The Journey of Man – A Genetic Odyssey


  1. Spencer Wells added a podcast updating his findings. They're mostly the same.

  2. Interesting, though there are some unjustifiable leaps in the logic. Just because the group from 50,000 years ago had a high level of intelligence, should we conclude that the quantum leap in brain power producing this intelligence couldn't have happened long before?


  4. 1:14:43 Niazov looks so similar to us even though I am half North Indian and half Hispanic. The women look like my mother and they even look like her.

  5. I saw this years ago and it blew my mind. PROOF we are all related. So glad I found it but in the meantime I saw a documentary here that the first humans in the Americas were Black Aborigines in South America. I'll add the link. Watch "First Americans were Black Aborigines" on YouTube So has Spencer Wells added these people to his tracing of our path? I'd be interested in knowing. This is an excellent documentary and should be part of every school curriculum.

  6. In the original broadcast on Book TV in 2003, Dr. Wells commented on the eerie similarity between the color of the ground, and the color of the San Bushmans skin. This was subsequently edited out by someone at PBS.

  7. Adam and eve idiots!
    we are all family the bibles been telling us that for thousands of years, these people think they are smart!

  8. Spencer Wells is a so Honest Scientist. He tells it like it is. Respect!!! Truth is Truth, it has NO COLOUR….Respect to you and your work.

  9. Woooooo I'm African, I'm all in, this is human genome guy's, next try digging human evolution, once your done you will know you and chimps are not that far, yeahhh lucky for us to live in this Era and learn this thing

  10. It is possible to observe that some people have certain genetic traits in common and that others do not. If the term "race" does not refer to these sets of physically observable phenomenon, then what word does? And if "race" does not refer to them, then I am at a loss to come up with any meaning at all for the term.

    Racism is a chronic human problem that requires a perpetual solution but, denial of physical phenomenon that can be readily observed is an irrational solution to an emotional problem. Denial of reality in this way discredits the deniers and damages the credibility of their attempt to solve the problem of racism.

  11. Better question is why did they go as far as they did. Were resources really that scarce or was their just fierce competition.

  12. Aha…2002…the time when they weren't so much acknowledged of mtdna….only backed their study half way with Y chromosome!

  13. Not only is every human being alive related, but EVERY. SINGLE. THING. THAT HAS EVER. LIVED. ON EARTH is related. If you go far enough into the past, we share ancestors with t-rex, with mushrooms, with trees, and with bacteria. All life on earth is truly One being, a super organism that eats the sun and distributes its vast energy across the earth

  14. The true facts were written in stone and on clay tablets as far as we can tell approximately 200 plus a thousand years ago written by the Sumerians the mining of gold was the objective and is still inherit today even though in modern day Society it's basically useless just think about it rationally and do your research Occam's razor it's the same story from different civilizations on every continent human civilization as we know it today did not start in Africa Africa was the gold mine I could go on and on but it's all documented and any rationally thinking human being can plainly see that these are the facts

  15. you're missing the important part. there were two distinct blood lines even though from same original genes…the "africans" and the "others" who would later become the atlanteans and lumerians!!!! so you literally only have half the picture of our true history.

  16. Although this was uploaded 3 years ago, y'all should enable captions so Deaf or HoH individuals can access this. Even if not formal captions, the automatically generated ones aren't half bad.

  17. That man walked for 6 fucking days. I hope he was paid well. Wow. Humans and our ancestors, besides the many awful ones, have an impressive history of endurance.

  18. The only problem with this teory is the finding of human activitity in North East of Brasil (Piaui) which dates of more than 35000 years. These studies indicates that it happened more than one wave of human migration to America. The migration mentioned by Spence Wells, probably, is the second or third human migration to América.
    But, maybe, it is just a matter of finding the new DNA clues of those migrations.

    Pedro Paulo Funari ; Francisco Silva Noeli. "Pré- História do Brasil", 2002

    Sandro de Oliveira

  19. I get a warm feeling in my heart seeing The Bushman People. It would be a shame to loose that language. I think schools all over the World should have it in their curriculum as the first language of man. So the click language is not lost.

