Traveling to Singapore – Updated Travel Restriction

Welcome back to the Gunner Travel Channel Where we give you the complete guide in travelling is Singapore Currently in Lockdown? Lockdown means you cannot go in and go out for all country be the current situation is only for several country That is infected by Corona VIrus very bad for examples like China, Iran, South Korea and several other country better postpone if you have a travel plan because almost all country have 14 days self quarantine it means that if you travel abroad you need to stay in your hotel room without going out for 14 days You need to check the country website you can check the official tourism/health website whether they have the self quarantine or not so this is really not a good time to travel what is the point of traveling
if you only stay in the hotel room Better to stay in your own country right? if you want to get updated news of corona virus Especially for Singapore there are two main website to check that is Singapore ministry of health Corona Virus News is updated every day here you can see it is quite detailed information Singapore Tourism Board Official Website Maybe for some people is a bit difficult to read this but i will try to explain Updated on 15March 2020 to be fast, just looks at the bottom let’s start for Singapore Resident and pass holder For Hubei China 14 days Quarantine From China except for Hubei, South Korea, Iran, Italy
and other country 14 Days SHN Asean Country, Japan, Switzerland and UK also SHN SHN is stayed home notice so you need to stay at your place for 14 days so you cannot leave home so what is the difference between shn and quarantine For quarantine usually, they have a hospital or a closed place to quarantine a person this is more detailed explaination about SHN if you want to purchase food or essential you can ask hotel employee to buy or by delivery minimize contact with others and also monitor your health usually, they have staff from ministry of health to do the monitoring i will put all the link in description below Short term visitors for tourist From China, France Germany, Italy, Iran, Korea and Spain, no entry and transit For ASEAN Country, beside the 14 days SHN Visitor from ASEAN also need to submit the requisite health information for approval before travelling i will put the link in the desciption below even thought they are tested negative on covid test they still need to do the 14 days SHN SHN is not appl when only transit in Singapore but remember that you cannot leave the transit area does not apply for sea or land crossing from Malaysia Updated news 18 March – 31March 2020, Malaysia is in Lockdown you cannot go in or go out Malaysia in that period So if you buy any Airasia, maybe you need to refund i heard they give full refund to and from Malaysia
in that period so both of this website is very important if you want to travel to Singapore i suggest that during this few months, don’t travel anywhere better to stay in your city and do activities like usual don’t be afraid, but you still need to be cautious I Think that’s all for todays video I hope that Covid-19 can be handled soon already a lot of victim a lot of people infected we all want this to be over soon Thank You for watching Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to support the channel and hit the bell icon to get notified When i posted a new Video Thank You


  1. Thank you brother infonya.
    Sy jg gk jd ke sgp, pdhl desembr yl dh booking dp tiket promo pp air asia.
    Lock down bs lama ya, tdk tahu smp kpn.
    Thanks vlognya.
    Ditunggu vlog berikutnya.

  2. Thank you for this update. 👍 I don't really recommend flying atm even though airline tickets are cheap👀

  3. Terima kasih sudah berbagi informasi kak
    Thank you for sharing and stay safe…
    Keep support each other for long ❤️

    Buat temen-temen yang lain??? Yuk singgah ke channel kami juga dan mari bersahabat 🙏😉❤️

  4. We are lockdown starting today till 31st. Everything is OK, just don't panic. Hope you are well. Good info and thanks for sharing

  5. Hey there neighbor! 😛 Thanks for the explanation on SHN and quarantine. I'm really impressed with how well Singapore is handling the COVID-19. Stay safe and healthy there in Singapore!

  6. Hello, GUNNER…thank you for your update on coronavirus, and sharing information on Singapore…you may have heard of the cases in the United States…we are in a National Emergency….don't be afraid, just be prepared.

  7. Kudos on how SG is handling the whole situation! I was reading an article about all the facts that made that possible. very interesting!

  8. Thank you for sharing all these with us. You're right, it's not a good time to travel. The question is how long will it take? Take care of yourself!

  9. This is great info and advice Gunner, there are some countries that are managing this situation better than others.

  10. Great info )) This is a trying time for mankind and lets hope we can get through it quickly and move on )) Stay safe and well :o)

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