five second quarter
mile Guinness world record hitting the trap at 140 miles an hour that is faster
than a Bugatti Chiron, that’s faster than a Porsche 918 Spyder and faster
than any automobile that’s ever been produced and it’s a Dodge $85,000 really
something else and we’re going to go have a little more fun it’s easy for somebody like me to launch
it it’s got so many tricks and it’s got a launch control you can set the revs
and the RPM but when you want this thing to take loose just drop a paddle off you
go and the way I’ve been launching it is with the transbrake
again the first production car in history to have this is a drag racing
trick that goes back to the 1960s it kind of locks the transmission, it locks a pair of gears to kind of hold the tranny so I can like crank up and kind
of preload a bunch of torque and get the engine rolling without having to hold
the brake with that trans brake I can get on the gas and go all right here we
go even without a clock a stopwatch running
us it’s a hell of a lot of fun first off line lock’s gonna hold my brakes and
meanwhile I’m gonna spin this up to about 60 mile an hour wheel speed and do
a nice little smoky burnout here to clean and warm my tires got to get right
in the center groove here got the line lock activated brake pressure all right there’s a button on this
dashboard to hit the high octane switch to make the engine run maximize it on
100 octane racing fuel which is what we’ve got in here and get up to my
staging area wait for my staging light got it all right oh man go baby go oh yeah that was my best run yet
definitely that was a pretty good hook up about a hundred thirty-five miles an
hour at the end of the quarter of course with the pros doing it they’ve managed about
140 miles an hour for that world-record run with a nine point six five quarter
mile and it’s just mind-boggling to think about a production car running
under ten seconds at 140 miles an hour this year dodge demon can actually lift
its front wheels off the ground it’s got so much force very compliant suspension
much softer actually than the Hellcat to help this thing shift weight to the rear and
get all that power down and when it does that weight shift to the back if you do
it just right this car actually pops a wheelie it’ll lift this car off the ground for a
good three feet of travel people are gonna have a lot a lot of fun in this
thing that is the people who don’t just tuck it away in a garage put a blanket
on it and and and baby it for 20 years but that would be a shame that’s a waste
of this car to speculate on it and be thinking about money this car is about
emotion and fun and excitement and I think it’s a real shame if these are
just gonna be sitting there you know on some pedestal somewhere they’ve these
this car is meant to be driven


  1. There has Never been a video of anyone else going thru quarter mile and posting what they ran, i guess all shut off like this cat did

  2. Sure, try and race a Bugatti on the road…
    The Demon is a cool car but on the road it will strugle with all that power on just two wheels.

  3. Why would someone speculate on that car? There is a list of Saudi and Qataris willing to pay a million cash like right now for people willing to flip their allotment.

  4. Don't get the hate on the Dodge Demon. Doug DeMuro reviewed it not too long ago and said that it drives really well. Even in the corners.

  5. I respect Dodge for just not giving a fuck and slapping the most horsepower they possibly can under the hood of a production muscle car, handling and road course performance be damned. It's something that Chevy and Ford seem to be afraid to do for some reason. Don't get me wrong, the Camaro and the Mustang are BOTH better than the Challenger in every conceivable way, it's just too bad their manufacturers missed the opportunity to do something like this. Maybe they still will, but I doubt it. I would LOVE to see 850 HP Camaros and Mustangs from the factory. If this fat, ugly brick can run in the 9's right off the showroom floor, then Chevy and Ford can certainly do better than that with their muscle cars.

  6. One hundred grand to go down the road for a few seconds ! Oh My God is it worth it ?
    Are you kidding ?
    Of course ,now if only they could make it get 30 Miles per gallon and run on Tomato juice or just Hydrogen .

  7. Say what you want about American cars but you gotta appreciate Dodge for even making this beast. they didn't need to make it. If car makers were people, Dodge would be the guy i'd go get a beer with.

  8. This car exemplifies whats wrong with the US automakers. Big, gas guzzling, obnoxious, pointless car. It a one trick pony!! I get that it is cheaper but i'd rather have an R8, NSX, 911or 570s. Yes they make less power but can turn a corner without threatening the drivers life. And racing fuel and slicks will get all those car pretty close to this Dodge in the quarter mile too, wont beat it but they will be really close to it…..with 250hp less. I bet a Golf R or Civic Type R will kill this thing on a track. Pointless car…

  9. I don't want to see the driver, i want to see the cocpit, i want to see the speedometer ffs, you don't get the viewers with that !!!!

