The ALL-POWERFUL voice that won The Voice Kids | WINNER’S JOURNEY #13

The winner of The Voice Kids
Australia is… … it’s Alexa! Wait for the chorus. You have to turn. What’s your
name beautiful? My name is Alexa, I’m 10 and I’m from
Brisbane in Queensland. I’ve been doing nippers for
about five years now… … and what I like about nippers is
that you get to do the flags… … the sprints, the way,
the board and the swim. It’s just so much fun.
I love the water… … I’m a wood baby. When I stand on stage I feel like
I’m a different person… … I feel like I can be whoever I want.
I feel like I can express my feelings. Thank you. You have the killer package.
– Yeah I like to ask you Delta… Oh yes I’m here… She loves Delta. – How old were you when you sang, like,
when you first started singing? The second I could start talking I started
singing and everybody around me knew… … that that’s just what I did.
There wasn’t kind of a question. I loved sport and I loved music. Those are the two things I loved. I think that my question is done.
– Okay haha. So it’s just Delta.
– Yeah. Alright, so you get to choose… – Delta. At Team Delta her next battle trio
arrives for their mentoring session. Hello! Olivia, Anthony and Tamara and Alexa. Tiny number 1, tiny number 2.
– I’m not that tiny. Oh sorry haha, to me you are. Tough competition is a good challenge.
I love challenges. Ready? Saying Stop by the Spice Girls, but …
we have to keep the secret from Mel B. Great stuff.
Couple things… … Alexa watch the timing when
you’re doing your part. Make sure you kind of sit in the back of
that groove… … and I want you to step it up even more. I do have high parts and
it’s gonna be a battle… … to get those high notes,
but I know I can do it and I will do it. Okay, very proud. Give me five great dance moves,
great dance moves girl. Well done!
Well done! It’s fantastic, but I don’t want you to lose singing. When you first step forward Alexa I just
want to make sure that we’d still show… … them what a great singer you are too.
You know. Here we go, battle time… Great song choice! And I think you maybe sing better
than the Spice Girls there. If I may say so myself. You practiced together.
We were ready to surprise Mel… … everybody was keeping it a
secret. I found it hard.
– You found it hard. My cheeks are hurting now.
I’m smiling too much, I can’t stop. The person I’m taking through… … is someone who I think can still really put on some incredible performances… … with their voice.
Today I’m going to take through… … Alexa. Alexa is the winner of this Battle. Welcome to our Grand Finale! I decided to take my girls
to a cupcake bakery… – Come in my girls. … where we could actually have some fun in the kitchen. Can either of you cook?
– No. I can! I had a awesome day with Delta and Alexa. That’s a lot. I had a few cupcakes.
A bit more than I should’ve… Alexa liked to decorate everything and
everyone. I mean it was really work of art.
– Thank you. Every girls makeup kit should come with
glitter and it should be eatable as well. Both Alexa and Grace are really strong singers… … so it’s gonna be really
hard for me to choose in this last performance. Looking Grand Final.
– The Grand Final looks great. I can’t believe that I’m in the top 6 of
The Voice Kids Australia. It just all feels like a dream
to me and I can’t wait to get out on stage. Introducing Alexa!
Woeh. She’s my hero. Being in the top 6 for The Voice Kids Grand Finale
just makes me feel so happy… … and really proud of myself because
I actually never expected to be here. You sound so beautiful.
I should be scared. Alexa’s only ten and she has star quality. Oh it’s sounding beautiful.
So beautiful. I really would love to win.
I really just have to focus and give it my best shot. – You got this. I’m the proudest coach sitting here and
what we’re all experiencing as coaches… … for the kids is something more
fulfilling than it we could possibly… … explain to you and hearing you girls so
enthusiastic and loving it so much… … has just been enjoying.
I love you both and I feel very connected to both. Congrats.
– Thank you. Never ever expected this. I think we were really happy at stage one.
– Look at you now. Oh yeah we didn’t expect this at all and I
think well, they were actually fantastic. We just, hands up, it’s just fantastic. That was a really big song and you held
your own… … and who knew that big voice was inside
that little thing right there. Well done! You’re only a few years older than my daughter and I’m just so proud of you… … and I’m so impressed with you… … this whole show.
I’m so impressed with you. – Thank you! You sang so beautifully! Alright folks, the winner of the very
first Voice Kids Australia is… … it’s Alexa

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