Travel Yoga – Revitalizing Flow

Hey everyone welcome to Yoga with Adrian:
Travel Edition. I am Adrian and today we are in Sayulita, Mexico. Just took the cab ride
here to find some culture and have some fun, but my body is a little tired from the weekend
and from the travel. So we are going to head to the beach right now for a quick revitalizing
yoga practice. Join me! Let’s go! Let’s begin standing at the front edge of
the mat. Tadasana or mountain pose. We ground down through the feet and find this upward
current of energy as we stand up nice and tall, keep soft knees, and open the palms.
Lift up through your heart and find your breath. Inhale reaching the arms up high overhead,
exhale, forward fold. Take a moment here to bend the knees. Maybe clasp the elbows, rock
a little side to side. Choose to enjoy your practice here today. Moving with the breath.
Working it out. On your next breath in we will lift half way, and exhale and forward
fold. Step the right food back, come onto the right knee. Crescent lunge. We inhale;
sweep the finger tips up high overhead. Exhale, twist to the left. Inhale, back to center.
Press into that back foot and twist to the right. Inhale to center and exhale release.
Step the left toes with the left knee back and vinyasa. Choose your own adventure here.
Hug the elbows into the side body, inhale lift up cobra or upward facing dog. Find what
feels good. And on an exhale we release and send it back, downward facing dog. Take several
juicy breaths here. Deep breaths in through the nose. Long exhales out through the mouth
and then we will lift the right leg up into the lunge. Same thing with the other side.
Moving swiftly with the breath, be mindful. Crescent lunge. On an inhale sweep the arms up and overhead
and exhale twist to your right. Pull the right hip crease back. Inhale back to center. Exhale
spiral to the left. Inhale to center. Open your heart. And exhale. Release. Great. Step
the back foot up to meet the front. Inhale. Halfway lift. Exhale. Bow. Inhale spread the
finger tips reach all the way up. And exhale Namaste. Great, here we go again. Inhale reach
it up. Exhale forward fold. Inhale half way lift. Exhale bow. Then we will step the right
foot back followed by the left and we are just going to peddle out the calves. Really
great for me at this time because my legs are super tired. And then we chaturanga or
chaturanga practice. Upward facing dog or cobra. Downward facing dog. Find your breath.
Peddle out the feet. Melt your heart back. Inhale. Lift the right leg high. Exhale, squeeze
that right knee up towards your heart. Then we will step it up and come into warrior one.
So pivot on the back foot. Deep breath in here. Then interlace the finger tips behind
the tail so that you can open up through the front body. Deep breath in, exhale humble
warrior. Crown of the head releases down to the earth, we stay engaged through the inner
thighs. Press into the feet to come all the way up and we release. Great. Turn the right toes in, come into a nice wide
legged stance. Hands on the waistline, we inhale, open our hearts. Exhale, wide legged
forward fold. My number one revitalizing yoga pose. This is such a yummy posture. Great
for tired legs. Great to reboot the system. To each his own here, you can grab the big
toes, you can walk the palms in line with the arches of the feet or maybe you just stay
on the finger tips. Find your breath wherever you are. Press into the outer edges of the
feet. Draw energy up through the arches. Then we will bring the hands back to the waist
and slowly rise up now, nice and strong. Warrior One on the opposite side now we turn the left
toes out. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, release. Interlace behind. Open up through the front
body, ground down through the feet and find your humble warrior. Hug those inner thighs towards the midline.
Stay engaged through your core, my friends. Deep breaths here. Relax the head over. Strong,
strong legs. As your press up and release. Awesome. Turn the left toes in, hands to the
waistline once again. We inhale open up, exhale forward fold. This time finding a twist, left
palm comes to the earth, right finger tips reach up towards the beautiful sky. You can
find a little bind here and then we will release and take it to the other side. Create an experience.
It’s not about doing it perfect, it’s really just a little yoga break here. Nice full breath,
full of gratitude. Then we will release and walk the feet in.