  10. It's faster than a Chiron because it needs a prepped track to do it, and the Chiron would pull itself apart if it tried to do the same on the track. Misleading stats are misleading.

  11. If were keeping count Dodge holds the record for the fastest production car in a straight line, the fastest manual bone stock production car to lap the ‘Ring. And quite possibly the worlds fastest production SUV…A DODGE.

  12. I think it would be fun if the nhra did something like the iroc with the demon. Take a bracket of the current champs from different divisions and put them against each other, all driving showroom stocm dodge demons

  13. Guess kit cars don't count, but Ultima GTR is there-abouts out of the box in the 1/4 except it also goes around corners.

  14. The car comes with a 5 year warranty, but not at the drag strip. Sooner or later someone will blow the engine, and it won't be cheap to replace it.

  15. why put music in the background while he's running? I've never understood music in driving parts, I wanna hear the motor! lol

  16. My old and I thought kinda slow mustang with a stock 4.6 2v and a kenne Bell trapped 130, did have a 50 shot too but still car only made like 220 to the tire stock. Why can't anyone else see this demon is not that impressive. Kids love the bragging rights and yes this would be an awesome car to own and a blast to drive but I would not go to the strip thinking nothing will touch it. Probably go to any track night across the country and they're be several cars setup to drag that will put bus lengths on this. Maybe he trapped 135 haha. Seriously a supercharger or turbo'ed any newer car could run right with or bet this thing. That's without going crazy. I bet he went 10.30 at 129-135 so maybe it will go 9.9 9.8 here and there but it's a low 10 or very high 9 car.

  17. So kids. The same company that designed and built this car. Also designed the engine that the NHRA top fuel class runs today. The engines architecture in a top fuel car is the same as the legendary chrysler 426 HEMI of the Musclecar era. The most powerful engine in motorsports.Now years later and they done it again with the fastest production car .Long live the all American pushrod V8……..

  18. What is the point in putting 800hp in any American built chassis? The wallowing plastic barges can’t get round a corner.

  19. Come on guys , all our collective Peni's don't need this must stimulation .I can get mine up with the sound of my old 340 cube reving up to a 13 second quarter mile and yes in a Challenger !
    We need some brainiac to start converting these machines to Hydrogen over electric.
    The future in this planet is the fuel we have an endless supply of not Dynosaur juice , what the fuck has the Dodge brand been smoking ?
    Start Hydrogen stations before the world turns to fuckn Mars .
    Is everybody in power a Moron ?
    I know the illuminati are greedy bastards but don't they have rug rats of their own ?
    when the planet dies we all die .

  20. Did they say the 1/4 time he got? I missed it or they didnt want to talk about it because it was too high. at 135, I am guessing about 10.8?

  21. It's purpose built for a drag strip. It needs a lot of help in the form of drag radials, front skinnys, race gas, and optimal track conditions to make the numbers. All of those things would be better achieved with a warmed over Hellcat which also does the road thing better than this car ever would, and a whole lot cheaper.

  22. How do you idiots get your jobs?! Faster than a 918 Spider or a freakin 1500HP Bugatti Chiron?! 😂🤣 That’s because those manufacturers give the worst case scenario that literally anyone in less than optimal conditions could get, unlike Dodge that throws these crazy numbers out acting like this car can easily hit these numbers when in reality unless you have a cool night, with tons and tons of track prep, race gas, skinny’s on front, and know how to properly operate the trans brake, you have no chance of hitting that 9.65sec time. There are already many videos on YouTube showing cars that should be lunch meat for the Demon giving it a good run and actual fast cars like Mclarens stomping this thing. Faster than a Chiron that traps 155MPH + in the 1/4!🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  23. I like it, but it doesn't look as fast as it is. A fast car should look like it's moving when it's sitting still. It doesn't have to look like an f'ng spaceship like so many super cars, but at least put some racing stripes on it. Change something…

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