The Problem Upside Business Travel Is Solving

How have you grown Upside? What are some of the main challenges still facing the business travel space? So we’ve been
building our technology for the last three years and a whole platform because
the big challenge in business travel, actually its travel overall, is that it’s
reliant on multiple systems that all have to be stitched together in order to
be able to make a trip a success for the traveler. Further in order to be able to
aggregate and price and buy travel efficiently you have to have an end to end
system that’s capable of doing that. We’re at the very beginning stages now
of starting to roll out our product to a number of companies around the country. We currently work only in the United States and we’re focused entirely on
small to medium-sized businesses who currently don’t have a travel solution,
and so as we start to grow one of the things that we’re realizing is that the
entire travel industry is filled with challenges the biggest in the business
travel space is that all of the systems and things that support a trip are
completely disjointed and it’s incredibly complicated to understand how
you buy travel try comparing prices for flights or hotel rooms. You get different
numbers at different times and different things go on all the time and all I’m
trying to do as a business traveler is to make sure that I can buy the most
effective travel if I can to get my business objective done and what upside
does is takes care of all of that for you and that’s why we don’t charge any
fees, we don’t have any contracts, we provide awesome customer service 24/7
and we give companies 3% cashback on all their travel spend because we’ve figured
out how to use technology to basically navigate all those things so you don’t
have to and figure out how to create enough interest for both the suppliers
and for the buyers to be able to give you all those services.

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