UNFORGETTABLE Finalist returns in The Voice for THE CROWN | Journey #53

Welcome back Sheldon. I mean I knew that you’d return
I wasn’t sure you’d return so soon. I mean, I’m really excited to have you back.
I was so pleased to see… you up there again looking so fantastic,
doing what you really are born to do. ♫♫♫ Welcome back Sheldon. I mean I knew that you’d return
I wasn’t sure you’d return so soon. Last season, it was disappointing. To make it that far. At the time feeling like I’d given it,
absolutely everything I’ve got, I didn’t… feel like that’s where my journey
would end. For me it’s time to show Australia
what I’ve got. This is my time now.
This fire is burning inside of me. I’m so determined,
I’m ready. ♫♫♫ Oh my god! Wow. Look at you, it’s amazing! Wow, that performance was everything. I mean, I’m really excited to
have you back. I’m so pleased to see you up there,
looking so fantastic. Doing what you really are born to do. I’ve only got one more spot. So for me
I’ve told myself… I’m only gonna turn if its like,
crazy, crazy good. And your vocal is awesome,
I think you’ve really grown in your voice. I wanna know what
brought you back? I was so swept away last year.
it was a lot and I really forgot… why I was here and Delta you said
something to me last year. You said that I was hiding almost,
or I had a mask on and I wasn’t who… I was backstage and on stage
and always love and light But at the same time you can’t
really spread love and light.. If you don’t really,
truly believe that for yourself. – Alright, Sheldon. You two were a force together,
and it was beautiful to watch. – We’re still a force together,
you don’t lose me. And you’re still a force. Exactly. For me, when someone’s as talented as you… it’s like you want them to be everything
and more. Because you’re that good. I want this next chapter again, for you
to be the best artist and the best… person you possibly could be.
I would love to be your coach. To enjoy this incredible chapter.
To work through all of those things you’re thinking. So we can continue to make
you the best version. I guess it really boils down to what you want.
you know like you guys have history… together and and we don’t but I know
that you’ve got an incredible gift. And what I love is that that gift is teamed
up with somebody who wants to say something. It’s not just thrown away.
You’ve got a message and you’ve got… something you want to stand for.
And I love that, I want to create… Something that’s deep with you.
Something that’s really meaningful. – All I wanted to do was just sing Born to Try
with Delta Goodrem, back in the day. So I really would love for you to be my coach.
– Absolutely! I’m up for the challenge. The part that really excites me
about this season is actually the fact… that my team’s a little bit
different to what I ever had before. So where do I stand?
– You’re slightly scared of me. Or are you okay?
– I’m not scared of you. – Good,
When I was on George’s team I was still… in that comfort zone whereas now
I feel like I’m fighting harder… than when I was before when
actually, I know the process. But do you know what I mean?
It feels like I don’t know, it’s strange. – It’s growth. You don’t grow in the comfortable.
You grow in the uncomfortable I think that it’s very fateful
that the two of us would come together. I feel like there’s a part of me that
can learn from Sheldon. And there’s a part of Sheldon
that can learn from me. G’day guys!
– G’day, G’day. I’m interested to see how
he goes in this knockout. Do you like to know what
your theme is? – Yes, absolutely. I’m trying to give you all, the
three of you maybe just a little bit of grit. I’ve chosen The Weeknd. From the outside it may look like Sheldon,
Luke and Nathan wouldn’t come.. together as a knock out, but they all
struggle with identity crisis. ♫♫♫ Sheldon, you were probably that the most
flat out of all those vocals. – Flat!?
There were moments where it was just a little flat. – I definitely disagree with that. I actually really agree with Guy on this. I think there was bits where I really was going,
come on get to the notes. – Yeah
I disagree, no. But in saying that, your challenge
is to find something else. Because the dressing up thing,
that’s gonna get boring at some stage. No it won’t. No it won’t. – I actually. I’m gonna talk to my artist because
I disagree with everything… you’re saying right now. I also disagree
because he looks like a superstar. Also nobody got bored of Lady Gaga, she’s
still going. In fact she’s more popular… now than she’s even been
– I know, but Lady Gaga… She follows it up with great
performances, every time. And I know exactly what Guy is saying,
I don’t know what happened in this performance. I do agree with Guy. This performance vocally fell a little flat.
– I’m so off my mind right now. You play piano, was it flat?
– No! Not at all. Sheldon. I think it’s exciting.
