Traveling to Iran’s $1,000,000 SAFFRON BANK!!! + HUGE Iranian Street Food Tour of Mashhad, Iran!!!


  1. This SAFFRON FACTORY and BANK blew my mind! Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell button below! Thanks so much Mr. Taster and Persiatourguide from Http:// for helping put on this amazing trip! Make sure to watch the whole vid cause we filmed some very rare once in a lifetime food and content for you! Please leave me a comment down below, I would love to hear from you below! Thanks so much for watching our food and travel videos!

  2. Me : Imagine how the taste is like.
    James : " Wowwwwww "

    OMG James, you and Taster just make us craving for Iranian Cuisine. Demmit.

  3. Please dont mention saffron worth more than gold……you never know USA might attack them just to get some saffron…..just like what they did with iraq for oil

  4. نساء يعملن في مزارع الزعفران و نساء يعملن في العهر و نساء لايعملن بل يعملن باخذ أموال آباءهم فقط …. هنا الفرق

  5. 8:35 LOL the two ladies are saying: "This job is very burdensome and takes a lot of effort". James thinks they're complimenting the saffron.

  6. My dad cooks Iranian food a lot, the thing about saffron is that only a pinch is needed to flavor the whole pot of rice so you usually only buy really small amounts. The amount in this video is like seeing all of the gold in the world in one place

  7. The guys at the breakfast stew shop look like wrestlers. I had the good fortune to visit Iran last century. What a cool visit.

  8. عمليات التجميل وزراعة الشعر في شيراز

  9. تجميل زراعة الشعر وعمليات في ايران

  10. Thanks for coming to Iran and sharing your positive views❤ Everyone is wellcomed to our Iran,come and enjoy the land of wonders


  12. Wow! It’s so wonderful to see how hospitable the Iranian peoples are. I’ve enjoyed the educational experience . Especially love hone you harvest saffron flowers and at the factory, wow! It must take a lot of patients to separate the saffron from the flowers. Now seeing the process in producing saffron, I’ve more appreciation to these most precious spice. I can understand why it’s worth more than gold. Also enjoyed the different delicious and scrumptious authentic Iranian dishes. Thanks Trevor for sharing your travel and food experiences. 👍🏼😋

  13. I'm 15 and I am curious what saffron tastes like. Iranian food looks great. I'm from the US and maybe one day in my life I'll get to go.

  14. Thank you for show real Iran to world .iran really is safe peoples or tourists but sanctions of USA make hardness for people's .our people's not selected be enemy with USA israel this is a ideology of regim for save regim with Stimulating Muslims but in Iran more of people s especially Young's have open mind and free about idea.

  15. I want say this peoples that are saffaron former have Laborious work and sell saffaron with low price .soon because Iran no factory with international brands for exportation send this saffaron to Dubai and Spain and if send 70 kilo to Dubai and Spain they make that with Additive more than and export to. All çountries and in this cycle price will grow up fourfold or more only former is poor in this cycle..

  16. Iran is very rich yet the people remains humble. This series is a delight to binge watch😍😍 I hope you get your peace Iran. Love and light in this difficult times

  17. I just Love Iranian Food, Culture, Civilization and it's People 😍

    Love and Greetings from Dhaka Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤️🇮🇷

  18. Iranian people are so nice, so lovely and so hospitable. Plus, everything is so neat and organized. Food is so clean. On top of all that Mr. Tasters expressions are priceless haha. I really wish to visit Iran now.

  19. It is dangerous to show saffron factory because the thieves of resources(bad americans) can steal it. May God protect saffron factory😁, ameen👆🇮🇳

  20. You should travel to Afghanistan/ Herat to see the saffron farms and banks and of course the food, culture and hospitality

  21. I realy enjoyed with watching of this Video, God bless you.Big greeting and respect for Iranian people,from afghanish man.

  22. beautiful country, amazing food and that guy mr. taster made your Iran series exceptional! already included Iran in my travel roadmap! ❤️ from 🇦🇺

  23. 🇮🇷❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇮🇷

  24. I wish with all my heart to visit Iran. But because of their malicious government, I cannot pray to God that the rule of Khomeini and Khamenei should defeat God’s wrath, so that the Iranian people and the rest of the world can rest.

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