brother, how did your face became black? on the road on the road? bro, such a shameless person i mean, our Indian roads got my face black how, brother? i’ll tell you, first you put up the intro [intro] signal businessman the moment i got my car outside my house i got stuck into a signal, and a vendor person came to me [knocking] sir would you like to buy balloons? do i look like a kid? sir, would you like to buy Bengal gram? do i look like a horse? sir, buy this doraemon, its neck also shakes no, i dont want. sir do you want to by an iPhone 11 max? no i don’t want. sir do you want to buy a TV? with curved display where are you getting this from? sir do you want to buy a washing machine? have you open a shopping mall at the signal? sir, do you want to buy mutual funds? what are you even doing? sir, do you want to buy health insurance? for you and your kids. i’m not married yet? sir do you want a wife? [stammering] no i don’t want, go away. take it, sir you’ll get a baby free along with her. go away, go away. forget it i’ll leave instead Traffic signal just got rid of that vendor, i thought the signal might turn green and i’ll be free but now the signal will open engine raves i felt like some pretty lady right swiped me and then instantly unmatched me. Callahan once i was returning from the market, i got caught by a traffic police stop, pull over. sir, what happen? you haven’t wore a helmet, show me your driving licence sir, i forgot my driving licence at home and why is that doctor beside you is holding a knife in his hand? if you don’t pay the fine, this doctor will cut off your kidney what? you have no helmet, no licence, also you are riding a bike without a riding suit. how does even the riding suit matters? rule is rule your total fine is 70 thousand rupees what? sir let me go i just stay across the road my mom had sent me to buy grocery sir if i give you onions instead of the fine, will it work? umm, how many Kg’s? sir its 3 kg’s and one kg tomato free. wow, Gaitonde let him go black hole once i was driving and it started raining felt like as if i found a stone in my food same feels when there are pot holes on the highway and those toll boots are anyways to fool us. sir you will have to pay 550 bucks sir, toll for what purpose? the road you are using, its maintenance charges you will have to pay where? i can’t see any road, its all pot holes i banged my balls into the steering wheel sir this toll is for the coming road, not the behind one these will be no pot holes after this, right? don’t worry you won’t get any pot holes after this mark my words. okay take this 550 rupees sir, at least take the receipt [thundering] how did it started raining all of a sudden [shouts] how is this possible, how did i get into a black hole sir, pay 550 for the toll, wait, you were at the last toll booth, right? sir, you came back again, you’ll have to pay the toll now. how did i ended up here again? pay the toll charges, sir. do you know, who my dad is? no see this red siren, i am a son of a cop i am a son of a commissioner you won’t let me go? no you won’t let me go? nooo Jai hind dosto! OH SIR, you? open the gates, open it now! car towing bro, you remember we met at the market, your car got towed? how can i forget that day? finally reached the market, lets hunt for the vegetables shop bro? majnu, what are you doing here? came to but coriander this coriander has ruined every kids peace bro, got a new car? yes bro day before yesterday i got it with full cash payment. how what a car, bro. aunt, give me coriander and give me the free limes too. no no, you will get mint leaves free only. why so? bro? wait for a minute, see i want two limes free. you will get mint leaves, take it or leave it. bro? wait bro, mom said ill get two limes free, i want those limes , i want limes no i wont give you limes. ill file a case against you, you lime robber! bro? what happen? see that no no, wait, wait, stop stop stop!!! my car is gone bro i was calling you bro, bro from such a long time why didn’t you say car, car? metro now there is this new metro thing in the city to increase the traffic bro, why there is so much traffic on the roads? the metro construction work is going on ahead. oh, the metro construction. bro, why there is so much traffic on the roads? the metro construction work is going on ahead. still the construction is going on? yes sir, it takes a while. [fumbling] bro, why there is so much traffic on the roads? [fumbling] the metro construction work is going on ahead. its been so many years now, its such a pain. [alien language] Hindi Please. should i park my space ship here? the metro construction work is going on go ahead and park. people have reached Pluto and still these people are play with this metro thing girls i will like to tell you guys something, even if you like it or no. girls don’t know how to drive. they drive as if they own the road. they will ride the scooter in the middle of the road at the speed of 40 km/h even if there is a car behind her, or a tempo or a truck, or an aircraft there is no getting aside software installed in their brains once my girl said, now she will drive. i got very scared the lord statue on the dash board got scared too and said why did you give the car keys? even my mushakhji got scared and went somewhere to hide. [phone rings] yeah baby, tell me Prash i got a new car, can i take you on a ride? [shocked with fear] hey guys, if you like the video press like if you are new to the channel then press subscribe ill meet you guy soon, with a new topic and a new video, till then goodbye!!! [outro]

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