Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea – Ride POV

English Read It, Watch It … Live It After the introduction to the mystery of Tower of Terror at Hightower III‘s study, the hidden storage room will be shown to everyone The curse of Shiriki Utundu is real You can’t go deeper into this, stop here or you will suffer the same fate as mine Listen to my warning! The curse is real The eyes of Shiriki Utundu just…! Escape as soon as possible
It’s not too late yet What a fool you are…why didn’t you listen to my warning However, the most foolish one is me The searching for treasures throughout the world has blinded my mind, and it led to the destruction of myself Therefore facing that eternal fear is my destiny Haha…A cursed statue? Shiriki Utundu’s eyes…! Wave. Say goodbye to yourself in the present life You were saved
However, be careful, you shouldn’t fall into fear and temptation Don’t come back anymore


  1. I went to Japan and the statue vanished in FRONT of my EYES!!! But OUR ride was LONGER THAN THIS. It was our school trip ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. I'm really curious….so right before Harrison Hightower is shocked by Shiriki Utundo in the penthouse scene, is he saying "Shirki Utundo moved" or "Shirki utundo's eyes?"….it sounds he is saying "munita", but ugoita means "moved" so idk if I'm hearing it wrong

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