1. Cars kill over 30 thousand people a year in this country and all you can do is march? How about some common sense car control? Maybe we should put limiters on all cars so they can only go 15mph? Maybe we should ban assault cars and assault trucks.

  2. Or we can go back to the old days and take away or ban all cell phones in the US..I still remember going to the house phone whenever it rung and reading the called ID name on it or it's a relative and answer and talk and talk.

  3. Distracted driving is more nonsense bullshit propaganda used to distract us. Is the cell phone really more distracting than juggling a suitcase full of CDs or a bright neon sign that’s basically a giant television screen on the side of the freeway? Not only is being distracted subjective the things that they focus on in the news are arbitrary.

  4. Start a driving course for texting and driving , tripple the ticket with people caught with handfree devices not using them

  5. So much lawlessness, you condone it, ignore it. Legalize it. Hope for the best an tax it.
    Cops and a database, take the licenses #, time of day, you were on the phone, pay $?


  7. 1/10? Haha bs, my grandma be texting and driving you guys meant , 9/10 including yourself … fuck this shit. Nobody’s going to stop texting and driving ..

  8. Why little kids walking alone to school. I know these idiots driving distracted are to blame but also their kid's parents for not walking their kids.

  9. I was in a car accident on the freeway, because a woman was texting and driving and on the phone. the CHP blame me.. she deleted the texts and phone calls…

  10. It is not just people who use devices while driving. People in general think it is optional to follow the rules of the road. They have this entitlement mentality. Many think it is optional to use turn signal too. They think they should not stop at stop signs or do a complete stop at a red, so they can do a right turn. Most people on the road think the rules do not pertain to them. I notice a lot of new drivers who do not care about others on the road.

  11. Driving instructors need to fail more drivers. Most are braindead idiots. As soon as they get their learners, then think they can drive sports cars and act like they know how to drive.

  12. I end distracted driving by yelling at phone users while I pass them on my bike. Yesterday I caught a guy watching YouTube videos. My YouTube channel is filled with those idiots

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