Travel Vlog at Home ( Ikot-ikot sa Bahay Challenge )

Let’s do a travel vlog Hello guys! Welcome back to my channel So I’m wearing a mask because we will gonna do a travel vlog A friend of ours whose name is Rodneyboy TV, He’s a content creator and a Youtuber He came up with a brilliant idea And that is the wandering around the house challenge So basically, we will travel around our home So, let’s go! Our first stop, Kwarto Gallera (Puerto Galera) Most of the people who want to take a rest And have their honeymoons go to Kwarto Gallera Our next stop, Kwarto Prinsesa (Puerto Prinsesa) Guys, this place is similar Kwarto Gallera Most people who want to take a rest or have their honeymoons go here OK, guys, our third stop will be on Banyo City (Baguio City) Ok, guys, we are here now inside the Banyo City People who want to take a bath goes here And those who want to poop Damn this virus I am forced to take a bath every day All the health experts say We need to wash our hands frequently So, I will show you guys how is the right way to wash your hands First thing, we need to get our hands wet There you go, then put some soap Much better if we sing the “Happy Birthday” song while washing your hands “You belong to the zoo, you belong to the zoo” “Like a monkey, like a donkey” “The gorilla is you.” Ok, we’re done singing the Happy Birthday song It’s time to rinse our hands and make sure to rinse it well It’s better if you rinse it with hot water Dry your hands There you go, our hands our clean now and we’re done here Let’s go to our next destination Let’s go! Ok, guys, we are here at Clark Air Basement (Clark Air Base) My son and I used to play here. Our next destination. Let’s go! Ok, guys, we’re here at Rise Terraces (Rice Terraces) There you go, as you can see In here you can breathe fresh air You can also watch your gossip neighbors You can see cars driving by But the thing is. It is too cold out here so I guess we should go inside the house now Let’s go! Ok. Guys, we are here now at Sala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur) This is my favorite spot. Here, you can relax while watching TV all day. Well, we will gonna stay inside the house for a month If you have Netflix, you can also try to subscribe in Tulflix Or even on my Youtube Channel. Go ahead and subscribe You can also play in here and do what you want You can also do sightseeing on your windows It’s nice here in Sala Lumpur Next destination, let’s go! Ok, guys, this would be our last destination. We’re here at North Kusina (North Korea) So guys, what we can do here in North Kusina It is to cook all day. We don’t have anything else to do than to cook, eat, cook and eat I want you guys to meet Chef Mic We always count on him. He is so good when it comes to instant He is the best, everything that is instant Instant noodles, instant pansit canton No problems with it. Here is Chef Mic Meet our Microwave. 🙂 Tiring! It is so exhausting traveling So, this will be it guys. Once, again thanks to Rodneyboy TV I dare you all to do this challenge We have a lot of things to do at home This is the best chance for us to have quality time with our family The best time to have a bond Don’t let yourself to be stress Because if you are stressed out Your immunes system might get weak It will just… My (wifey makes a loud noise) And maybe your immune system will get weak (my son is making noise too) (Now I am out of focus) :)) It might weaken our immune system My (I am calling my wife) Sshhh (Please let me finish my vlog) (Wifey is getting louder) :)) (Please!!) Let’s not stress ourselves Let’s not stress ourselves Let’s not stress ourselves I’m already stressed out Let’s not stress ourselves It will weaken our immune system We are more susceptible to the virus Let’s just listen to our government Let’s all follow what they say We can do this I don’t think I can do it anymore (Dry cough) We can all do this We will overcome this problem It also has an end to this epidemic Always remember that “Strong people don’t put others down, They lift them up!” So, see you. Bye! Take Care!


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