Transitioning Galaxy VM UPS Back Online From Maintenance Bypass | Schneider Electric Support

we’re gonna turn on a galaxy VM from full maintenance bypass you will notice that the screen is off and all the breakers are also in the off position even though there is power running through the unit right now okay first step is to apply power to the input of the UPS that’s the uib screen will come on and the lights will give indications of checking in self checks on itself and then you’ll hear the pan startup and that will indicate that the UPS is starting its activities you also notice that on the breaker you’ll have lights indicating there of peda hopparoo to the screen first once it comes up and this may take a little comment from the screen come all the way up so that you can start the process of thinking of me there’s a menu on the screen that will prompt you how to start the system up simply go to the control menu it’s prompting you for a password the default password is one-two-three-four and go to our startup wizard let’s start this up for maintenance bypass system automatically recognize the uib breakers been closed the next step is the ssib two-hand operation on these switches those battery breakers it’s done I promise you to start the static switch close you OB if you have a maintenance bypass breaker in the cabinet and now direct you to open that up take that out on the wrap around the bypass remove the Kurt cage replace it in the cookie holder and turn the key on the top of the impressive okay and your GPS is now back online you


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