Vocal Coach reacts to Journey – Faithfully ( Arnel Pineda Live in Manila)


  1. The documentary of how he was found and then his Journey began was amazing ….I mean we should all thank that this guy is taking the band's legacy forward….Please dont discard just because you love Steve..I am huge Steve Perry fan and being a singer i would give anything to sing half as good as Steve in his prime but what Arnel does day in and day out addressing thousands of die hard fans and pleasing them at that and justifying why he is in the band is in itself brilliant…Arnel deserves a lot of applause and love…Journey rocks !

    Not to forget the guitar monster that Neal is !

  2. Wow is one of my favorite bands, I had not paid attention to the vocal technique of this vocalist so far, and the truth is very good, thanks for the very good technical explanation, I suggest listening to Nino Bravo with the song "Libre" thank you.

  3. Hi betty can you please react to BAMBOO he is an rock icon in Philippines he is one of Filipino pride that all his song really loves by Filipinos coz it describe us as pinoy he's voice is really good..him and arnel makes Filipinos proud..

  4. Arnel has an amazing voice but I preferred him when he first hooked up with Journey. Even prior to Journey. He was more raw and then the band brought in dialect coaches to help him pronounce words better in English. They over perfected him and it sounds almost artificial if that make sense.

  5. Please react to Rosalia de Plata (directo sevilla) is a live performance and I would be grateful if you could react to this.

  6. Beth you need to react to their drummer singing the songs!!! Dean Castronovo! He sounds the most like Steve perry it’s INSANE!!!!!

  7. Is there any colour that doesn´t match with red? Have you ever listened to Luciano Pavarotti singing "Rooots, Bloody Rots" by Sepultura. Check that out, is like a weird classic. We all have a doppelganger… even musically…

  8. Me gusta como se te ve el suéter verde con tu cabello rojo 😍 muero de amor por ti ahora mismo!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘

  9. I hated the way Arnel sings a couple of their bigger songs. He didn’t really get it down until the last few years. You should have listened to the live version from the Escape/Frontiers show in Japan

  10. Beth… there is this guy i just heard about (appearently he's being cyberbullied so much he becme famous). i think he is a star n the rise.

    Ed Maverick – "Fuentes de Ortiz y Ropa de Bazar"

  11. Arnel has been with Journey since late 2007 or early 2008, which is longer than Steve Perry was with the group. Several guys took Steve's as the frontman but they never got the crowd's true admiration. Arnel's range, according to the group is even greater than that of Steve.

  12. I would like to suggest you to react Wintersun – Time live rehearsal at Sonic Pump studio. Please and peace 🙏🏼😎✌🏼

  13. Would you react to "Edson Cordeiro – Naturträne"? This song is originally performed by Nina Hagen. Edson Cordeiro is known as "man soprano", he goes higher and higher, and also to low notes. You will love it!


  14. I'm quite new to to the channel and would love to see a reaction to some Beatles stuff like because. Also I would love to see a reaction to John frusciantes cover of how deep is your love. Loving the channel!

  15. please react to (donna missal singing keep lying live) she’s an amazingly talented underrated vocalist and i feel like you’d absolutely love her!!

  16. I recommended Susumu Hirasawa a couple of weeks ago, but I don't remember exactly when, I have found a nice live performance
    (Or Susumu Hirasawa – Nigredo, the one where he performs in the tent surrounded by equipment)

  17. There is a brazilian singer,Elis regina,singing a song called como nossos pais,it would be very interesting if you could check her out,l think you will like it

  18. Have Seen them twice in the Netherlands Edith arnel pineda. What a voice. Close your eyes and you Hear Steve Perry. Shivers down my spine with this song.

  19. Please react to Angelina Jordan! I would recommend you to start with her cover of "I put a spell on you" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwFloCPXzCs . Even though it's a few years ago i still think that is the best point to start. She is 9(!) years old at the time, and killing it! Did Billie Holyday as a seven year old in Norway's got talent and won the whole thing! You'll also see in the video that she doesn't wear shoes. She never does when she sings. The short version of the story is that she was on holiday and saw a girl begging with no shoes. She took of her shoes and gave them to the girl. If that doesn't melt ones heart, notging will<3

  20. of all the reactors here your my favorite for you have captured the soul of the singer not only the technique which is sad to say many has not

  21. Reacciona a Los Angeles Azules ft. Ximena Sariñana – Mis Sentimientos. Saludos desde Sinaloa México.
    P.D. Eres muy linda.

