The Road to Archaeology – Rewards of the skill

Okay. Welcome to the dig site. As you can see, bit of an unexpected weather system. But don’t let that stop you cause we’ve had some fantastic finds in the past few days. Now you’re here and they’re only going to get more incredible. Please come this way. And we’ll get you earning your chronotes because down here is Dr Timbo. Dr Timbo has all the tools to get you started working. Thank you. Please go. Come here. Come here. I made some finds. Some I think you really want to see. I’ll show you in the tent. Would you believe it? What a day! I swear it only started since you’ve arrived, no offence obviously. I’m so excited about what we’ve been finding across the region. So many artefacts you will not believe. Please take a seat. Now, first of all, priority one. The asgarnian ale. Here we go. I had to get rid of the last chap. He was spilling things on the map too much. But, here we go. Now, I want to take you through three categories of things we’ve been finding at the dig site. The first of them may well be the most powerful. And the team have been talking about it in terms of relics. You know totems from Anachronia, yes? Then you are in the right kind of area with relics. They are hugely powerful benefits that you don’t have to carry with you, but when they are turned on, they’re on, and will benefit you no matter where you are in Gielinor. Each relic costs a certain amount of monolith power, perhaps 100, 200 or 300. And the cost reflects just how powerful it is. Something simple like a flat 500 hp life boost relic would cost 50 power, but something more powerful like casting teleportation spells for no runes or XP would cost 250. You will only have a set amount of total monolith power to use at your disposal. At level 1 you’ll have 150 power. At level 40 it is 250. All the way up to 500 at level 90. This means you will have to pick and choose your relics wisely. Do you risk spending 350 power on an experimental aether reactor, which gives 10% additional adrenaline? Or do you play it safe with the 100-power oo’glog wellspring, which ensures you never lose run energy? All of these relics can be found from exploring the dig sites, completing collections, and more. They certainly require a reasonable amount of effort to uncover. When you find them, you will take them to the monolith in the dig site to make them permanently available to you. Man, that feels so good! If only Archaeology wages could stretch a new pair of boots. But, you know, Archaeology has never been for the faint of heart. Come rain or shine we’re there doing the do, digging the dig. That reminds me, we’ve been talking about relics up to this point, which unlock across the levels. There’s actually something that unlocks at level 68 Archaeology. At a certain point when exploring the Infernal Source, you will unlock the secrets of Ancient Summoning. Rather than summoning a lovely little rabbit or wolf from the spirit realm, you will be signing a blood pact with the demons of Infernus, which sounds a wee bit more exciting. Imagine you want to summon a hellhound. Instead of hunting for charms and standing by obelisks, you can head to Taverley Dungeon. Then when you kill a hellhound, as long as you have a binding contract in your inventory, the hellhound will become bound to you. The contract acts like a summoning pouch, and you can then bring that hellhound out like a summoning familiar. The hellhound is the lowest level ancient familiar, at level 45 Summoning, and it has the rather neat passive. It will always, no matter what you’re doing, take 10% of the damage you receive. Ancient familiars range all the way up to level 96 Summoning and the dastardly Ripper Demon. As you’d expect, its scroll ability is to perform a death jump that delivers up to 350% of its max hit. It also has the rather neat passive of dealing more damage according to how low-health the opponent is. A unique twist on summoning is that Summoning XP comes from capturing and using these demons, rather than from the pouch making itself. And while making ancient summoning pouches is reserved for at least level 68 Archaeology, the pouches will be tradeable so you can buy your way in, should you want other people to do the work for you. Daisy, no! You stupid hellhound! Put that person down! Sorry, sir! You should be far more friendly! And if you can’t tame a hellhound, what can you tame? Oh, god! Sorry, sir. I’m sure she’ll drop you off in Lumbridge. Okay, well, I get the feeling I’m going to be called on soon. Shall we get on to the next bit? My personal favourite. Ancient Invention! You’d be forgiven for thinking that Archaeology is all about the old stuff. Stuff that hasn’t really got a use anymore. But the world has a violent history, and reasonably advanced civilisations have been lost to war, and with them went all of their knowledge. When you reach level 70, you’ll come to the Stormguard Citadel, which of course you know about from Timbo’s Tour Guide. It’s here that you will find blueprints for some fantastic things. One of the more fascinating devices we’ve discovered is the auto-screener. This doodad automatically screens your soil while excavating, so that you don’t need to make the run back to the Varrock dig site. We’re also going loopy playing with things called “ancient gizmos”. These are an evolution of the current gizmos that you use in Invention, but, rather than using the 5-slot cross grid that you might be used to, they employ a 9-slot grid. This is going to lead to all sorts of new perk tiers and permutations. You’ll be able to get new ranks of perks that already exist, like Scavenging 4 or Precise 6. We’re expecting to see new perk combinations, and we’re even throwing in some new components that come from the disassembly of Archaeological materials and projects. Perhaps there’ll be new ancient perks from these components too. We’re hoping that it’ll be a wild west of experimentation when everyone gets their hands on these ancient invention doohickeys. There you have it, the three core Archaeology rewards. But who knows what else lies under the rubble within the dig sites. It was only yesterday that the team were talking about a tetrecompass. Something akin to the crystal triskelion and even word of a hero-mattock. But enough of this. Enough talk! Let’s get you on to the dig site, cause Dr Timbo has some tools ready for you to go. Which reminds me that you’re going to need one of these. Your very own mattock. Are you ready? RUNESCAPE


