The Assistant and PJ Masks Ride a Sled to Catch the Grinch and Save the Holidays

– [Child] Family fun for everyone. (child cheering) (Grinch laughing sinisterly) – I’m gonna get you, Grinch! (whistling) Whoa! (Grinch laughing sinisterly) – Perfect! (high pitched whistle) – Yikes, incoming! – Whoa! (crash) (cheering) Hey guys, guess what time it is! – Is it dinnertime? ‘Cause my tummy is a-rumbling
and I’m really hungry. Uh, is it time to go to bed? What time is it? I need to know! – Okay, enough guessing! Stop guessing! It’s the Christmas season! (dog barking) Oh yeah, uhuh, it’s the
best time of the year. (cheering) – We are so ready! – Yup, yup. We’ve got our Christmas
decorations, all of our presents, and we can’t forget our holiday treats! Yummy! (giggles) (whip cracking) – Woohoo! Christmas time! (whistle) (crash) (moaning) – Good grief! Can’t a Grinch get a good
night’s sleep around here? What’s all this racket and noise? Huh? (silly cheering) Oh no! Not this again. Christmas time again? Already? Oh, I thought I ruined
it last year for sure! (groans) Oh boy. (dog barking) I don’t know, Maxie, who knows. Maybe they’ll keep it down this year. Huh! – Looks like we really
got this place decked out! Huh, too bad the spooky
season’s over though. Well, now it’s time to
go, drum roll please, (drum roll) Christmas crazy! (cheering)
(upbeat music) All winter long! – What! Maxie, you gotta be kidding me! Oh no! – All winter long! – Ah! That’s it Maxie! I can’t take it anymore. I know what I have to do. (whip cracking) Looks like it’s time to
ruin Christmas again! (evil laughing) (squeaking)
(dog barking) – Come on, guys! Last one to Elsa’s castle
is a rotten fruit cake! – Whoa! Right behind you! – Woo! Yeah! Alright! Did somebody say cake? – Okay Maxie, the coast is clear. (whistling) (dog barking) Excellent! Now, time to get into character. (evil laughing) Ah, now to begin ruining Christmas so I can have some peace and quiet. Ah, perfect! Christmas decorations on the tree. Oh, some presents all
wrapped up nice and pretty. And, ew yucky, sweet holiday desserts. Okay, let’s round it all up, Maxie. (evil laughing) (whipping) Ready the sled, Max! (evil laughing) Well, well, it looks like
Christmas is canceled this year! (evil laughing) (whistles) (gasps) – Oh no! It’s the Grinch! – [Everyone] The Grinch! – And he’s trying to steal our Christmas (screams) (evil laughing) – You think I’m gonna
let your Christmas crazy disrupt my beauty sleep? I don’t think so. Not this time. (evil laughing) – No, no, no!
– Mush, Max, mush! – Don’t you do it! Please no! Hey, hey, get back here Grinch! Ah, there he goes! (screams) – The Christmas decorations,
the snacks, oh the presents! Christmas is gone! (screams) – Come on, guys! We cannot let him get away. He’s trying to steal Christmas, again! Like I ever give up? Well, come on, before he gets too far!. – Yeah, let’s get him! (screams) – We’ve got to stop him. – Yeah, we can’t go Christmas crazy without all of our Christmas decorations and our holiday treats and our presents and our holiday treats and snacks and food and dinner. (screams) Did I say holiday treats? – Get back here grumpy Grinch! After him! (running footsteps) – Our mission is to save Christmas. Lets go, go, go! – I’m coming! – Oh, Mr. Grinch! (running footsteps) (squeaking) – After him! (cheering) (evil laughing) – I’m gonna get you Grinch! (whistle) Whoa! (evil laugh) – Perfect! Yikes, incoming! – Oh, (crashing) I’m okay. Phew, at least that
soft snow broke my fall. – Uh oh, gotta go! – Ah hah! There he goes. He’s not going to ruin
our Christmas on my watch. Where’s my watch? Anyways, after him! Guys, over here. He just ran into the PJ
Masks’ Holiday Headquarters Let’s go save Christmas
before it’s too late. – Phew, now this is
what I’m talking about. No more Haunted Headquarters, it’s Holiday Headquarters. (cheering) This isn’t going to be bad at all. (dog barking) – Holiday snacks, here I come! (whistles) – Okay remember, we’re looking for the Grinch. Where he hid our holiday presents, (evil laughing) decorations, and our snacks. Come on, we have to find him. Let’s go! Yoohoo, Grinchy Grinch! Where are you? (whip cracking) Romeo, what are you doing here? (screams) – I thought this wasn’t
supposed to be haunted – Oh good, it’s Secret
Santa Romeo, with our gifts. Yes! – Hooray! – But we still need to
find the decorations and the holiday snacks. – Well, keep your eyes peeled anyway. We’re still looking for that sneaky Grinch and we still have two more things to find. – [Everyone] Okay. – Cmon’, let’s go. – Oh, we’re gonna get that sneaky Grinch. (dog barking) I smell the food up here somewhere. Hey, something’s wrestling