  22. hi, beth.. please react to claudia emmanuela santoso from the voice of germany 2019, she sang never enough – greatest showman.. it's mind blowing.. trust me.. if you feel free, please chek it out.. here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ewi28zV2yE

  23. LOVE seeing your reaction to ballads. The soul, man. The rest of the Youtube community might not be as enthusiastic, but I'd kill to her you react to Headed for a Heartbreak by Winger!

    Or my usual suggestion:

    Terms (Path of Thorns) live from Mirrorball by Sarah McLachlan

  24. In the beginning, Arnel was dead nuts spot on to Steve, now not quite so much. I think he's singing with more of his natural voice. Still close in some parts, just not all the way through. And that's not a knock on Arnel at all, just noticing the difference now as opposed to when he joined.

  25. There is only one Steve Perry !
    ( & Journey with Steve in it ! )
    Sorry Beth… I don't see any soul ( Good voice but no soul )
    I wish him all the best with Journey 😆🎙
    ( It's just that I will always be a Steve Perry fan )

  26. DAYUM. That man has a fantastic voice, indeed. I'm not much on Steve Perry–I've been known to lovingly call him the Million Dollar Mezzo Soprano–but Arnel took this song and made it his own. There's just something about his delivery where he plays with the lyrics and does it in his own manner, not singing it exactly like the record, and he makes it work. Good job on his end, indeed!

  27. He might be the most talented singer on Earth but I will still never get over that he is just an impersonator. His whole career is based upon how much he can sound like Steve Perry.

  28. I remember when he first joined Journey, and how it even made the regular news…superb voice, amazing tone and control and knows how to play to his audience.

    Shania Twains medley from the 2019 AMA's just came out on the 27th

  29. Thank you Beth for reacting to Arnel. He has been an inspiration to a lot of Filipino singers. Just like Manny Pacquiao, from nothing to something.

  30. please react to the most incredible voice of rock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDx_x7Igqhw – Glenn Hughes performing "This time around"

  31. Hey! Can you react to Mayre Martinez a semi finalist from the Voice US singing Amorfoda? The original song it's a cheesy regueeton from Bad Bunny, but she completely transform in something Amazing!!

  32. Hello Beth. With respect, have you never listened to John Farnham's voice? Arnel Pineda knows John's music well.
    This example from 2000. He was 50 at that time. Doesn't need backing instruments!
    Angels – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_2NJRIdBO8
    This example from the 1990's
    Help – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgmNi-0atb4 Leans on high D's

  33. The drummer in this part of Journey's journey was Deen Castronovo. He could hit these vox as well while while playing drums.

    Castronovo was arrested for a couple of violent acts, and the management/band decided to release him after 17 years. Deen then redoubled his religion, completed rehab, and mended his relationship with his wife and family. Now he plays with Journey Through Time, a kind of tribute band made up of friends, current, and past members of the group. Neal Schon, guitarist, was a founding member for both bands .

    Arnel has, within the past year, said that Castronovo would be the better vocalist for the band. They do have overlapping projects, and it's likely Castronovo will end up playing with Journey again.

    Deen Castronovo on lead vocals AND drums:
    Mother, Father (Journey 2009) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqjmSSYjt8Y
    Don't Stop Believing (Journey Through Time 2019) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCexGB60qDk

  34. What a joy watching him perform. He doesnt have to act that much…..its just him and who he is..Then he opens his mouth and starts pushing out those magical notes and tones!!….Journey is one of my favorite bands and to find another human that can pull off what Steve did live, is a blessing for all of us. Rock on Arnel and JOURNEY!!!!

  35. Hi…Can you please do "That Time of Year" by Vinnie Vincent Invasion/Mark Slaughter ? The ending is incredible vocally 🙂 Thank you.

  36. Thanks Beth for your wonderful reactions & comments. I enjoyed the performance as much as you have enjoyed. Thanks from Manila.

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