Slowly lower down into deep yogic squat. If you are just like ‘uhhh, no’, then keep the
heels lifted, finger tips on the earth. You might even skip this if the hips are really
tight for you. Lots of options. In time we will be able to bring the palms together,
perhaps. And if you are there now, work on squeezing the legs into the arms and pressing
the arms into the legs. So really building a lot of energy here, in this strong, powerful
posture. And we will slowly release the left palm to the earth, wherever you are, and inhale
reach the right finger tips up. Open up through the chest and then release back to center
and switch. Left finger tips up towards the sky. Open your heart. And we release. Bring the finger tips behind you and we will
come to a cross legged seat. Bring the right palm to the left knee. Left finger tips behind.
We inhale, roll up through the spine. And exhale twist. Again, inhale lift and lengthen.
Exhale, find your twist. Melt back to center and same thing on the other side. Inhale,
lift and lengthen. Exhale, twist. Inhale, lift up and exhale, take your core with you
back to center. Cool. Baddha Konasana. Soles of the feet come together,
knees nice and wide. Grab the ankles or interlace the fingertips around the toes. Sit up tall.
And maybe we draw a couple of circles with the nose, one way and then the other. A little
energetic hygiene here, letting go of any stress or tension, particularly in the neck
and shoulders. And then we round the spine, find a forward fold. You can do this several
times or stay there. Using the breath. Then we will press into the sit bones and slowly
roll up. Awesome. We come back to all fours and send it up and
back, downward facing dog. So last little vinyasa here, to really heat things up just
bring a little warmth to your life. We are going to go up and over into plank. Three
chaturanga pushups. So you can do this with the toes or on the knees. Just three, you
got this. Gaze is forward. And then we inhale lift up, upward facing dog or cobra, you choose.
Exhale. Take a rest. Extended child’s pose. Melt your heart. Soften the skin of the face.
Take a moment to surrender here. And we let it all go. Slowly we will rise up and we will
come back to seated. This time send the legs out in front and inhale
reach the arms up and overhead. Exhale, forward fold. Grab the outer edges of the feet or
let the hands rest gently on the thighs, the shins, anywhere. Feet are flexed. Knees can
be bent. Again, practice letting go here. Deep breath in and exhale. Chin to chest as
you roll it up. Beautiful. Now from here we will lift the knees, bring the hands behind
the thighs, loop the shoulders and lift the sternum up. Lift your heart up. Boat pose,
just for a couple of breaths here. Reaching the finger tips forward. You can straighten
the legs. You can send the finger tips out. If you are new to the practice you might just
stay with your hand behind your thighs. Find a little organic movement here, a little improvisation,
if you will, inner vasaana. No tense holding here. Lift your heart, focus on lifting your
heart up toward the sky. Lift, lift, lift. And then we release. Awesome. I just through
the hang loose sign, how embarrassing. We will come into flat back position. Hug
the knees into the chest. Then send the finger tips out left to right, Texas T even though
I’m in Mexico. Got to bring it. And reclined twist. Knees fall to the right. Turn onto
your left ear if you like and breathe deep into the belly. You can extend that top leg
if that feels good. And then we will slowly connect with your core as you move it back
to center and then take it to the other side. Juicy twist here. Inhale. Don’t just breathe
into the belly, but also breathe into the chest. Lungs expand, extend that top leg.
Deep breath in. And exhale. Slowly release, connecting to your core as you melt it back
to center. Awesome. Reach the arms up and overhead, extend the legs out long. Then we
can bring the hands behind the head here, interlace the finger tips. Extend the thumbs.
Give yourself a little massage. We will draw the heels up towards the center for a little
reclined cobblers pose. If you’ve ever heard the term take a chill pill, it looks like
this for me. This shape in the body. Supta Baddha Konasana. So if you’re digging it stay
here and rest. Or when you are ready begin to slide the legs out. Eventually bringing
the arms to your sides. And wherever you are, take a rest. Thank you for sharing your practice with me
my friend. Take good care. Have an awesome day. Namaste.

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