thrust/reverse faulting 7.4 QUAKE damages Onagawa nuclear plant

there seems to be is slight m increase in the sea level of the constitutional
monarchy according to the visual check and to see that will change could happen for
the next fifty three hours and therefore priests to stay away from the coast area in tahoe
brewing company area now this was uh… aftershock out what happened in the middle of the night
and have power seems to be lost in many areas and i believe that many people are feeling
concern at the moment and we need to be vigilant about the possible
aftershocks to fall off to earth and he has done the american warnings have been lifted
wondered if he so we need to be mindful these students beyond a alert for tremors
because there may be some aftershocks after this one last night and aftershocks that continued since the earthquake
last month though it is dark so it is hard to be careful
of your environment but please vietnam on the lookout for objects and maybe find around
here there also may be fires by so please wilson boulevard cake is safe distance for we if you need to what’ll appointment if you are already in a safe location then
please mark about react calmly about it is very dark visibility is poor so extra caution is advised
models i would also like to ask one more question there are aftershocks not just in the earthquake
stricken areas but and the surrounding areas simple or can you tell us about the forecast
and nagano eastern areas he still cut east area and also in the uk inner lens the east
area about each other have been some major earthquakes we should registered five plus or more on
the japanese intensity scale fizzle out the meteorological agency has said that they
cannot provide any clear explanation on anything connection between these earthquakes elizalde
their have gained the gravity of the high number of earthquakes since the earthquake
in march company aftershocks have continued for a while sense we expect to bed the time of being thing we should be aware that there may be
aftershocks across a wide area and i think that it is an important time to around your
house and make sure that everything is in safe order this most recent recent earthquake was magnitude
of seven point four the maximum intensity level was six classes on the japanese intensity
scale political dealer strictly expects that similar
earthquakes yes any something at this level or perhaps a little
bit last buckingham case there are many areas where the buildings have become damaged due to

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