Top Two Windshields for 2019 Road Glide Special | Best Memphis Shades Spoiler Windshield

So, I have been talking with them because
we have the stock windshield on our 2019 Road Glide Special & I want to do something different
because it is not working out. So, they hooked us up. They sent us a 6.5 inch windshield plus the
10 inch windshield. Also, I got to looking in here & they sent
us some hand protectors.We will throw them on. I have never ran with any shields over my
hands. I am gonna try these out. Like I said, I have never ran with any hand
guards. Kinda cool to see what that’s about because
I have been catching a lot of stuff out on the highway when we are running 85 mph, hitting
my hands, I don’t wear any gloves… I probably should but I don’t. I am going to open the 6.5 up. I haven’t seen this in person yet. I think they are totally blacked out dark. They have them packaged well. Boxed up cool! Unwrapping this windshield is like a kid on
Christmas morning. wooo yeah. Look at that! Yes that will definitely going to work. It is dark but I can already tell that I will
be able to see through it. Man, this is solid & thick. Feels good. All the corners are nice & beveled & smooth. Lets check out the 10 inch. I pulled this out of the box & was like woah… Big Time!! I am sure it is tinted just the same. Talk about some protection on this! Nice & clear! Man, this is killer. This is going to look amazing on the bike,
you can see the dash coming up through here. So what we are going to do is put these on
& run with both of them. Then we will do a little review on what works
best for me. I am playing around with seats, I do have
the Harley Hammock seat on there right now so it may put me in a different position with
this windshield, I am going to put this windshield on tonight. But like I said we will swap them out. So there it is guys, the stock windshield
that came on our 2019 Road Glide off in my hand & now you can see the dash. different look, sleek… definitely has a
shark look to it. I will grab our Memphis Shades 6.5 inch windshield. So on the stock windshield, you just slide
it off of the screws but with the Memphis Shades, you have to take the screws all the
way out. Let’s see how she looks. Oh yeah, ain’t that cool! Fit’s like a glove & everything mounts up
perfectly. Man, that bolts up slicker then butter. better than margarine, blue bonnet butter. Love to butter my biscuits. How doesn’t like biscuits? Morning, lunch, supper time, hell at midnight!
who doesn’t like a good buttered biscuit? I am digging the look of this Memphis Shades! It is a solid quality product, like right
on the package it says “USA Made” Handle with CARE: Glass. When you pick this windshield up, you know
you have something in your hand. It has a lot more whip to it. The whip here is amazing. That is what I was running into around dusk
& riding into midnight. We will run into bugs coming out more. I was having the windshield not deflect the
bugs actually it was like a funnel right to my face holes. Little rough, so this is going to give me
a little more whip & get them up over me. Like I said, this is the 6.5 inch Memphis
Shade & we also got the 10 inch. So we will take the 6.5 inch off & put the
10 on & see what that will look like. We are definitely going to ride with them
both & see which one works the best for us, that will be part of this review. So now we will get this 10 inch out, man this
is amazing. It is a solid piece of glass right here. Lets see what this thing looks like. Talk about some protection with that thing!!
bigger is better!!! That is what she said. I don’t know man…. it’s got a look! I am sure some people wouldn’t like it. Some people you know like things to be low
lean sleek, you know I get it but we are out here running hard & fast & in the night. wow, look at the whip on that. So this is the 10 inch Memphis Shades, this
is the 6.5 inch Memphis Shades & this is the stock one that came on this Harley Davidson. So, you can see a difference from the stock
to 6.5 inch Memphis Shades & this is the 10 inch, pretty good comparison there guys, you
can clearly see it. I think this is exactly what was happening. I had the bugs hit & come straight back & into
my face which you can see on the Memphis Shades that they have what I call is a whip in it. What I am hoping, when those bugs hit, come
up & go up over my head. Which this 6.5 inch it may be good enough
but here we have the 10 inch. It is going to protect my chest & most of
my chin. Super cool though. I hope this helps guys, because I know how
it is when you are online looking or even in the stores. You just want to pick them up & lay them on
top of each other & get a good comparison between the two. So, I hope this has helped. One thing sitting here talking & looking at
the camera between the two windshields. The stock & Memphis Shades; there are a ton
of difference in the thickness. I am going to see if I can pick this up on
the camera & show you the thickness difference. If we look at the stock windshield & I pull
a tape, it looks like we are looking at 1/8 inch. If I grab the Memphis Shade windshield & measure
it, you are looking at 3/16 inch. So you are talking about another 1/16 thicker
which makes a difference. It makes it a lot more rigid & a lot more
durable feeling. So a big step up from the stock Harley windshield. TJ: You can see where it starts to do the
whip up. Stephanie: Yeah, we are going to have to put
your beard up. TJ: Steph is putting a tie in my beard because
it is flying up in front of the camera. Something that I don’t think much about, so
you will have to just give us a second. Beard technical difficulties. Ok now that we have the beard tamed. I will get the camera down here so that maybe
you can see through the windshield. Like I was saying where it has the whip, it
does distort a little bit where the whip is. So there is a little bit of distortion. Which is about where your other windshield
would have stopped. So the whip up, so it does bring the wind
up & over & also deflects the bugs up over me. Like a said, it does distort a little bit
of your vision here. It is taller, It is the 10 inch. I want to talk about our Memphis Shades windshield
that we have on today. This is the 6.5 inch windshield that we got
from Memphis Shades. Steph & I have been running the last week
with the 10 inch. Both are quality windshields. the 6.5 inch compared to the 10. Actually the 10 felt pretty good as we rode
up to Springfield last week. When we got up there, we did trade out seat
from the Hammock Harley Davidson seat to the Mustang Deluxe Tour Seat. The Deluxe Tour seat did set me lower, it
did change my feel of the 10 inch windshield so it was perfect that we had the 6.5 inch. I have no buffering at all & it feels great. It deflects bugs & I am not getting near as
many bugs in my face. It looks badass. Like I said, it is good quality. I believe this 6.5 inch is the one we will
run. I know Steph said she had felt a little bit
of buffering with the 10 inch. One thing about Steph & I running 2-up is
that we are trying to make both of us happy on this bike. A lot of things that will work for someone
who is riding by themselves may not work for Steph & I. We are working really hard to try & make this
just the way we want it.


