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Hello My name is Shak Mention the word roundabouts and many learner driver hit the panic button Questions run through their minds, such as Which lane do i approach the roundabout in? Do I need a signal? Shall i stop or shall i go? Now, in this short video, I’m going to try explain to you just how easy roundabouts can be Now, lets just analyse these three questions, that learner drivers ask themselves First one, which lane do i approach the roundabout in? The approach to the roundabout is exactly the same, as approach to any other junction Now lets take traffic lights for an example There are two lanes on approach to the traffic lights If you want to turn left at those lights You’ll automatically be in the left hand lane Exactly the same with the roundabout There is two lanes, if you are turning left. You must approach in the left hand lane If there were three lanes at the traffic lights and you want to turn left again you would be in the left hand lane exactly the same as a roundabout if there are three lanes at the roundabout you want to turn left, You’ll approach in the left hand lane Now if you wanted to go straight on at the traffic lights again you’ll approach in the left hand lane whether there is 2 lanes, 3 lanes or 5 lanes same with the roundabout, whether there is 2 lanes, 3 lanes or 5 lanes You’ll approach in the left hand lane Unless of course, road markings or road signs indicate otherwise Now if you whether turning right at the traffic lights, you’ll take the right hand lane Exactly the same with the roundabout If you are turning right at a roundabout you approach in the right hand lane So, that’s the position sorted The next question, learner drivers ask is, Do i need a signal? Again, the signal on approach to the roundbaout Is exactly the same as a signal on approach any other junction Once again, lets take the traffic lights If you are turning left at the traffic lights On approach you would indicate left exactly the same as the roundabout If you were turning left at the roundabout you would signal left on approach If you were going straight on at the traffic lights, you would not indicate exactly the same as a roundabout If you are going straight on at a roundabout, you would not indicate on approach If you were turning right at the traffic lights you would indicate right on approach Exactly the same as a roundabout if you turning right, you need indicate right on approach The only difference is, when you are leaving the roundabout We need to give the left exit signal and even that is not required on mini roundabouts only the larger ones, the raised roundabouts So that’s the indicators sorted so we’ve got the position on approach sorted and we’ve got the indicators sorted The next thing people worry about is Hesitation When to go, when not to go on, at roundabouts Now, if you are approaching a normal junctions You come to the end of the road and you’ve got give way lines You look to the right, there’s traffic coming. You wait for them Traffic stops from the right, starts coming from the left. You need to wait for them So you need to be looking right and left, both ways Imagine if that was a roundabout there, you dont have to worry about the left you only need to worry about the traffic on the right so its easier On a normal junction, you’ve got traffic coming from both sides On a roundabout, you’ve only got traffic coming from one side Now, when do you go? Problem with many learner drivers, is that at busy roundabouts they find themselves looking at the traffic Rather than looking at the traffic, looking at the cars Try, look at the gap between the vehicles and try to assess whether that gap is safe enough for you to enter That way, you’ll be able to enter the roundabout much quicker and much safer I hope you find the information in this video useful if you have, please like and share with your friends and Don’t forget to subcribe Thank you for watching


  1. Just a great tip. Never thought of looking at roundabouts like approaching a junction. I manage left and straight at a roundabout perfectly fine but struggle with right. Now with this tip hopefully I get it right. Thank you.

  2. Just have to say thank you for your videos – especially the Hayes ones. I passed my test today and I had been watching your channel all week leading up to it. Thank you!!!

  3. any chance if u can do some driving tips for pinner test centre maybe some independent driving and the roundabout that area

  4. the videos are so brilliant and helpful! Make it Very simple and easy to sort it out all the questions i have had in my mind. I have introduced to my friends.

  5. What if there are no markings, and my 2nd exit is to the right, I can still use the left lane following the outside into the left lane of my exit?

  6. Be VERY careful with overly friendly examiners..i was taking my LGV test and fell into a false sense of security then i failed. If you get a chatty one ask them to politely to shut the fuck up and give instructions only so you can concentrate…believe it or not that WILL impress them..if you don't swear at them of course!

  7. I found your videos are always informatives and useful…go on. Keep it up…but I have one question regarding to roundabout, how do I understand the number of exist?

  8. Thank you so much you always knows what is in my mind and Make videos how to deal with 😍Thanks so much My test will be in December waiting for it.

  9. Thank you but it becomes more tricky if you include gyrated roundabouts and spiralling roundabouts. Can you give a video on this.

  10. A very useful video you thank you very much for being supportive I have my test on Wednesday hope it goes well

  11. When should I change the gear approaching roundabout,I’m struggling with this,car control,my instructor tells me hundred times that I need to slow the car not to stop it and change the gear when close. Can you help me with this or make a video about speed control and gears approach roundabouts?

  12. Hi..thank you so much for all your great tips. Can you please make a video on spiral roundabout? I am really struggling to understand spiral roundabout and my test is not very far. I will definitely appreciate your time. Thanks again.

  13. Can you explain please how to take the third exit without cutting lanes at multilanes roundabout.mines test is coming in two week and roundabouts are weakness please help me

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