The DRIVING FORCE Behind CREATING EVERYTHING You WANT! (law of attraction)


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  2. Great choice of the background music as well. Such an intelligent video! I absolutely enjoyed watching and will watch again. Bless you 🙏🏼

  3. This is how and why ppl suffer from multiple personality disorder. They don't know how to bring all of them into one.

  4. This is amazing and it works! Know what you want believe it and claim it, you are worthy to receive your blessing. Never give up.

  5. I like most of your guys’ videos, butI’m pretty sure neither Mr. Wonderful (from the Shark Tank) nor Warren Buffet Rely on this mumbo-jumbo. Money is not actually a physical thing, per se. it is an abstraction. Money is not really the paper that it’s printed on. This can’t be proven by looking at your bank account. What you see is a number which represents money. But in reality all it is is a representation inside of a computer of ones and zeros. There is no paper involved. There is no gold either. It’s just information in a computer system. Even though the representation is held in a physical systems such as a computer system, that doesn’t make the money a physical thing.

    Another way of proving this idea is to look at a one dollar bill, a five dollar bill and a $100 bill. Five dollars is 500 percent greater in value than a one dollar bill, but it doesn’t take 500% more energy to produce a five dollar bill as opposed to a $1 bill. A $100 bill also does not weigh 100 times the weight of a one dollar bill. All three of these pieces of paper with their income there have essentially about the same amount of energy. If you set them on fire a stack of $100 bills will burn just as fast as a stack of one dollar bills. They have about the same energy.

    Money is not a physical thing.

  6. This is the best channel I have ever watched when it comes to law of attraction. Everyone else just goes over the surface level. This channel actually explains the depth of it and how it works. Which is apart of what you need in order to get to the level of "resonance". Thank you for creating this channel. I don't believe in much but this I truly do believe in.

  7. Hei jessica
    Can i actually manifest my ex who got married recently
    I tried to manifest him calling off the wedding. .but it didnt work out
    I followed the no contact rule as well…
    Even if i get into better vibes, to manifest him, he shld also 'want' me and be in the same vibes right??
    How will it work if he has blocked and moved on with a third party??

  8. This is brilliant work. Thank you for your noble contribution to the human race. Love, peace and light.

  9. So I have to speak to imaginary versions of myself? Surely if I knew how "they" were rich then I'd already be rich as I'm asking myself

  10. One thing I missed in the video is how to raise ones own vibration above the 3rd density state of conscience (4, 5+ Dimension/density) to resonate with manifestation process at all.

  11. This is an incredible video. Seems like many of your videos seems to be providing me answers to my questions that I've put forth to the Universe. Thank you so much. #ThanksAMilionUniverse

  12. So if a person wanted to attract a car or a watch or anything tangible, they would have to match their frequency with their desired tangible object? How does one match the frequency of an inanimate object?

  13. Ive noticed when i manifest something wether its good or bad befor the physical manifestation i had a feeling inside of me and it took over my whole body and it was strong im guessing that is what it means to be one with said material or outcome i think im getting it it also has to do with living in the moment and focus idk it seems easier said than done but its not altho i have alot of trouble staying focused being that i just said that will make it seem so. When i was 8 years old i was really learning how to play guitar my dad was playing oneday and i coukdnt grasp how he did leads with his fat fingers lol so i said dad i cant do that his remark was the best thing i ever heard he said" son never say you cant because you limit your brain to what ypu can do " so then i though maybe i can and with determination and self beleif i practiced ..while all the other kids where out there playing ball i was in my romm learning how to do lead on guitar and now im amazed at what i can do but i never gave up and i felt what i was doing i learned alot by never thinking i cant i mighy have to go back and reveiw my past and get back to my roots and use those lessons to learn how to manifest what i want in life im fresh out of the darknight of my soul and im ready to live and be happy im gona have to listen to this video a bunch so my subconscious absorbs it ..thank you for this im gona master this

  14. wao , my every doubts are now clear . everything is in my head , all i just need to think , think, think

  15. The money in the hand of a institution that thinks negatively of us always have the dollar bill is on a obtainable frequency but the laws that govern its use and means of it to be obtained is strictly unfavorable so if you got bad credit the money already is on your bad side and it will take more money to clean your records

  16. I'm healthy mentally physically spiritually emotionally and got money I make 10000 a week traveling and creating ways for people to be creative

  17. The state of consciousness you desire to manifest automatically fulfills itself. Therefore you only need to become aware of being in that state and everything that needs to happen must happen in order to fulfill itself into form.The trick is that this is ALL completed in the subconscious mind so you need to consciously impregnate that part of your mind with this state of being. Persist until you have successfully penetrated that part of self and the process becomes automatic.

  18. Just let go of the illusion of trying to get anywhere get anything and appreciate the moment. Appreciate every single thing that comes into your attention, your awareness because THAT'S the gift. That's the REAL gem… THIS. Love THIS. Here. NOW. Love You. Love ALL these parts of you that show up as me. As this and that. Cuz we are you. And everything about you and your beautiful mind that imagines all this is Good. You are SO LOVED. Feel it and you will feel the absolute PERFECTION of God's moment. This moment. That was a typo. But I liked that one so we're goin' with it. Lol! 🌟😄👍💖🎶 yeaaayyy!!💥🌞🌈🌠

  19. This is a wonderful explanation to how vibrational frequency works. Sending you my gratitude for sharing theses words of wisdom for all to embrace. ✌🙏

  20. Wait what do I’m suppose to vibrate with another dimensional me how am I suppose to to manifest or conjure the other richer dimensional me ?

  21. “All frequencies that can exist already do. All frequency combinations of all possible realities that can exist do coexist—simultaneously, right now, in this moment.” I love this. I fully accept this. And I am now living abundantly by these truths. Thank you.

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