1. As much as I love Obsidian, the first pillar of eternity was not my cuppa of tea. The game balance and the map directional discovery mechanics were not intuitive.

    The second pillars of eternity tho, its like 300% better. THAT game is so much more fun that I'd spend ages just doing turn based battles on my pirate ship!

  2. 17:24 When Michael Madsen's younger handsome brother is working on a game, I just buy it. (Sorry Chris, nice shirt! :D)

  3. Watching this while excitedly anticipating the Switch port (I had to double dip, PoE on the go sounds amazing). PoE is one of my favourite games of all time, and it's so pleasing to see the well deserved accolades and rewards you got after putting so much in to making PoE.

  4. Outer Worlds is fantastic and it’s wonderful to see what this team went through to get here! PoE was just a beautiful return to D&D lore and gameplay! Thank you obsidian!

  5. I've played Pillars of Eternity, its sequel Deadfire, and am now enjoying The Outer Worlds, but I had no idea Obsidian was so close to losing it all. Thank god for Kickstarter!

  6. 8:13 thats so empowering when you see those numbers climb up im glad this studio made it you could sense the passion just by looking at them and when you hear them talk

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