Travelling during a PANDEMIC? (My Story + Sketchbook Session)

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel I am brushes and bunnies and I am back fresh from vacation I was three
weeks in Ireland and it was not a good time despite the fact that we were
trying to have a good time it was just not possible
so for this video I really just want to take it easy I’m actually just uploading
old footage that I wanted to upload three weeks ago before my vacation
basically it’s just me sketching in my sketchbook and then I thought I would
give you guys updates on what ended up happening in my vacation time and also
give you updates on what is going to happen with my YouTube channel because I
don’t think I’ll be leaving my apartment for the next few months and also
technically in some self-isolation because we just came back from traveling
and that means I have a lot of time on my hands so yeah just prepare for a lot
more videos and also a lot more art and probably live streams so getting out
your sketchbooks and come drawing with me while I tell you my story of what
ended up happening you know travelling through a pandemic first and foremost I
do want to say that we are all okay so far we are healthy we’re good I’m
healthy my husband is my parents who also join me on our trip throughout
Ireland they are so far so good everyone is good and healthy so this is this is
basically the most important thing is just to keep that going get enough sleep
you know eat our fruits and vegetables get enough vitamin C vitamin D and stay
active so this is something that we’ll be actively focusing on for the next few
weeks we travel to Dublin on March 5th and we basically came back on March 20th
which was a few days ago already and between the span of those you know two
weeks or so a lot had changed and it was incredible at how fast it actually
changed while we were there it was a little bit of a war situation for my
parents because they traveled internationally while my husband and I
stayed within the European kind of zone so for us it was a little bit easier but
for my parents they had a really hard time trying to get back to Canada so
this is something that I’ll be talking about later on basically for the first
five days my husband and I were there by ourselves we had fronted a sort
of mini castle out in the woods in the countryside up north of Ireland it was
beautiful it was a it was a really really fun time there we did enjoy it
and at that point in time there were not too many cases in Ireland compared to
Germany which was growing quite fast and we figured okay you know there’s maybe
like 20 or so cases in Ireland things are still open the pubs the restaurants
at that point st. Patrick’s Day Parade was still on and you know it was
everything was still running everything was still open it was fine people who
were taking precaution but at that point it wasn’t so bad and then on March 11th
we went to pick up my parents in Dublin and we basically drove down south to the
Wicklow area which was absolutely beautiful we had such a great time that
day and unfortunately that was also the day that the World Health Organization
declared a global pandemic and from that point on everything changed and it
happened so so fast within the next few days we already saw sort of the
repercussions to that declaration in Ireland and also you know deep into the
parts of the countryside which was it was an adjustment and it was something
that we had never seen before in our lives there were massive crowds at the
grocery store obviously I see you guys know the toilet
paper was completely sold out the bread was sold out the potatoes everything was
gone fruits and vegetables were basically next to nothing there was a
lot of rush there was a lot of crowds there was a lot of panic and people
didn’t really know what to do apart from wanting to buy food first you know for
whatever reason although the grocery stores kept saying that they’ll be
receiving deliveries within the next few days and it’s constant it’s not stopping
the stores are not closing the only thing that was basically closing at the
time were pubs and some shops and I believe some restaurants as well and of
course islanded end up canceling all of their st. Patrick’s Day festivities
throughout the country which was also a reason why we actually went there in the
first place was to enjoy those so that was a bummer but I mean at that point we
totally understood why it had to be cancelled
so yeah unfortunately we did have to cancel her stay in Galway we had to
cancel most of our activities that we had planned and basically all we could
do was buy food and self isolate in her mini castle and then also basically
tried to sightsee by going outside into wide open spaces for example climbing
some cliffs or going hiking which in all honesty was not that bad and we were
also there for that but at the same time it became kind of strange just that the
feeling and the fear became really really strange at that point the biggest
problem for probably all of us in the household was you know the what-ifs like
what if we can’t get back home what if it gets so bad we’re stuck here
what if our planes are canceled what if you know there was just constant
questions and trying to figure things out and the news wasn’t helping because
a lot of the things were very like fear-mongering and like panic and
everyone was freaking out and we couldn’t get proper answers and all we
could do was basically wait and see what the official government you know
statements were and that’s all we could do but those days were really difficult
because it was it was very it was it was hard to enjoy our vacation and at the
same time it was also hard to control whatever fear we had and or anxiety or
stress because it was something we’ve never dealt with before a lot of people
never really dealt with this before so it was really difficult to kind of try
to you know be on vacation enjoy ourselves and also try to get the proper
information without freaking out over everything I think the biggest thing for
me was the fact that we were far away from home and just being out you know in
a different country not with your home not with the people that you know I mean
obviously I knew my family but you know just just not being home was really the
big deal for me as soon as I came back home I felt so much better but you know
when you’re out vacations you really feel like you’re out in the water like
in the deep end and there’s sharks circling beneath you that’s kind of how
it felt like as the days went on we did try to enjoy
our vacation and basically try to minimize our stress levels as much as
possible because it was extremely stressful for us and and basically tried
to kind of minimize the amount of times we check the news unless it was official
government statements and basically just go out avoid crowds wash our hands
continuously I don’t even know how many times we washed our hands in a day do
not touch things go out in public when needed like grocery shopping and
basically just enjoy the nature there were a few things that we did which were
amazing we went hiking to go see some caves we went on the highest cliffs of
Europe and we had beautiful sunny days apart from some rainy days of course but
yeah I mean for the most part it was fun we did enjoy a lot of time outside and I
was happy to have that time with my parents as well in terms of the Irish
people they were so understanding they were welcoming they kind of took pity on
us some people actually also kind of stared it as funny I had this feeling
that because we were foreigners that they wanted to stay away from us even
more than usual which was unfortunate we did get that a couple times at least I
felt that we had that a couple times but I mean I can understand I given the
situation and it was understandable but yeah the Irish people they took extra
precaution everywhere they were amazing at the grocery stores they basically
disinfected everything they wear gloves they they disinfected the kind of card
reader when you’re paying for your food basically they disinfected the table
where your food goes on they disinfected everything they took so great
precautions you know staying away a metre away almost two meters away from
each other people were great really we felt really safe there and we yeah I