behind that Christmas tree. I wonder if it’s the Grinch. Let’s get him. Ready? One, two, three! (whip cracking) (roaring) (screaming) – Mountain Yeti. (screaming) (goofy laughing) – Merry Christmas. Decorate the tree. – Whoa, so much for not haunted. – Hey, I found it. – You found the Grinch? – No, I found our holiday treats! – Hooray! Hey look, Sven’s got em’, from Frozen (neighing) (sweet laughing) – Hooray, we did it! (evil laughing) – I know it’s not supposed to be scary, but I think we should leave now. – Good idea! Come on, Sven, let’s go, go, go! – Yes! We found our holiday
snacks, our holiday gifts, all we need is (suspenseful music) our decorations! Then we can start our Christmas crazy! – [Everyone] Max? – Max, you’re here. (squeaking) Where’s the Grinch? Good boy, Maxie Max. (squeaking) He brought us our decorations. Who knew someone as evil as
the Grinch who would want to steal Christmas, would
have a dog like Max. He’s awesome. – It looks like Max wants to
have some Christmas fun too. (dog barking) Look, our decorations. (cheering) – We got everything back. (trumpet blows) But, only one thing left to
do, go to the Christmas tree. Come on, guys, hurry up. (cheering) Let’s go! (whip cracking) – What! (groaning) (cheering) – We saved Christmas. – Christmas crazy, everyday! – [Grinch] Well, well, well. Maxwell, or should I say, saboteur. (squeaking) How could you help them
get Christmas crazy? Don’t you know how that
drives me crazy, crazy! (whip cracking) You have betrayed me and your big brother, Fred. (squeaking) (neighing) What do you have to say for yourself? (dog whimpering) A Christmas spirit? Hah! (dog barking) And to that I say, bah humbug, bah humbug. (groans) Great, now there will never be quiet for the rest of the Christmas season. All winter long! (moaning) – Silly, goofy Grinch. Don’t be so grumpy. (squeaking) See, look! You get the first gift of all
season of crazy Christmas. You get the first gift of it. – For me? (dog barking) – Here you go Mr. Grinch. (dog barking) – I guess it’s kinda exciting. It’s a, it’s a– – Tada! They’re earmuffs. How do you like them? They will keep your green
ears nice and warm and cozy and allow you some peace and quiet while we go Christmas crazy. – Well, I’ll be. This Christmas thing isn’t so bad. Well, well, well, I’ll be. This actually works, I can’t hear a thing. (squeaking) Oh well, Christmas is no longer canceled because I can’t hear all your
caroling and Christmas crazy. – [Everyone] Merry Christmas, Mr. Grinch! – Yep, I still can’t hear you. Oh boy, this is gonna be a good Christmas. Come on, Maxie. We’ll ruin something else some other time. (evil laughing) – That silly, grumpy, green Grinch. He thinks he can steal
Christmas every holiday season. But, not today. We made him happy and I
think he likes Christmas now. Well, anyways, I hope you guys
really enjoyed this video. But wait! There’s another cool
video starting right now. Bye! (evil laughing) – Super speed. (evil laughing) Get ready to run, Fred. – That silly Grinch. He thinks he’s going to
get all of our presents, but I don’t think so. Oh, Mr. Grinch, get back here. – [Everyone] Merry Christmas. (whip cracking) – Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas PJ Masks! What’s the mission? – Hey assistant. Well, the PJ Masks have
to go help Mickey Mouse on his Christmas adventure but we have a super special,
top secret mission for you. – Oh, a super top secret mission for me? What is it? – We need for you to protect the Christmasy PJ Mask Headquarters. – We’ve got lots of presents downstairs and we want to make
sure nobody takes them. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, come see! Yeah, yeah, yeah, we did all of our Christmas shopping early and we don’t want any funny business. Look, there’s a present for
Chase from the Paw Patrol and, oh look, this one’s
for you, Assistant. Can you make sure to protect
the PJ Mask Headquarters and all of our Christmas presents. If something happened to
the Christmas presents, Christmas would be doomed! – Have no fear, the
super assistant is here. And I’m here to guard the
PJ Mask Lookout Tower and to guard the presents. Bye, good luck! Bring me back some hot chocolate. – Bye Assistant, thanks! Just be on the lookout for
anyone sneaking around. – Okay, time to stay on guard and protect the PJ Masks’ Christmas. Who knows who will try to sneak in and mess with our Christmas. Night ninja, Captain Hook,
or even worse, the Grinch! They aren’t gonna ruin our Christmas because I’ve got a plan. (crashing)
