Toyota Prado 2020 review: GXL off road

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the Toyota Prado is hugely popular it has a legion of fans and it makes a
great off road touring platform but it’s starting to feel a bit old if you’re
after a large SUV wagon is the prado really your best bet well that’s what
I’m here to find out so stick around before we get stuck into the review if
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a video on YouTube bonus I’ll even get a cameo appearance in that this is a gxl
the mid spec prado it has seven seats and a 2.8 liter four-cylinder turbo
diesel engine a six-speed automatic transmission and a dual range permanent
four-wheel drive system standard gxl features include smart key and entry
active cruise control LED daytime running lights three zone climate
control and rear parking sensors as well as that our test vehicle has the $600
premium paint and the three thousand four hundred and sixty three dollar
premium interior pack and that includes leather trimming heated and vented and
electric front-row seats and a heated second row our test vehicle also has the
no-cost flat tailgate pack option which moves the full-size spare from the back
door to the Prados underbody that frees up your back door so the rear space is
more touring friendly but relocation of that spare reduces your fuel capacity
from 150 liters 27 because you lose the 63 litre sub tank in terms of dimensions
this prado is four thousand eight hundred and twenty-five millimeters long
with the 2790 mm a two-wheel bass it’s one thousand eight hundred and eighty
five millimeters wide one thousand eight hundred and ninety millimeters high and
it has a listed curb weight of two thousand two hundred and sixty-five
kilograms with the third row seats in use boot space is claimed to be one
hundred and four liters with the third row down and out of the way there’s a
claimed combined 553 litres of cargo and with the second and third rows down
and out of the way there’s a claim combined 974 liters of cargo space in
terms of passenger comfort the third row seats are on the wrong side of squeezie
but if you’re unlucky enough to be back there you at least get directionally
events cup holders and a grab handle the second row seats are much better with
plenty of head knee and legroom across the row and there is a fold-down center
armrest with two cupholders as mentioned earlier this Prada has the premium
interior pack which means the second row seats are heated and there’s also three
zone climate control and directional air vents inside the Prado it carries over
that touring friendly theme it’s starting to feel a bit dated but it’s
nice and comfortable when you drive it I’ll get to that later but the space is
set up so you’ve got plenty of room as a driver I can get my seating position
spot-on and be ready for a long road trip plenty of storage space I like that
and button placement is really good in here the dialls and the knobs are easy to
locate and operate and that’s really handy when you’re off-road enough of the
sitting around and chin wagging I reckon it’s time to go for a drive steering is
light and precise I reckon and that’s a real nice surprise in the Prado for such
a large SUV wagon the engine and auto while solid and dependable are not the
liveliest combination around and there is some lag under throttle one of my
niggles with this Prado is that it still exhibits the body roll that they always
have it’s not as pronounced sure it’s a bit more tighter a bit more control but
it is still there overall the Prado is a pretty refined Drive it’s never rough
but it’s never as gutsy as it should be yeah that’s all well and good but what’s
it like when you hit the dirty stuff I hear you say well I’m glad you asked for
those of you who love cold hard numbers and I know there are plenty of you out
there the Prados off-road measures are all generally sound when the
again is in action although its departure angle is a bit shallow
compared to some of its big bull drive rivals so it’s great at light duty
gravel track driving and it’s great at on-road driving but the prado really
kicks in when you’re doing low-speed four-wheel driving it’s always
comfortably capable and that’s crucial when you’re tackling real hardcore
tracks like this this is a deep rut a steep fire trail it’s been washed out
recently by rain and it poses a serious challenge for vehicles that are stuck
standard straight out of the showroom and the Prado just gobbles it up with
consummate ease and the proud own ever feels like a cumbersome vehicle it
really does feel easy to steer around in the bush and its suspension that you
always assume is so Road focused is also really adaptable at low speeds on the
real lumpy bumpy stuff and the Prados engine and auto that are really so well
suited on-road again really work well off-road it’s always pretty level-headed
in its approach to everything and that makes for a comfortable driving
experience no matter how hardcore things get hill descent control is a real
difficult thing to get right and I think car manufacturers struggle with it
sometimes their two-body too aggressive sometimes the heck they’re too free and
easy and they and they don’t engage fast enough or or aggressively enough but in
the prado it’s very effective you always feel in control it’s never running away
you can hear grinding away there but it’s grinding away because it’s doing
its job the Prado has a five-star ANCAP
safety rating and that dates back to testing in 2011 safety gear in this
Prado includes seven airbags AEB Lane Departure alert trailer sway control
reversing camera and more fuel consumption is a claimed eight liters
per 100 kilometers on a combined cycle that was showing 8.3
liters on our dash display but our actual fuel consumption on test was ten
point five liters per 100 kilometers if you plan to tow with this product keep
in mind that it’s unbreak towing capacity is it claimed 750 kilograms and
it’s brake towing capacity is 3,000 kilograms the prado has a five year
unlimited kilometer warranty the prado has a rock-solid reputation as a touring
platform for good reason it’s roomy and that’s a functional space inside it’s
comfortable to drive on-road and it’s very capable off-road this is pretty
close to a near perfect all-around package now you may disagree and that’s
fine have your say in the comment section
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  1. “Premium interior” 😂😂
    “Some lag” 🤣 you could walk up a steep paved hill faster than this thing could drive it flat out unladen.

  2. I have always thought it need a six cylinder diesel engine, like some of the earlier prado's . The smaller tank, with the wheel change, tells me that it's now aimed at the school run/weekend grave road folks, not true offroaders. Well done Crafty 👍👍

  3. I almost didn't buy a Prado, cuz everyone bought one, but did some research and found something that Prado has to offer for OFF ROAD capability that other not offer for midsize SUV like dual rang, centre and rear diff lock, long rang fuel tank, ladder chassi, real live axel good for wheel articulate( but not on road handling), reliability. I admit that engine is under power if towing big caraven (which i don't have or do), but it is just enough for touring even when fully loaded, beside small engine mean better fuel economy for me. If you want to buy SUV for high ride that come with high performence engine and good handling on road dont buy Prado, but if you want true capable off road with relibility midsize SUV go get Prado.

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