mean I can’t complain about the way that things were handled in Ireland it was
really really good now towards the end of her vacation is when things started
to get a little bit scary and actually super stressful for us having to return
to Germany I was not so worried because things were not really closing as fast
as they were with Canada our international travelers yes the
cases in Germany kept duplicating every three days or so so that was worrying in
itself but I was not too worried that I would have troubles getting back
although they did shut down the borders because I do own a residency and I am
married to a German I had no problems getting back into the country that was
basically my only concern apart from that we were not too worried
that the flights would we cancelled or anything like that and even if we were
completely ready to be settled in Ireland if needed we were able to stay
there for the next month or two and basically work from home in a way
because we had broader work laptops for that specific case now in the other hand
with my parents because they have to travel through three different airports
and they would have had to have a pit stop in Iceland things were a little bit
different for them and a lot more scarier because basically the day before
they had to travel back from Dublin to Toronto their flights were cancelled
completely and this is where basically the fun began also just to backtrack a
bit throughout the week we had been calling with the airline Icelandair to
see if my parents could possibly get on an earlier flight and at the time they
confirmed that my parents were already booked for the second flight outside of
Canada and going back into Canada so they were technically ok for some reason
the day before their flight things were cancelled so I guess Iceland closed
their borders or they were no longer accepting flights within the country
only coming out of the country they were still happening so not really sure what
happened there but luckily for them they did get redirected to a new set of
flights with British Airways and Air Canada and I believe Kayla M also
although that did not work out either so they ended up having flights confirmed
but they had to travel from Dublin to London from London to Montreal from
Montreal to Toronto so it was one more flight than they expected it was just
really stressful really long tiring and a bit of a scary thing because of the
uncertainty of who you were travelling with and whether there’d be sick people
on the plane whether the flight would be canceled when they arrived in London
what basically happened once they got to Canada there was lots of
not knowing what would happen and that totally stressed out my parents for good
reason now I have to say with my experience at the airport things were
pretty good and a lot less stressful than I anticipated
I actually was expecting there to be a rush of people at the airport trying to
get back home and luckily Dublin who was rather quiet and also in Berlin it was
also very very quiet there was actually more police than people coming into the
country which was a little bit unnerving if you’re not a German citizen but it
was totally fine on our plane specifically we only had seven people
actually I think it was nine people we had nine people in total including my
husband and I and we were completely isolated at the front of the plane no
one was around us except for the flight attendants and we felt actually super
safe and didn’t really have anything to worry about of course at the airport and
on the plane we made sure should disinfect everything about we would
probably touch this includes the table before you in the airplane and the
armrests and possibly anything else the seatbelt everything we just try to kind
of take as much precaution as possible we also washed our hands all the time
and we try to avoid the airplane bathrooms and you know I basically just
avoid crowds and be super isolating or keep ourselves isolated from other
people once we were back in Berlin we took a taxi back home luckily we live
only 15 minutes away from the airport which is so nice during a time like this
you don’t have to take public transport and taxi doesn’t cost very much now
there is a few things that I want to say in terms of the differences between
Ireland and Germany Germany already or at least Berlin I could already probably
confirm that they’re not taking as many precautions as we saw in Ireland which
is very worrying for us people are not really respecting the one meter or 2
meter distance I see it some places but for the most part I haven’t had that
secure feeling that I had in Ireland especially in the grocery stores things
are not being disinfected people are not taking care of keeping distance from
each other and this is something that really
rotates me and it’s something that I really want you all to think about when
you’re out shopping for food and when you’re just in crowded areas just to
maintain your distance social distance and also to be aware of others around
you and try to avoid crowds try to stop going out and being in public areas and
just stay at home so this is something that I really want to emphasize because
it can get worse and it probably will get worse unfortunately until it gets
better the situation in Berlin right now is not entirely good but it’s also not
as bad as it could be yet people are starting to stay at home at least I
think for for a week now people have been staying at home working from home
as much as possible and basically only leaving their houses if they have to go
buy food of course there will always be people out there that take advantage of
the situations they’ll go to clubs still try to have public gatherings in the
parks this is something that they’re actively trying to stop right now and
it’s for good reason because cases are increasing each day currently I think
that clubs bars restaurants and shops are closed and basically only grocery
stores like essential stores like grocery stores pharmacies and I’m not
sure what else but basically essential things are open and should be should be
the only things open so yeah so yeah that’s basically it we are staying at
home for the next few months I don’t know when this will end but so far I
think it’s projected just for mid-april but probably that will be extended until
we get a hold of this virus to all my friends out there that are watching this
please take care of yourselves take care of your family don’t hoard unnecessary
items like toilet paper and and canned olives I don’t even know just stop the
hoarding this is insane just don’t do that be mindful of others and don’t be
afraid to call people out if they’re doing that because that is just
disgusting and yeah I mean just take care of yourselves and and take care of
your family wash your hands keep like self isolate yourself and
maintain a good social distance and yeah that’s all we can really do to kind of
like stop this the spread from going too crazy ask for my channel because I do
have a lot more time and I will be staying from home mostly for the next
few months I will be increasing my videos and probably getting back to
livestream and yeah just having fun with art again so I think now is the time to
do this and this is something I’ll be focusing on it’s actually something
that’s really nice to take your mind off of the stresses of the world and I’m
looking forward to it holy smokes this video is already 16
minutes long I think that’s my longest video in a very long time but yeah I’m
gonna elite basically leave you with this one last message stay safe out
there wash your hands stay away from each
other lock yourself in your apartment or house or mansion cave wherever you live
in basically don’t come out for the next few months just like keep away from
crowds and don’t party that’s that’s all I ask and be mindful of others stop
hoarding toilet paper and learn a new skill
preferably art because art is very cool and it helps to take the mind away from
things so yeah so I’ll basically be seeing you in a few days with my next
upload I don’t quite know when that is but that will be very soon because
that’s all I’m doing now is working from home and doing my art I want to wish you
all a lovely Sunday and I’ll be seeing you in my next video bye