  1. I genuinely cannot recall the last time I ran out of run energy.
    Globetrotter boots got me covered and so does the explorer ring in these cases. Also, RIP Evil Bobs ability in Shattered Worlds if you do this.

  2. "Are you ready?" YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Not trying to buy anything, just exploring myself and finding it out by yourself (at first) is far more fun. And slower ofcourse but who cares!

  3. You could give us the option to build the statues and to copy the architecture of the places we unlock with archeology in our POH, with the requirment of certain levels at both archeology and construction. As well you could give us the option to set our POH background, according to what we have explored and unlocked, for example we could have our POH in the new Hell, so we could have it as a background around our POH construction area, as well the construction floor could be affected by this background, changing according to where the POH is supposed to be set.

  4. What if in Construction, we had something called Architecture which is related to our Archeology level? Based upon the level, you could have different types of architecture options in which you could build your POH.

    There could be some base architecture options which can be unlocked by just leveling construction alone, for example unlocking Falador architecture at level 50 or stuff like that. But certain specials architectures could be unlocked from archeology, for example level 66 archeology and level 70 construction gives you acces to architecture form the hell. and so.

  5. Great Video, great new skill but why is all the gold pvmers spent on their expensive perks going to waste? Seriously, there should be a way for us to get our components back, especially nox, ilujankan and explosive

  6. i love mod Osbourne 😛 he makes all these videos so much more fun and exciting with his extremely high spirits and energy and silliness 😛

  7. 5:42 am I the only one who noticed the blueprint that looks suspiciously similar to Leonardo da Vinci's "tank"?

  8. I have an idea. Let us disassemble partyhats into reversible Hyper-relic parts that allow us to add hold perks to our edibles

  9. I love these kinds of videos. They're quirky and funny and show that the team behind Runescape actually cares and is having fun. They could easily just slap together a cheap trailer and call it a day, but they dont

  10. I'm seriously dissappointed.
    You could've mantained the maximun rank for perks and reduced switchscape and added some cool new combos instead of just going for a pointless power creep with extra ranks for the perks.
    The graphics for ancient gizmos and the grid itself are really disappointing, they are almost a copy of the normal gizmos, they don't feel ancient at all.
    As for the relics, 500 max energy is clearly not enough, at least add a new max on level 99/100/110/120 .

  11. Since we're under quarantine, it's no big deal to get up at 2am on Monday in the US to wait for the skill. 😉

  12. This looks awseome. Can't wait to get my teeth into it! I noticed 3 new perks from the new components:

    Timeworn components: Ruthless (weapon)
    Vintage components: Relentless (weapon)
    Vintage components: Fortune (Tool)

    Looking forward to seeing what they do!

  13. I was keen to put rigour with the 2 berserker relics… But 350/500 just to be able to camp my rod to avoid 5m deaths? The whole point was to reduce switchscape, but if you want to run good relics for dps then you still force ring switching on us. Please do 1k-1.5k for 99/120.

  14. Hey jmods have you ever heard of twisted league? The relics are sounding pretty similar.

    Os is supposed to copy your content not the other way around

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