(boinging) (slow motion laughing) Wait, that was a little wicked. I finally finished the trap. So I have lots of holiday tricks and traps to protect the PJ Masks’ presents. We have cocoa crunch cookies. They’ll crunch so loud like (loud crunching) so I’ll be able to hear them coming. Icy slick floors. Good luck trying to run on that. – Oh sweet, I love ice skating. – Wee, whoa! (crash) Whoa, that’s slippery. – And puppy dog alarms
and tinsel traps too. And a few gadgets that
Romeo is letting me borrow. (evil laughing) With all these tricks
and traps up my sleeve, no one is messing with
the PJ Masks’ Christmas. (whip cracking) – We’ll see about that. (evil laughing) (upbeat disco music) (whistles) (evil laughing) Now that I’ve made it inside with my sneaky Santa disguise, I can take all the presents I want. (evil laughing) It’s going to be a happy
grinchmas this year. (evil laughing)
(whip cracking) Oh, celebratory cookies? Don’t mind if I do. (evil laughing) (loud munching) These are the loudest
cookies I’ve ever tasted. (loud munching) – Did you hear that? It’s way too early for
Santa to be eating cookies. Time to go! (gasps) It’s the Grinch! (evil laughing) I bet he’s after the presents. – Max, where are you? (dog barking) Okay, Maxie, help me get all
the presents in this bag. – Not on my watch. (dog barking) – Maxie boy, will you look at
the size of these presents. (dogs barking) – Maxie boy, quiet down Whoa, uh oh! Doggy alarms everywhere. Come on, Max, we gotta
get out of here quick. It’s time to get outta, what, uh oh! (whip cracking)
Whoa! (dog barking) Alright, this is not what I had in mind. Put me down. – Aha, not so fast Mr. Grinch. – The assistant? Oh man, it’s too easy. – So, you’ve come across my tinsel trap? I’ll take that. – Oh, hey, aw man. This isn’t over, Assistant. (playful music) (truck rumbling)
(dog barking) – Rubble on the Christmas double. On the lookout. – Well, that didn’t work. Oh, I know Max. To avoid the assistant,
we need to utilize speed. We need to move fast, fast, fast. I’ll run, grab a present,
and hop onto Fred. (neighing) Excellent. Okay and we’ll race right
past that Christmas tree, grab the presents, and
run right outta here. Everybody know the plan? Are you ready? (evil laughing) Oh, not falling for that again. (dogs barking) – The Paw Patrol alarm! (dogs barking) (evil laughing) – Too slow, puppy dogs. (whip cracking)
(evil laughing) Super speed, get ready to run, Fred. (neighing) (evil laughing) – That silly Grinch! He thinks he’s going to
get all of our presents, but I don’t think so. Oh, Mr. Grinch, get back here! (evil laughing) – Finally, I’ve got a Christmas present. Run like the wind, Freddy. Freddy? Freddy, why aren’t we going anywhere? – A-ha Mr. Grinch, it’s all ice. He’s not gonna get very
far on that slippery ice. – Oh man, wait whoa, what! (crashing) Whoa! Come on, Fred, come on,
we’ve got to get out of here Oof. (dog barking) This ice won’t stop me. – Oh yeah, but here’s a
little more ice for ya. (laser shooting) Gotcha! – I can’t move and it’s freezing. No, no, no, my present, my present. – I’ll take that. – Oh man, not again. (shivering) (whistling) (evil laughing) – Ouch, okay. (evil laughing) – Intruder, intruder, intruder! – Aw man. Okay, okay fine, assistant. You win. I don’t want any of your presents anymore. This ugly Christmas sweater
swiper trick was the last straw. I’m done. – Wait a minute. An ugly Christmas sweater swiper is not one of my holiday traps. – Oh, wasn’t it? – Uh-oh. (evil laughing) Gotcha! Now, I just want all of the presents. Give them to me. Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme! – So you want all of the presents? I’ll give you all of the presents. (whirring) – Yay, finally! Huh, oh no! (crashing) Oof, okay, a little help here. This is not what I meant when I said I wanted all of the presents. – You said you wanted all of the presents. – Hey Assistant, we’re back. Did we miss anything? Uh, Mr. Grinch. – Don’t worry, the super
assistant was all over it. All the presents are accounted for and we are so ready for Christmas. – Mmmmm, Christmas cookies! – Oh no, Gecko don’t, the tinsel trap! – Christmas cookies. Huh, oh wait, what! (whip cracking) Woah (laughing) Woah, Merry Christmas, everyone. – I’ll get you next time, Assistant and all those PJ Mask gifts too. – Ha, ha, ha, I don’t think so Mr. Grinch Well, this has been so much fun. Thank you, guys, for watching this video and I hope you really enjoyed it. Bye! – [Man] Hey there, everyone. Thanks for watching our video Now, make sure that you subscribe to the Engineering Family so you can see lots of cool videos. In fact, there’s another
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