Things to do in #Singapore 🇸🇬#Botanical Garden + Nasi Lemak @ Adam Road Food Center

welcome back to our channel my name is
Jordi and this is heck you two years ago we quit our jobs and left our home in
South Korea to do one of the things we like the most to travel we have in by
packing for the past two years we still didn’t get tired
maybe it’s because instead of rushing to sightseeing spots we prefer to travel
slow stay as long as we can in a place and learn how life is there rather than
as visitors we prefer to experience new places as locals we don’t plan much
ahead and we are always welcoming new opportunities one of these opportunities
was spending a few weeks in a city that we always wanted to visit well not just
visiting but to experience the daily welcome to our new series we are the
life tantrum elites and this is living in Singapore for one month today we are going to visit Singapore
Botanic Gardens this 161 years old tropical garden is the country’s first
in escrow heritage site spending eighty two hectares the gardens is home to more
than ten thousand types of plants including rare orchid and ng trees the
Ratana Gardens has been ranked Asia’s top park attraction since 2013 by
travelers choice award it time to stroll along this beautiful park and enjoy the
Singapore nature let’s go going to the Botanic Gardens it’s very
easy to Metro the blue downtown line and cut off at the Botanic Garden station
but before heading to the Patek Gardens it would be a good idea to make yourself
ready for a long walk with some tasty local food Adam Road Food Center is relatively
small and has a nice neighborhood feel to it the Botanic Garden is right across
the street and the foot center is surrounded by lush trees one of the
popular menu items here is nasi lemak we decided to go with the number one Adams
national ever we just read there and everybody says Adams nasi lemak in the
number one look at the line everyone we’ve been here for 10 15 minutes more
than that I think more than that 30 minutes
not whatever well yeah we’re waiting for waiting 30 minutes then look at the line
I mean even the number to store well imagine Adams wrote you gender what
are you going to order I think I’m gonna order a damn special
because it comes with Putin random and I think you hacking are gonna pick
Sutra special that the answer he’s based on coconut Romeo and Juliet
something so typically the nasi lemak is rice ready farmer and if one is a special different remote
on Brenda we’ll be quite handy and I don’t know what number 20 – 14 and fine just to be clear
everything the only difference is that this one has
a kind of page fake doesn’t get more authentic than this oh
my god tracking yeah but very mild that Sun women were fishing
and replacing I know I got Korean like Julie
I see Vicki when everything was mixed it tasted much better to avoid a long queue
during lunch hour come here slightly earlier to enjoy the
National mock without waiting now we cross the bridge to go to the Singapore
Botanic Gardens established in 1959 the carbons is a
tranquille relief from the city bus as you enter the place you will find
yourself relaxed and chilled with all the greenery beautiful flowers and
calming landscapes we saw people having picnic on the grass with family and
friends and it’s great to have this place with nature that everyone can
enjoy and relax in the middle of the city during weekends free guided tours
are available so if you’re interested in please check the schedule on the
official website you can also download some trail guides ranging from 40 to 90
minutes which will help you to explore the gardens without missing any
highlights we have plenty of time so we just wandered around where our feet lead
us to and it was okay but it would be very helpful to get some info in advance
if you don’t have time or if you don’t want to get lost in hot weather talking
about hot weather don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion wear sunglasses and
make sure to bring your water bottle to keep yourself hydrated there is no
entrance fee to enter the Singapore Botanic Gardens but visiting the
national orchid garden which probably is the most popular place in the gardens
cost five Singaporean dollars per head since we were already there we decided
to check it out national orchid garden is the only
tropical Botanic Garden to be listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites it may
amaze you that the garden is a home to 1000 species of orchids in 2000 hybrids
it is situated on the western side of the gardens and it comprises three
hectares sites of le ground the collection of orchids is extremely
varied and expensive aside from the large quantity of orchids in the garden
it houses several other attractions too such as the Burke Hill Hall built in
1866 the working hall is a fine example of an early colonial house in Singapore
once serving as the residence of the gardens directors this hole now houses
an exhibition which displays the various different hybrids of orchids which have
been named after famous people who have been to the national orchid garden it is
also a popular venue for weddings functions and events the Botanic Gardens has different themed
areas with various types of species each garden has unique features and tolerance
rate it took more than we thought to give it a few gardens so if you’re
interested in any particular species or garden we recommend you to visit the
official website to get more info about where it’s located the botanic garden is
not only the place of the largest orchid collection but also a cultural space
with galleries events education courses and music concerts Symphony Lake has a
large stage known as the Tron foundation which is built on an islet in the middle
of the water body there are free concerts held regularly at this stage
for more information about the concert and the timetable please check on the
official website a lot of people having picnics walking the dog taking photos it’s quite late already next time okay
take in just sit I’m sure there are monkeys and say I’m sure there are not
what do you think we’re gonna see monkeys
yes or no I like the pants I’m recording just in
case yourself well we did not see any monkey but we saw other animals yeah but no monkeys right someone is
losing a bit it was a long day we walked a lot and sweat so much but it was
definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for a place to chill and relax
and have no time to travel far to be near nature the Singapore Botanic
Gardens is a good option to refresh yourself appreciate nature in addition
you get to exercise a little bit which is always good thanks for watching if you liked this
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  1. Botanical garden is so nice, when it is not raining.
    you can picnic or just enjoy the scenery, usually they have performance in the weekend

  2. The orchid garden was totally worth it.. wow!.. I love it, Daniel not so much.. but i would have loved to do that.. guess we are going to have to go back someday.. oh no!??! ^^N

  3. Look at that music at the beginning!! Looooove that even the 🦎 sticks the tongue with the beat of the music lol

  4. See that it is smart, eating before a walking day… I do it backgrounds, I tell Lieles the food is at the end of the walk, but by then he is tired and upset lol

  5. That line is crazy, but the food is crazier looking good
    destroy that chicken Jordi, even if it is not the best chicken lol

  6. SPF is something I always apply no matter what time of the year it is, but I always forget the sunglasses and then Lieles is yelling at me cause I am always squinting my eyes to the camera hahaha

  7. You just made me think, that if we were living in NYC now and there wasn't a quarantine, we would be in the botanical gardens there to enjoy the Sakura Festival

  8. I was never a fan of Botanical gardens when I was a kid. But now, older Carl loves Botanical Garden. They are just so pretty. We went to the one in St. Louis. Getting a snack before going. Anything with 🍚, sounds good. The sound effect with the transitions really add to your videos. Jordi does not hold back in his reviews.

  9. This is so pretty. Love the narration is so good. Totally sounds like a travel commercial – great job. What, no fee for the main entrance. That’s a good deal. I would check out the Orchid garden also. So pretty. The history you guys give is so good. I like all the different themes.

  10. That concert place by the pond is awesome. You guys are just too cute – love is in the air. The Jordi songs are a great touch. “I was recording just in case you fell” 😂. That Lizard looks scary. Listen to the mini Godzilla and Subscribe!!!

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