1. To pass a driving assessment in Western Australia, all candidates must meet the standard by achieving at least all minimum scores of the criteria and pass 4 of the 5 sections (minimum requirement), providing that no endorsements are recorded in the "Discontinue" or "Fail" boxes on the assessment sheet. Feel free to contact us for more details.

  2. Practical driving assessment will be DISCONTINUED under following circumstances:
    – In the judgment of the assessor, the candidate is not capable of taking the assessment
    – Candidate's vehicle is not roadworthy
    – Candidate's car is not appropriate for the class or a type of licence they are sitting the test for
    – Candidate's vehicle breaks down during the PDA
    – A bribe or inducement is offered
    – if something that would not typically be present during the PDA adversely affects the authenticity or validity of the test

  3. The following list indicates the immediate FAIL of the Practical Driving Assessment
    – The assessor gives assistance or has to intervene to avoid a potentially dangerous situation
    – Candidate disobeys any regulatory sign or marking
    – Candidate speeds
    – Candidate disobeys any traffic regulation that immediately or potentially threatens safety
    – Candidate drives without wearing seat belt
    – Candidate fails to respond to a crisis that would normally be anticipated by an experienced driver
    – Candidate causes crisis or potential crisis
    – Candidate refuses to attempt or is unable to perform any part of an exercise
    – Candidate refuses to follow a reasonable instruction given by the assessor

  4. I failed my pda in midland because I didn't look left and right as I crossed the train crossing and the tester guy couldn't explain why I need to look. Is this the new rule? Why should I look? There was no red light !?

  5. Im wondering about the particulars of driving a vehicle, for example the steps before turning on the vehicle. If I do the "setting up of the car" in the wrong order or my chair isn't in the right place that my instructor feels isn't adequate. Is this a fail or lose of points? I am from overseas and have been driving for years. However getting my Australian licence has proven to be nothing but, surprising. My instructor has me sitting uncomfortably in my seat commenting that i drive like a "grandma" he has moved my seat yet i find it difficult to reach the brake/accelerator. Its critical that I'm able to obtain my licence but how i have lost almost all confidence and I'm beyond frustrated. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  6. The full reply to ShowtimeShambles Youtube User
    When you go for your practical driving assessment, your seat will be adjusted before you even sit in the car with the assessor (assuming you are using a driving school). Any qualified instructor should be able to guide you to set it up. If your position is incorrect, you may lose marks or fail depending on your distance from all controls. Try extending your arms over the top of the steering wheel as you back is against the seat, if your wrists reach the top of the steering wheel then you will be in a correct position. As a result, when you hold a steering wheel, your arms/elbows will be bent at around 110-degree angle. Also, your knees cannot be fully extended. The height of driver's seat is adjustable. Make sure you are positioned at a comfortable height so you can see over the dashboard. This is an excellent guide. We have following vehicles: Toyota Corolla, Hyundai i30, Getz, Toyota Yarris, Kia Rio and Mitsubishi Lancer. Feel free to contact us https://www.drivingschoolwa.com/contact/ we would be delighted to help.

  7. Hi Steve , i have got L license and it expires of date on 4 September 2019, so can i book to do the driving test ? thank you so much

  8. I just failed in Mandurah for stationary steering. Is that a new rule or? Cause I only did stationary steering when parking

  9. This might be a stupid question but will I get a penalty/fail if I don't do the 'Push and Pull' motion during my PDA when steering and instead to 'Hand over Hand Cross'? I feel as though I'm more comfortable doing the cross over motion when turning.

  10. Hey I have a quick question. When you drive up to a give way sign and there are no cars at all, do you still completely stop for a few seconds or do you slowly drive through it without stopping at all. Thanks for the video btw very helpful.

  11. What speed would be better if there is turning road with intersection around residential areas or quite street? Also when you overtake a parked vehicle on the street can we slow down a car little bit or should’t?

  12. I have my test on Monday and I'm really anxious. Failed my first one without getting to do the second part of the test. Praying I pass on Monday!

  13. Hii
    Good morning. I have a test on 25 th October in Nannup in WA . Do i need to do more practice . I actually drive a car for almost one year . Nannup is new area for me . I never been there before. Gve me some advice. Really help . Thanks

  14. Hello sir, can you please help me to understand about mistake when i have driving test
    Movement: fail to adjust movement to suit situation- Approach too slow- turn left/right( general driving)
    What does that mean? Thank you so much sir.

  15. Thank you so much, sir
    I learned everything from your channel
    I 've already passed my driving test. Manual car. I feel perfectly happy now

  16. I don’t know if it is different in WA than it is in QLD but here if you go even 1 kilometre over the speed limit it’s an immediate fail.😬 Slightly terrified to do my driving test this Thursday…

  17. Hi sir just a small request:
    Could you please explain how to check your mirrors when overtaking a parked vehicle and why this is important? Thanks (I’m from nsw)

  18. what is the minimum points per section to pass the PDA? I seem to have difficulties choosing the right driveway for 'left something behind' and im worried the whole task would lose me so many points. same as stopping for shopping.

  19. Thanks for this clip. Watched this with my son last night, very helpful. He passed his driving assessment this morning, yes!!!

  20. I go for my driving test in 9 weeks. I hope I pass with this information. Will update soon 😊😊

  21. I have assessment 7.5 tonne track next week and i have no any express at all what advise you give me please?

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