  1. I was not getting any inspiration to upload my art videos. I'm suffering through art block. I need to get back soon to YouTube. Your video really inspired me. I hope I'll be able to upload by 24th March, my channel's 1 year anniversary💕🌸💕🌸 Thank you so much!

  2. omg i need to see a sketchbook tour of rhis sketchbook 😍 so sorry that u could not enjoy your trip but I am glad that ya'll are healthy!

  3. Wow this so amazing drawing love it sketch shade detail look lovely keep going amazing work! 😱😍😄👍

  4. Beautiful drawings, I love the plants you included. Thank you for your messages. Here in the US the hoarding and lack of sanitation in grocery stores is awful.

  5. First off, I'm happy you and your family are back home safely. I also liked your sketch quite a bit. Last week I was at home, my nose was running so I wanted to make sure that was over with. So I did a lot of art, picked a writing project back up. But now that my cold is gone I am going back to work, which is in a pharmacy. And honestly? I'm done with staying inside. I've been driving myself insane the entirety of last week and for my own sanity, I'm going outside. I will avoid crowded places, but things like the beach and a walk in the forest are all things that are healthy to be in right now. So as long as I see myself being fit enough for work, I am fit enough to take a long walk by myself and so that is what I'll do.

  6. What is your other job? I was laid off Friday from my job that I’ve been at a little over 20 years. Graphic Artist at a newspaper.

  7. Thanks for providing a non- media related perspective of travel in Europe and Ireland. Canned olives–really???

  8. I have a lot of time on my hands too. I've been diving into my art and I'm glad you're ok and healthy. Take care.

  9. someone like me, who unfortunately live paycheck to paycheck, dont have the privilege to stay home even in times like these…

  10. March 11th was when the Taoiseach decided the schools should be closed so that was the reason for the panic. I live in Wicklow so I’m glad you enjoyed where I live.

  11. Ya you stessed so much and your parents almost didn't get there. Well guess what, i was on vacation to and I didn't get back to canada.

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