Traveling on Our Own

– [Woman] Listen, the
train is a two hour ride. I don’t worry about Abby or Julie, but I do worry about you two
crying and throwing a fit. Okay, here you go, sis, I’m
going to hand over the camera. – Hello! I’m so glad you came! (gleeful yelling) – We’ve got the back yard,
we’ve got kids to play with, we’re gonna have so much fun. (upbeat music) (car tires squeal) (music fades out) – [Woman] You getting ready? – Yup. – [Woman] Where’s Eve? – Probably still asleep. – [Woman] Will you go down and wake her up because she’s going with you. – She is? – [Woman] Yeah. – Well those are not shorts. – [Woman] I know. It’s okay though. It’ll stick out a little
bit under your skirt. It’ll be cute. Yeah. That’s
darling. Do you like it? – Mhm. – [Woman] Yeah? – Mhm. – [Woman] Okay let me
take a look at your lip. Let’s get an update on
it. It sure looks sore, but you know what, it’s healing. It’s getting better. Now,
listen, if you go today you have to promise that
you’ll hold on to Abby’s hand. The whole time, like, you don’t let go. You stay right with her. – Okay. – [Woman] Do you understand?
It’d be dangerous if you go and do something all on your own. You have to stick with her. – Okay. (mumbles) tell
everybody that I can go now. Julie, guess what? I
can go on the trip now. – [Woman] Listen, I’m taking the girls up to the train station at nine o’clock – Mhm. – [Woman] Nine-thirty.
So you have to go with me so I can take you to the try-outs. – Mhm. – [Woman] Do you have all
the clothes that you need? – I need to iron my shirt. – [Woman] Okay. I’m going
to go to the grocery store, pick up groceries, and when I get back you guys need to be ready to go. – Mhm. – [Woman] Don’t go back to sleep. (snoring) – This is the first time I
have ever done grocery pickup. I tried doing it like six months ago and I couldn’t get the app to work. I was like, forget this, this
is not even worth the time. I would have had my groceries
purchased and home by now in the hour that it took
me to try to figure it out. But, I had a change of
heart and I tried it again. And it’s kind of amazing.
Sherry went and picked up my groceries last time, and
today I’m picking them up. I even added a birthday present for Claire and a birthday present for Lucy. So, hopefully toys come
with the groceries too. – Hi – [Woman] Is this mine? – I think so. – [Woman] Awesome! I have
so much back here already. I’m so sorry. We’ll just,
like, fit it on top I guess. Oh my gosh. Thank you. That’s so neat. Okay. How often do you
go to the grocery store (inhales) There’s stuff in here. It’s not just a flower. So, tomorrow’s Mother’s Day. That tells
you what day it is today. There’s all kinds of stuff
in here. Drink, snacks, (inhales) you guys, Oreos. (upbeat music) – I think you look great. Does that help? – Mhm. (mumbles) – I think that helps a lot.
Okay, go get your stuff. – And I’ll do my hair when I get there. – Okay. So, I’m taking
the kids on the train. The little kids have gone without Sherry so I’ve sent Eve and Russell
on the train plenty of times in the past. But Sherry
and Chad have always been the ones to take them. Abby’s
kind of the next in line. I’m training her to
kind of be the older one because Sherry and Chad
have so much going on that they never have time to go do things with the little ones anymore. So, Abby’s in training,
and she’s going to take Eve and Russell and
Julie to my mom’s house. Because my mom is having
a little birthday party for Claire and for Lucy. By the time I get done
taking them on the train Chad is going to have
ballroom dance try-outs. – I knew it! – Here, I want you to just call grandma so you know how to call her. My mom is going to be
picking the girls up. You’ve got your purse,
look at you all grown up with a purse and a phone.
Do you feel grown up? – Yeah. Hello grandma, just making sure that we got the right number. Okay. – [Woman] Okay, um,
you’re not taking this. This is mine. No. Let’s have
a little pow-wow you guys, come in here. All of you come in. Come on in here. You guys look
like you coordinated colors. Did you all choose pink
and blue on purpose? – No. – [Woman] Look how cute you all look. Listen, the train ride is a two hour ride. I don’t worry about Abby or Julie but I do worry about you two
crying and throwing a fit. – I’m old enough I don’t cry. – [Woman] I know, but
sometimes you do throw a fit. – No I… – [Woman] Eve, okay,
just listen. Don’t argue. Eve, it’s important that
you not run up and down. It’s important that you
always stay by Abby. If you guys can be really
good and stick with Abby, I’ll let you go up to grandma’s house whenever you want this summer. You can go up there all the time and meet Cody, and meet
all your cousins up there. But if I get a phone
call or a text that says, “Eve’s not listening to me.”
