Top things to do & see in Phuket – Phuket travel guide & Tips 2019 #livelovethailand

Phuket is one of the world’s popular touristic
destinations, due to its finest beaches, white sands, nodding palm trees, glittering seas
and lively towns. It has something for any taste and budget,
from its tropical shores to natures safari adventures, Thai street food, night markets
and fresh bazars without forgetting the booming night life and crowded walking streets that
makes your stay, an amazing unforgettable adventure. So let’s jump in to this tropical paradise
and explore them one by one with some advices, to make the best of each. Patong Beach
Although Patong beach is not that crystal clear blue waters or shiny sand comparing
to the other shores in Phuket, but its popularity attracts millions of tourists from all over
the world making it number one among Phuket attractions. The original success and popularity of Patong
beach rotate around two things: its fantastic 2.5 km beach, and its worry-free wild nightlife. What about the The rest? Well Don’t blind yourself: shopping, dining,
and foot massage are just the cream on the cake. So if you wanna see and make the best of patong
beach, visit it in the afternoon where you can enjoy some local activities, walk around
take some golden hour pictures and watch the beautiful sunset over Andaman sea. Phi Phi Island tour
After patong beach the 1st thing comes to your mind is the Phi Phi Island tour, which
is considered the most famous among all other island tours in Andaman sea due to its popularity
that came from the movies “the beach” that made maya bay popular by the superstar
casting Leonardo de caprio. Although the famous Maya bay is closed now
for coral re-habitation, but that doesn’t take down the priority of the tour since you
will still be enjoying kho phi phi don and kho phi phi leh islands beside the monkey
island and Viking caves, and some snorkeling along the way with speed boat and a lunch
at one of the surrounding islands. So if you wanna make the best of Phi Phi island
trip, book a speed boat tour enjoy the ride take your tanning creams with you beside your
cameras to take some memorable pictures to talk about when you are back home. Phang Nga Bay & the famous James Bond Island
If you wanna visit more than an island in Andaman sea Phang Nga Bay which is famous
by James bond island is a great option after Phi Phi Island tour. Phang Nga Bay is unique. A day out here is an unforgettable experience
that will definitely get you excited. A distinctive feature of the bay, is the sheer
limestone cliffs that jut vertically out of the emerald-green waters. James Bond Island and Koh Panyee are just
two of the more famous spots in this bay. Just like all island tours don’t forget
to take your sun protection creams and some snacks since the speed boat ride is long and
if you have seasick problems take some medicine tablets with you so that your journey won’t
be spoiled specially in low season where the tides are high and waves are rough. Safari & Nature tours
After we have seen some of the beautiful shores and islands in the Andaman sea, lets jump
back to the main island Phuket where you can book a safari tour to interact with nature
and explore wild Phuket’s life closely. These safari day tours come’s in packages
and differs from each other by duration and price, but most of them includes interesting
activities like elephant feeding, visiting pineapple farms, ATV ridings and exploring
some of Phuket’s water falls. You can include in your safari tour, a visit
to tiger land where you can interact with tigers and take some memorable pictures. Our advice to you is to take full day tours
that includes much more activities and fun rather than a half day tour that could be
short and not much interesting. Big Buddah
Another thing to see in the island is to visit Big Buddha and enjoy the breathtaking views
from up above. Visible from most of the south of Phuket,
the giant Buddha image, sits on the top of the Hills and looks down over Chalong, Kata
and Rawai. It 45 metres tall. The drive up to the Big Buddha takes you through
the ‘real’ Thailand nature, and the view from the top is breathtaking. You can also visit wat chalong along the way,
which is one of Phuket’s most important temples and is visited by thousands each year. It’s beautifully decorated, with infinite
reflections from hundreds of tiny glittering glass pieces. While you are visiting such holly places wear
respectful clothes to avoid disappointment of not being able to enter all the temples
due to shorts or miniskirts. Banzaan market
If you wanna enjoy fresh exotic fruits meat and sea food , the only address while you
are in patong area is Banzaan fresh market. Many visitors will enjoy exploring Banzaan
Market in Patong, a modern-looking Thai fresh market on Sai Kor Road, right behind the megamall
Jungceylon. Basically, you can get anything that one would
expect from a local market here but in a much more pleasant environment. Prices are reasonable. If you want to enjoy the best of it visit
the market at night where you can explore the fresh market and enjoy the outdoor food
court and eat with very cheap prices. Jungceylon mega mall
if you are thinking of shopping experience in Phuket Jungceylon in Patong is the largest
shopping mall on the island. It’s almost a city within a city. With a lot of souvenirs shops and foot massage
in the lower floor, many restaurants a lot of attractions in the upper floors. Jungceylon is a perfect hideaway for tourists
when it rains, or when the heat becomes unbearable… and occasionally people go there for shopping
Our advice to you is that juncylone is not the perfect place to explore shopping since
the prices are high and not a place to bargain. So buy what you need to avoid extra spending
Siam niramit show If you wanna enjoy a breathtaking night show
and a fantastic dinner than don’t miss to book siam niramit. Siam Niramit is a world-class performance
of Thailand’s arts and cultural heritage. This must-see spectacular show features over
100 performers, lavish costumes and stunning set designs. Enhanced special effects and the world’s most
advanced technology are used to produce a very realistic, stimulating and inspiring
experience. If you wanna enjoy the show to the maximum
book the platinum sits that give you the best angle to enjoy and watch the show. Bangla Road Nightlife
all the things we mentioned in this vlog attracts millions of tourist through the year, but
Bangla road attracts the big part of them , to enjoy and explore the wild crazy nightlife
of patong city. The biggest collection of nightclubs, bars,
shows and general fun in Phuket. This short road that extends from the main
road to patong beach comes to life once the sun is down and the vibrant lights and music
makes it a place to Enjoy some beers and have good times. Our advice to you whatever is the reason that
you are visiting bangla road keep smiling enjoy the surroundings and have a good time
cause everything is possible don’t ever spoil your mood. Thai & foot Massage
Well a visit to the island without having a massage is not completed, after all these
boat trips safari adventures shopping’s and wild nightlife you need a relaxing massage
and there is a lot in patong, so choose one pamper yourself and recharge your batteries. Our advice to you is to try the foot massage,
it is very relaxing one that refreshes your legs and makes you ready for the remaining
adventures in this tropical island. I hope this vlog was useful for you to have
an idea about the top things you can do see and explore in this tropical paradise called
Phuket Thank you for watching subscribe for more
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  6. Don't forget to argue the prices of the tours… You can get 50% discount on the announced prices. If you go to any island buy in advance the shoes for the corals in the local markets… And think of the ideia of a 2 day trip to phi phi Island because the one day trip its to quick for what you can visit. Tuk Tuk are more expensive than the Bangkok ones but they are an option, it's better to rent a scooter or a car. Don't forget that they drive like UK. 😁 It's a marvelous place!!

  7. Hi love your Phuket blogs. Quick question there are island join in tours with Catamaran or big boats with less tourists are they worth the price. Also will it be cheaper to book from there or online. Luke John Gray honglight your or Blu Anda twilight bay tour

  8. I've been to Phuket once and hoping to go there again. I don't like Patong nor Bangla Road – not my kind of thing plus much better beaches around the island and less busy. Rest of the island and other activities close to the island are fantastic things to do. We stayed around Kata Beach last time we were there but this time we are looking into staying around Karon Beach area

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