Oh no! That´s really slipery! (15cm snow on ice) It´s difficult to drive on 2 gear allready Amazing! You can still drive! Yeah! But it´s not fast driving! Yet 😉 Front tire starts to wobble because snow Well that was classy almost! What? It feels heavy to handle! But still it´s very cool! It´s wobbling all the time Handling is so hard What could be better way to learn handling than snow? Yeah and it´s not damaging Hello again! It´s time for sausage frying I´m heading to the island over the lake I bought some sausages Also filled up my gas tank I already checked the campfire site it´s famous place in here as always on weather like this I was suppose to make new video later and other stuff I have tried to learn more handling skills on ice I don´t have experience from it before Never owned a light weigh enduro before to practice on ice It´s a bit new thing for me and every time I´m a bit nervous about going there And this is much heavier bike (230kg) So I`m worried about how ice can handle it if I “find” that weak spot So I don´t want to make extra hole But it´s just mental thing Nights in here have been enough cold So the ice is good So the weight is not a problem After eating i´m going to change these studded tires for 50/50 summer tires cause main roads in here are quite dry Roads are now bad for studded tires now And small roads are not better too Needs a bit work to handle the bike Coming week should be warmer So I can use summer tires on main roads Let´s see what happens It´s so fun! *studded tire noise Hi there! You have fire already maded? My friend is very excited photographer! And he made good job withs some photos on lake before I´m very grateful for him Also excited to make these videos like me. Maybe I go this way??? Ok! It´s time to chage some tires. Actually I have set of tires waiting here but these are too slick This wheels are extra set for my bike So I can change street and offroad tires easily It´s too early to put these on this time of year There are still some snowy places I need to get over So I change tires for this set All done! Tires are now changed! Lets hope warm spring now. But lets see where or when I can go This Corona pandemic sucks! I was planned to go early spring rally nearby But all public meetings are forbidden Let´s see what happens and everything goes positively Safe coming summer for everyone!

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