You’ll never go up again. (upbeat music) Seventy-two
bucks? Holy cow. (music continues) – [Woman] Okay, here you go, sis, I’m going to hand over the camera. – Bye. – My gosh. Their house is a dance studio. That’s insane. They have
three, three dance rooms. Holy cow. (Big band music) – Chad tried out for the
dance team at the high school. And he got on the performing dance team. And now he wants to try
out for another dance team that’s outside of the school. And he’s hoping that by being on this team he can feed into BYU’s team
and then his ultimate goal is to get on the BYU college
team with a scholarship. – Made it! Grandma’s here! – Got, got my little, my little ones. – Hello! I’m so glad you
came for her birthday! This is the birthday girl, we’re just giving her some lunch so she’s happy. – And there’s another birthday today. – [Young Girl] For her party. – It’s another birthday too. – [Young girl] Hi Cooper. – [Blonde Woman] And Claire’s.
Yeah Claire’s not here yet. But we’re so happy you guys came. – We got our sandwiches,
we’ve got the back yard, we’ve got kids to play with, we’re going to have so much fun. Emma
did you lose another tooth? – Yeah. – [Young girl] Let me see. – [Young Boy] She lost multiples! – [Young Girl] Oh my heck. – Are you excited to lose all your teeth? – Yes. – Guess what? Me and Abby already did. I lost my last one on Christmas in Hawaii. – It’s been awhile since
I’ve been back here which is really great. I’m going
to go up to the tree house. Tree house is like, the best, I love it so much.
Especially, the new hammock that they put inside it. And then, all the kids’ hand prints or foot prints. It’s the best. And then,
of course, awesome hammock. It’s great. Look who came! – And Lady is so cute. – Yes. Lady, she’s awesome. – Uh. And if you don’t know who lady is, it’s her new puppy. – Okay. Let’s go outside. We’re
going to go play something. I don’t know what, but
we’re going to do something. – So we are playing with Lady. And she is a Lady demon. – [Off Screen Girl] She
just keeps eating grass. – She eats grass for a living! When she growls she sounds
like a demented robot. – Like, (growling) – [Girl Holding Camera] Make
her angry so they can hear. (girls laughing) – They put her on my face
and then she started pulling my ponytail so she bit my ear. Like her, the ponytails were in her mouth, like she was like, tugging (mumbles). – I think she ate your ear wax earlier and we kind of just like to lay down like this, and see what she does. (children laughing) Oh, she’s (mumbles). I
don’t know if you saw that but she bit her ear again. So, – I didn’t feel it. – [Girl Holding Camera] Oh my gosh. Look at your face, Abby. I think she popped some zits for you. (all laughing) (light music and girls laughing) She finally calmed
down. And that, is Lady. (salsa music) (indistinct chatter) (everyone sings happy birthday) (baby crying) – [Abby] It’s a cake stampede. They’re all eating Lucy’s cake. Everybody’s eating Lucy’s cake. All right, I got my
cake, she’s already like, done with hers. Julie’s
almost done with hers. We’re up here in the tree house, everybody else is down there. We’re all alone, for the first time ever. – For the first time in forever. – Cause it’s not exactly
the first time but it’s been in forever. – [Abby] I know. – For the first time in forever. – It’s so great. (upbeat music) (children laughing) – Front flip! – [Woman] Okay. Your tryouts were awesome. – Were they? They felt – [Woman] The only thing I complain about – They felt rusty. – [Woman] Was that you
were so loud talking. Do you know how to whisper? (overlapping voices) – It wasn’t me. – [Woman] Like, whisper. – It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. – [Woman] Whisper. Tell me a whisper. Say my number is 201. – My number’s 201. – [Woman] No whisper it. – My number’s 201. – [Woman] Yes. That’s a whisper. – But you can’t hear me. – I can hear you. So now
that tryouts are over all the kids want to
go meet over at Crumbl and get cookies. And I’m kind of spoiled because I have no other
kids to take care of. Sherry’s doing something,
the rest of the kids are on the train. – I’m going to go home
and like probably sleep. – Chad. It’s just you and
I. Let’s go get a cookie and then we’ll go home and nap. – Okay. – It’s like you’re two
again. Do you want a cookie and then go down for a nap? (soft music) – I’m going to get the churro. (music intensifies) – [Woman] Bye, guys. – Bye. – All right. We’ll keep you up to date. On Tuesday we find out who made the team. So, we’ll be sure to let you guys know. Keep your fingers crossed Chad and all of his friends made it. – It’s time to leave and I’m so so sad. I’m going to miss you. (gentle piano music) – [Grandma] Bye, kids. – Bye. – We’re almost here and
I think it’s just like, ten, twenty minutes to go. – We just got off the
train and now we have no idea what we’re doing
so Abby is calling mom and Eve keeps running off.
And it’s annoying. So. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Hey, you guys made it. Safe and sound. Aw. Hey.
Did you listen to Abby? Abby thanks for keeping
everyone so safe. How was it? – Good. – [Woman] Good? – And Olivia came. – [Woman] Olivia was there?
Well let’s get you guys home. (upbeat music over squeal of tires)

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