  1. I think the 6.5" shade looks nice but that's just my opinion,gives it a good look but whatever fits you is what matters most,nice bike👍🇺🇸

  2. Just watched the video and then bought a new windshield. Being 6'7 I went with the 10" for the Road Glide Ultra. Thanks for the video and the comparison that is so hard to do online!

  3. I have a 2017 RGS and the stock shield is buffering me right in the forehead and I'm 5'5" with a 29" inseam… short dude….I really didn't care for the 10" because of the "dead zone" at vision level….looks good on your ride…. You in Arkansas Ornery one? DAWG from the Show me State….

  4. I’ve had 3different Harley’s and the windshields sucked . I used freedom shields to fix them you want the windshield to just come up to your nose so it won’t block your view and that duck tail helps the wind to push over it to help keep the bugs and things out of your beard. They both look good on your bike . Better than stock one.👍

  5. Currently running a 14" Klockworks Sport Flare (came on the bike), but I like the looks of that 6.5". I usually run with all the vents open, and was having issues with angry bees coming thru. Check out the MotorcycleVentScreens(dot)com! Now I just get parts coming thru… How do you like the handguards? Also, looking forward to a review of the Mustang seat…

  6. I bought a taller windshield and found with the dark tint I wasn't happy. I changed to the clear and found I could see the road better.

  7. Was considering putting a lrs or Memphis on my 19 fltrxs. Now that I'm sure I'm satisfied with a 6 1/2 inch I just got to see if it's going to be one or the other.

  8. I just installed the Memphis Shades 8.5 inch and can hear my tunes at 75 mph with volume to spare. Prior to this shield the radio was off.

  9. I’m liking the shield…. but I’m more interested in the thoughts on the mustang touring seat?? Is it comfortable?? I’m currently running the tallboy by harley but I’ve gotta find something more comfy

  10. since you post when your bike was stolen and Law Tigers paying it forward, I have really noticed their aggressive advertising

  11. I cant stand the distortion. One thing I love about the Indian is the windshield you can move up and down with a button.

  12. Freedom shield makes a excellent windshield I have one on my 2017 road glide special very happy with it

  13. Hey guys, great vlog and happy first day of summer. I was looking at the Memphis Shades and I happened to find Freedom Shields out of Montana. My main concern was the distortion on the MS wind shield so I decided to go to the FS. I would highly recommend Freedom Shields…also MADE IN AMERICA.


  15. I have a 2001 ultra classic and I bought my Memphis shades wind shield and I love the hell out of it,,so I know how you guys feel the difference from the stock wind shield,,as always great video and awesome content,,looking forward to your next video,,,thumbs up to the both of you!!!!! 🙂

  16. For the jacked up prices HD charges for their bikes, you would think that the windscreen would be a decent quality screen and not some crap that throws bugs into your face. But, at least it had one, the old HD I owned back in the AMF nightmare Harley days, didn't have one and I'd spend hours picking bugs out of my teeth, when the POS bike was even running. LOL

  17. Good stuff bro. I think the 6.5 is the way to go. I don’t like having any of my vision distorted , which means at night when it can already be a bit challenging to see, the 10” distorts things further. The 6.5 is probably a big improvement from the stock, it’s not probably causing both your heads to whip around, big improvement on the bugs, and no vision distortion.

