Traversing the Alps on a Mountain Bike – A Scenic Journey

This summer’s project was to ride over the Alps from east to west but when we arrived at the airport in Ljubljana there were three very important items missing You were coming from Oslo to Brussels to Ljubljana So we ended up being tourists in Slovenia where, in addition to having a very refreshing bath we tried a really fancy restaurant «Squid boiled in fat from a lamb, actually, that doesn’t sound that good» But all good things come to those who wait What do you wish for? Our bikes! Luckily that wish was fulfilled on day two Everything is good? and like children on Christmas Eve we could finally open our packages Here is my bike! And then, we just had to start pedal and get the trip going We realized fairly quickly that we had made some really good choices when we picked the trails for the trip Oh My God! That was sick! That was insane Is it possible to have more fun than that? Are you guys ready? Okay, lets go! The new handsome guy in the trio, was Amund Before the trip, he told us he was a man from the forrest who could contribute with practical tasks «Well, that was hard» But I am not sure if he fully understood what he said yes to before embarking on such a trip Okay, now its 22:30 When did we start today? I think we started around 9:00 «Well, we are totally exhausted, so its great that today is going to be even harder» Because we had some really long days Amund was also quite unlucky and did suffer from two major mechanical problems and had to use alternativ transportation on two occasions «I had to ride around Italy in a bus, two times to fix my hub» But I think he got enough climbing Then it also turned out that Amund had a hidden agenda «The reason why I joined this trip, is because now I can eat more cake than ever» And to be frank, we ate more than just cake Food was a continuous theme on the whole trip «Hungry!» Come on, have some sausage «Do you think this is enough food Andreas?» «Yeah, I think I am going to vomit after this» Luckily nutrition can also be consumed in liquid form which makes it easier to cover the daily ration Amund had a perfect match to the group and when you are that close to each other for two weeks you literally get quite tied up «Good night» «Good night» This was a fairly long trip so we planned the route with the majority of the climbing done on asphalt and then rode trails down again And the other cyclists we meet, stood still, but that could have something to do with our basis for comparison Because I don’t really think we scared anybody with the pace we kept on the climbs After some days, the total physical load also started to take its toll on some of the members in the group. «Are you tired?» «I am exhausted, nothing more to give» «Good job» «I know, I feel pretty bad to, but its good to know that we are only going over that mountain over there» «ehh, yeah» Because it’s not everything that’s perfect on these trips Many of the trails that look nice on a map are not necessarily that nice in reality this trail is a good example In addition, there will be some unforeseen stops, and it may rain a lot in the Alps But I don’t think any of us felt like a victim, when we finally got to the top and were ready to ride the was always a positiv mood in the group «Really nice» «Okay, so this is the final climb on the travers. A bit sad, but also very satisfying» Then we rode into Chur, the last destination on the trip Here we had two wide, and one narrow cardboard boxes waiting for us which caused permanent damage on one of the bikes. «No!» «How is that possible?!» But when we dragged the boxes the last two kilometers to the train station, I think we all were left with a good feeling because on the way there, we started planning for our next trip…


  1. Looks like a really nice Mountainbike Trip, the Alps are always great, even when it rains 😉
    Thanks for such a great video edit, awesome pictures !

  2. You guys need do more trips, so we get more videos. Once again a awesome, fantastic video set against the beautiful Alps & great friendship.

  3. Three Norwegian mountain bikers try to cross the Alps from Slovenia to Switzerland. A journey with a lot of climbing, ice cream, hike-a-bike, crazy long days, incredible riding and beautiful scenery.

  4. I agree with Nick, each video released by Jonas M becomes my favourite that year. Great drone work to capture the jaw dropping scenery.

  5. Epic video. Truly epic.

    A few questions for you.
    1. How is it possible that this video only has 2000-something views??
    2. How long did it take you to ride this route?
    3. Is there a GPX available anywhere? Strava perhaps?
    5. How many (kilo)meters of ascend?
    6. See questions 1 and 4.

  6. Hi Jonas, great trip and very well captured. I did a few x alps; your terrific vieo brings back the efforts, the great emotions and memories! Thanks!

  7. Could you please write some words about which was the most 'ridable' days with fewer hikes and bike-carrying?
    Thank you for the video and the routs!

  8. This is spectacular. I'm from Slovenia and was happy to see you did some riding here as well. I will borrow some of the GPX and try to do some of your trips since they look spectacular. Thanks for the info you provided.

  9. how did you start finding the trails? Did you set out a route first and then look for trails near that? Did you just look at youtube and gather information that way? How did you know what trails to use?

  10. Thanks for this great video. Looks like a really mindblowing trip! And many thanks for the good tracks – hope to ride some of them soon

  11. Makes me want to move to Norway. Sure beats anything I have seen here in the states, that's for damn sure!

  12. This is the best mountain bike adventure video I have ever seen.
    Brilliant cinematography and edit.
    Perfect mix of riding, scenary, friends. This is epic!

  13. Hey Jonas en co. I just returned from this trip with my wife yesterday. Spent some pretty long days in the sadle and still skipped some of the more gnarly technical stuff. Thanks for putting your gpx's out there for others to use – it is such an epic ride you put together and I know how incredibly time consuming it must be to make a route like this. We had an outstanding trip, fully thanks to you!

  14. Next time you should speak English. It will get you more views and subs. I mean, I dont mind Norwegian as I speak it myself, but more people should see these great videos, that's all.👍🏻🙂

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