  20. You do realize that CREATION teaches we all are related and stem from Adam and Eve right? Why do evolutionists make things so much more difficult than it needs be??

  21. I’d be interested to know if the Papuan New Guinea Tribes have DNA connections to Australian Aboriginal’s and if they are an older culture than them. I think they may have some connection through DNA. Wasn’t there a land bridge at one stage New Guinea was joined onto Australia.

  22. What say if man actually left Africa when New Guinea and Tasmania were still joined with Australia and were already in Australia. And when the water had risen and cut off Australia this Indian generation of Aborigines via Africa were the second wave of migration into Australia. And bought the Dingoes with them , that would explain why the Dingoes aren’t in Tasmania. So I’m curious wether they came in a large group or in succession over years.

  23. Am I the only one stuck on the "Negro features" part. We are African American or African not Negros, he called everything else the right terms.

  24. The Melanesian people (New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia & Fiji) never migrated from any distant continent thousands of miles away…The Melanesian people are not related to Australian aborigine either (clearly seen in their different facial appearance)…God created the Melanesian people in the Pacific and they have been there till this very moment…The Melanesian People are pure breed race from God himself…

  25. Nimrod, related to Cush (son of Ham) built Tower of Babel Genesis 10-11 God spread .man away from each other. Were they the same during the Tower of Babel

  26. a victim of the PC–Africa being the source of all there is–the dude can't even thing straight. He must "look for the African evidence", and when not finding a shred of the evidence, then lets just make it up and fudge it up to "prove" the PC illogic. "we be African brodas and sistas…" Yeah, for sure. Sorry pal, you and your PC are just a fad. Once science is released from the clutches of politics and PC dogma, the scientific truth will come out–and we will learn how it worked. Meanwhile, the film maker cant get enough of his handsome blonde looks and got to zoom in on his head and flaxen complexion here and there and again and again.

  27. Science is European?  What a dickhead thing to tell an Australian native!

    Science isn't a people thing or a continent thing.  It just is.  I understand you're trying to legitimize the Australian stories, but by saying it's European, you're implying that native people with legends aren't smart enough to know facts.

    Look, another way to say this is to consider all we know about geology and paleontology.  The continents move, and we have evidence to prove it.  We know dinosaurs once existed.  We've come a long way (not Europeans, but humans) in understanding dinosaur fossils aren't from giants or dragons, but that they lived 65 million years or longer ago and they real animals.  We even know what killed them (giant comet or asteroid hitting Chicxulub in Mexico.

    NONE of that knowledge is European.  It is HUMAN.

  28. if we can go to the moon and find a another planet why we cannot find our begin thank you so much hope fully people may understand this in the future.

  29. In europe two migrations
    North and south
    Read the history of humanity and you understand
    Civilization is from the south

  30. OMG… So President Barack Obama, Trump, King Salman from Saudi, Netanyahu from Israel, Vladimir Putin from Russia, and many world leaders are my brothers….

  31. There are several tribes still using the click language. I'm just on my couch and know this . This trail has been traced better before.

  32. Excelent but…even if we share genes with Africans from 50.000 years ago, we also do with humans from former interglacial already living in Europe/Asia….

  33. the physical proportion in Europe are against your theory. Look at Duch people how big they are. Vikings again are big not small. Look at South East Asia its hot there but they small again this theory is very weak

  34. I agree with Spencer Wells. Just the fact that we can have children with each other and our children's children can have children with each other disproves this. We are all the same species. Different species can't have children with each other that is able to have children.

  35. For the skin changed from dark to pale, generic changes must have occurred. You mean the need caused the genetic change? That's not supported by genetics.

  36. Limbs can be shortened to save body heat in such a short period of time? Genetic change is unguided and random. It doesn't happen because of the need.

  37. Is there no backward mutation ? For example a C => T => C ? Or is it statistically near impossible over such a short period of time ?

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