    Where you guys riding next? Getting ready for a Sturgis run this year?

  18. She billy-goated you lol. Awesome, love the 6.5". I got the same 19 road glide billiard blue so this is perfect. Try rolling your bars up a little, it makes them way more comfortable until you decide to upgrade the bars. Take a look at the KRAUSE T-Bar setup. Thanks guys

  19. Have had both…USELESS!!! I found at 5'9" that the Klockwerks 14" Sport Flare is the best hands down!!!!!

  20. Good stuff and interesting that the shorter one was preferred. You mentioned trading in the H-D Hammock for a Mustang seat; any plans to do a review on that seat?

    Also, I’m finding it difficult to locate your patreon link since your video on it. Any tips on finding it? I did not see it in the description. Thanks!

  21. I use LRS Long Ride Shield half the price, videos also on how to measure for your height as you should be looking over windshield not threw it also they tint to your liking. As all ways great video 👌 you two looking forward to the next.

  22. I went with Memphis shades 11'5 and so far I like it… besides having 14s and them touching on hard turns it does catch all the bugs lol

  23. I have a Big 10 inch (windshield)…. works great on the 17 street glide


  24. Thanks for the review very helpful and glad you guys are able to get out and enjoy that bike man you guys a great couple really enjoy watching the videos. Get me a sticker so I can put it on my semi give you some free advertising as I truck across the United States

  25. How’s the stereo sounding with 6.5”? Really thinking about trying one out now, but being 6’4” I’ve been thinking about the 8.5” or 10”.

  26. I would have gone with the 6 1/2 I like looking over the windshield not through them. especially when running at night I think it's a bad ideal. just my opinion. enjoy brother

  27. LMAO, I see you have the same problem I have. every time I ride with a windshield it blows back up in my face.

  28. So people that look at their bikes and ride them once in a while are all bout the cool looks. People that actually ride their bikes on big trips are all about protection, storage and functionality. I guess Its all about what your into. I personally love making big miles and being comfortable doing it. Cheers you two!

  29. that lip is key. Some windshields actually just direct wind more directly at your face. And no windshield would be better. A lower windshield with a proper lip is better than a bit higher straight windshield.

  30. Great review.
    I hate my stock windshield and will be buying a new one soon as well.
    I meet you two at ROT, ya'll are great. Keep on keeping on.

  31. Great review… only one real question… how tall are you? makes it easier to understand what might work for me… 🙂

  32. Nice to see a review done with 2 up. My wife rides with me and I try to find information that includes both riders.
    Thanks !!!

  33. I found that with a tall tinted windshield it's fine until nighttime, and then I couldn't see the road very well in the dark through the shield.

  34. New to your channel and although I'm originally a Californian I lived most of my adult life in Arkansas mostly Fayetteville area ….really like your channel

  35. Memphis shades is a quality product for sure.. it's really hard buying a windshield that fits your riding style. Nothing worse than forking out hard earned money and not being satisfied.. I just put a 10" windvest on my new RG ultra, the sales guy at the dealer had it and let me take it to try.. so far so good. I've had Windvest on my other RG and liked it alot.. great distortion on the flip part on the top.. Ride safe

  36. I'm 6'5" on a 16 Road Glide and the 10" Memphis on the stock seat. I never get bugs. If I do, it bc they have hit the top and exploded. Lol. Only thing i can say is that moisture in fog especially builds up and the drops come over top into my face. That is literally my only issue with the shield. I love the lip at the top for deflection, the thickness, the shape, and the deep smoke color. Pricing is on point too. Everyone knows with these bikes that you get what you pay for, but I do believe that Klock Werks are a bit too high. JMO.
    Great video though. Glad to see life dealing you better hands lately. Stay positive, stay true, stay safe.
    Road Gods be our guide!

  37. I love riding at night to and that 6-1/2" Memphis shade looks bad ass. That 10 looks hell a big for 10" but it looks good to and I like that lip on them. There is definitely a thickness difference.

  38. 18 RG Ultra. 14inch smoke Memphis shade. I'm 6'2" I can over the wind shield. Love the protection. I dont mind the looks. I prefer the comfort. But know alot of guys that prefer the shorty shield. Good comparison video.

  39. The 6.5 looks dope. Question, how tall are you… tryin to get an idea if the 6.5 would work for me. Thanks brother

  40. after watching this video I ordered the 10" memphis shades spoiler shield. this is by far the best shield I bought. had a 14' klock works sport shield(poor wind management) looked awesome,then a 12" wind vest( great wind control, looked huge on the bike) the memphis shades looks cool and works great. I'm 6'3", stock seat. 2015 road glide 13" bars

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