The First No Pants Subway Ride

I was going to meet someone for brunch so I was on the 6th train, I’m reading my book, minding my own business and there’s like commotion on the train, some people are like murmuring and i look up, and there’s a guy, he has no pants on I do remember that first year, it was a cold day, it was probably in the twenties and I took my pants off first the idea was just very simple what would happen if, in the middle of January, a guy got onto a subway car in his underwear but was also wearing a winter coat, scarf, gloves, hat and wouldn’t it be even more insane if at the second stop, a new person got on in their underwear so, i mean there is that moment where you’re like something weird is going on and it could potentially hurt me and there’s a moment in the video where you see her look across the subway at the two Danish guys sitting next to the cameraman and that makes her laugh because those guys were laughing everyone on the subway realized that this was some sort of prank they meant us no harm we weren’t gonna get hurt and it just became really funny I think I got to my stop and a got off and I never really knew what it was all about the video sat on that tape on my desk for five years it wasn’t until 2007 that I took the time to put it on Youtube A friend of a friend emailed me and was like, is the girl in the video in this website you? and I’m like, yeah, it is me! why is that on the internet? what’s going on? within a week of doing that, somebody left a comment on my website, saying that it was her you know, when you live in New York and you go other places, people ask you like what’s the craziest thing that happened to you? for a long time, I mean, I didn’t really have any wacky stories and then I, you know, forwarded it to all my friends and it was like check me out! I’m an internet superstar I was just so excited to hear that, like, well that’s exactly what we wanted I mean, I had hoped that she would’ve, you know, had a positive experience and had told that story over and over and over again. and it was just so cool that five years went by with me not knowing who that random girl was, and her not knowing exactly what had happened or why it had happened and then it all just came together


  1. Those two shold have got married! It's so romantic….. They meet up again after 5 years or something.
    Love at first sight…or in this case Laundry at first sight.

  2. @SmibsProductions Everyone I know in the UK calls boxes+knickers "Underwear" and call Pants 'Pants' or 'Trousers'

  3. @SmibsProductions …Re "THERE STILL WEARING PANTS!!!"… Are you still gettin' Knocked Up in the mornin' over there??? lol

  4. I love how that fist scene with the guy with no pants on has a girl to the right of him reading a book called 'RAPE' lol

  5. 0:45 i love the fact she is reading a book called "Rape" and to guys in the underwear jumps on the subway!!

  6. Dude, calm down. Everyone has been a kid at one point in their life. I'm sure someone thought the same thing about you when you were a teenager

  7. ummmm… the weird thing is, that she is reading a book called "RAPE" and she sees a guy walk in with no pants on. Hummm 🙂

  8. Who the heck wants to see people in their underwear on the train? Disgusting. You can bet the pervs will be out that day.

  9. participated in my first no pants subway ride today, but no one really gave a shit. it was like they were expecting it, even with our serious expressions. still had tons of fun

  10. she was reading the book RAPE, MEN Start taking off their trousers! I bet she thought F U C K ………….Noooooooooooooooo! for a fleeting moment bet her heart skipped a beat.

  11. the entire concept is played's late..and boring now 2013 was very boring..a bunch of NYC students and their highlight of coming back to second semester and horny and ready to show off… time to move on to no ShIRT and NO BRA Subway Ride!!!

  12. By far the most hilarious part about this story is that she's reading a book that says "RAPE". It was perfect.

  13. The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II by Iris Chang follows the progression of Japanese soldiers from Shanghai to Nanking during World War II and gives account of the horrible atrocities committed by the Japanese military at Nanking.

  14. "Something could go wrong and potentially hurt me"
    Says the girl that was just reading a book about rape.

  15. Ever notice that the people participating in stuff like this are not the type of people you would want to see without pants???

  16. Disgusting if you put your crotch in my face hipster I'm going to punch your nuts so hard you won't reproduce!!

  17. for what purpose

    "don't tell me to put a lock on my door, tell your children not to steal!"

    http://picpar com/9iP

  18. This as an ancient channel. Simply legendary!!! But why was she reading a book about rape??? Was that what she was hoping for in the train full of pant less man.

  19. не, все таки американцы алигофрены. а все кто в этом учавствует, братья алигофренов – дигенераты.

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