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Driving Test UK The Short Notice Driving Test Specialist Hello there, My name is Shak, Did you know according to the Met Office We get an average of 106 days of rain per year in the UK With that in mind, there is a good possibility that it will rain in your driving test Many learner drivers fail their driving test in the rain Though would’ve otherwise passed, had it not been for the rain so in this video, I’m going to give you some great tips just to guarantee that the rain, does not prevent you from getting that driving licence The first most important tip is When you get into the car, you’ve carried out all your safety checks. You’ve started the engine Do Not move off until your pedals are dry and your shoes are dry That the first more important tip Point the air vent towards your feet, put it on full blast and wait 30 seconds As you’ve just walked from the driving test centre to the car Your shoes will have water on it It’ll make the pedals slippery Just imagine, you’re trying to brake and your foot slips off the brake You can very easily have an accident So that’s the first most important thing, is to make sure the pedals are dry Second thing, you want to point the air vent towards the windows and make sure the windows are clear Put the AC on, this will help demist the windows a lot quicker A lot of people are under the impression, that AC cold But you can adjust the temperature to suit you So you don’t have to have the AC on cold. Cold, hot, warm, whatever you wish Once the windows are clear, your feet are dry, then you may move off Tip number two I’m going to give you is, if you have to use the wipers use the headlights Wipers on equals Headlights on In some countries, such as the United States and Australia This is a legal requirement, however in the UK it’s not. But I’d strongly advise it Now a lot of people would say, why do i need the headlights on, i can see Headlights are not just there so you can see It’s there so other people can see you as well Now, You’ve demisted your windows, but that doesn’t mean, everybody else is going to demist their windows You may get someone moving off without demisting their windows They coming towards and because they windows are misted up They may not be able to see you so quickly But with your headlights on, they’ll see you and they’ll move out of the way for you thus preventing an accident So, you’ve got two tips there, the first one, make sure the windows are clear and your feet are dry Second one, wipers on, headlights on Tip number three, I’m going to give you Stopping distance, Stopping distance is doubled in the rain So you need to break earlier, brake lighter Gentle braking but early braking on approach to traffic lights, on approach to a bends and keep that distance away from you 4 The tyres and tarmac, are more important in the wet. Then at any other time You need to keep that distance away from you But don’t forget, the road markings are on the tarmac If you can’t see the tarmac, you won’t be able to see the road marking There could be a keep clear sign, so you could easily fail for stopping on a keep clear Tip number four, I’m going to give you Watch out for puddles Now, even if the rain has stopped, there may still puddles about Now, if you splash a pedestrian or a cyclist Not only would you fail your whole driving test But you could end up with three penalty points on your provisional driving licence and a £120 fine Even if there are no pedestrians, no cyclist,7 You’ve seen a puddle in the distance, check mirrors, slow down If possible, if it is safe, go around the puddle If, it is not safe, go really slow so avoid a splash The reason for this, even though there is no pedestrians or no cyclist You don’t know what’s in the puddle. There could be a brick in the water and as you go fast through it You could damage your tyres, so very very important. Watch out for puddles The next tip im going to give you Is to keep some clean tissues in the car and I mean clean tissues. When you are doing your manoevure, for example, you’re doing the reverse around the corner Wine down your window, get a tissue, clean your mirror As far as the passenger side mirror is concerned, you can always give a clean tissue to the examiner Excuse me, do you mind if you could clean the mirror for me Most examiner, would with pleasure clean the mirror which is why the tissue should be clean If the examiner doesn’t want to clean the mirror for you, no harm If you can clean it yourself, just lean over and give the mirror a little clean So, you’ve got a few tips there The final tip I’m going to give you, is get some practice in the rain A lot of learner drivers they cancel their driving lesson when it is raining They think, they’re not going to learn much It is better to practice in the rain, so you are prepared for it You’ll know where the wipers are, you’ll get comfortable using the wipers You’ll get use to braking eariler You’ll get use to avoiding puddles I hope you found these tips useful If you have, please share them with your friends and give us a thumbs up, it’ll be appreciated Good luck with your driving test, Thank you for watching


  1. Do people really cancel their driving lesson because it's raining? Wow. I can understand if it's torrential rain and there's flooding, but cancelling in just normal rain is ridiculous.

  2. I will have to say, it's just amazing tips.

    DTC is a driving school.
    Shaak is a very good adviser.

    I came to learn & What about you?

  3. Problem is that driving instructors don't seem to like to do a lesson in the rain or snow. They cancel the lesson and try to reschedule it

  4. Very useful Shak!I was just wondering how I was going to deal if it rained on my test day!I have a micro fibre cloth to clean my mirriors …will take it with me definately on that day to clean the mirriors as usual!!

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