The fact that you have everybody talking. I loved the fact that all that we
spoke about you, you did up there. I have to challenge myself each
year as well and I think… there’s a reason that, Sheldon, you and I are
in each others’ life right now. And I want to challenge you, and I’m
excited for you to challenge me. So in this moment,
I’m taking you through. – Congratulations, Sheldon. The first battle on Team Delta is
Sheldon, The all-stars and Jordan. You’ve got one of the most dramatic performers
in Sheldon and probably the most… understated but fuelled with heart
performer in Jordan. – Jordan. He can sing. The song I’ve chosen is praying by Kesha.
– Oh I love this song Me too.
– Yeah. I’m really happy with it. What do you think about?
We’re kind of you know all those kids… that I’ve moved on from. Telling them you
know and you were wrong now. the best is yet to come.
– Yes, bullies are projecting what they’re insecure about on to you.
– Sorry, I just I wish that I’ve been told that once… when I was your age as well. I’m sorry.
– It’s okay babe. It’s kind of just like the song, to say
like go out and do it and show it and live it. I don’t sing songs that make me
feel emotional, or make me feel like… I have no control. It just it really
makes me quite nervous. ♫♫♫ Sing Jordan! ♫♫♫ I look at Sheldon as someone who I
can see having a career. But when Jordan’s voice came in
it was like, you pay attention. I think both of you guys
had wow factor moments and… the reactions went to
both of you. ♫♫♫ I had to be open tonight in what
I felt in the moment. I’d like to, continue to nurture
and protect Jordan. – Congratulations Jordan you are
going through to the finals! Sheldon you still have a chance of
winning Delta’s only wildcard. Delta it is time
for you to make your decision. which of these three artists is your
wild card winner? Sheldon, last year we discovered you.
And I loved watching the journey you had with George. And now it’s time to make you the superstar and I’m choosing you Sheldon. – Congratulations, Sheldon! You are Delta’s wild card winner! If you want to be a superstar. I don’t want
you buying into the positive or the negative. Continue to rise above and
move forward. From now on I’m not gonna listen to
everything that’s been said to me. And instead really focussing
on what I’ve come here to do. The song I’ve chosen for you is,
Everyone Wants To Rule The World. the Lorde version.
– Okay. The song is a really challenging
song to sing. It’s a full story telling song.
You need to be able to understand every word… You can’t just slip away with this song
and just sing it. Sheldon has this incredible
ability to be able to make people feel. But we gotta make sure that
that’s in the performance. We should really show off
your voice. Finals. No other time but now. The grounding part and
the realness is in your eyes and… in your heart. That’s where that comes through.
The rest of it is still a show. It’s got to be a big performance. I have to
bring everything to this song because… everything’s laying on this one moment.
I’m excited to show Australia just how… big I can make this but it’s
a lot of pressure. ♫♫♫ That was beyond. I mean everything that
happened that should have happened… happened in that performance.
You know you were captivating. You gave me goosebumps. You are so talented. ♫♫♫ I could have easily given Sheldon the
same kind of song as last week. But I refused to stay complacent in this space.
we have to continually challenge the… artists for them to grow. So I’ve chosen
7 Rings by Ariana Grande. which I know is a challenge. But… I don’t know, I don’t usually do upbeat Pop songs. We’ve got to find our
version in there. – Yep. Everything in my mind is
like this is not going to go down well. Just like me doing that kind of Pop,
it just isn’t what I do. Hmm, I trust you I trust everyone. It’s not like, yes! I love this song coach Delta.
It was more like “Hmmm” Okay. ♫♫♫ I think that’s my favorite thing that
you’ve done so far. On a technical level… to give you something to go away with,
I felt you do tend to rush a lot so sit… back in the beat. But on a whole, I
thought that was just, I felt like I wasn’t watching an artist on this show.
It was like a guest, you were really great. ♫♫♫ Sheldon tell me, what is your dream.
My big dream is to do your Eurovision that’s… the only place in the world I’ve ever
watched something happen… and you get so celebrated
for being you. I could absolutely see him
representing the country. But first off, I want to get
him through to the grand finale. Why don’t we make the most epic huge
performance we possibly can. Our fight to get into the grand
finale, is The Show Must Go On by Queen. Really? This is my favorite song of all
time this is the number one. We have to go big. We go big or go home. Everybody knows Queen.
And this song is timeless. So they’re gonna be
expecting something really big and… really great I’ve sung some big ones but
this is the biggest. ♫♫♫ Only one place remains in the top four.
The fourth and final artist who is going… through to the grand finale and still in
the running for the title of The Voice 2019 is… It’s Zeke! ♫♫♫

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