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Hello, there my name is Shaq. Nobody
expects to involved an accident but unfortunately accidents will happen.
It’s very important to know what to do if you’re ever caught up in one. The
first and most important thing is you must stop. No matter how small the
accident, it’s very important that you do stop as soon as possible. Once you’ve
stopped, switch off your engine and put on the hazard warning lights. Check
yourself and passengers for injuries. After you’ve checked for injuries, take
photographs of the scene especially the number plate. It’s very important that
you stay calm as possible. It is normal to feel stressed and upset after an
accident. Whatever you do, do not lose your temper. However at the same time do
not admit liability. Even if you know it’s your fault!!
It could invalidate your insurance. The UK law states that you must provide your
name and contact details to anyone involved in an accident. However, you
should collect as much information as you possibly can including witness
details. If you feel that the third party is under the influence of drink drugs or
they have deliberately hit you, you should call the police immediately.
You should also call the police if there are any injuries or the road is blocked.
In minor instance you may wish to get the car repaired privately. However,
please be aware that there may be hidden damage. Always get the car inspected by a
garage before you decide. If you do decide to get the car repaired
privately you should still inform your insurance
company of the incident. Mark the application for information purposes
only. Because the third party can still make a claim against you, even a year
after incident. A few years ago I had a very small accident in which there was
no damage to any of the vehicles. Me and the third party just called it quits and
went on on our ways. However, eight months later the passenger
in the third party made a claim for personal injuries. As I had not even
told my insurance company, they thought that it was my fault.
So any accidents you have, any incidents even if you are not going to claim on
the insurance you should still inform them. Well that’s all for today. I hope
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  1. One of the most frustrating thing about accidents is even if you are not at fault the accident goes on your record for 5 year, which then gives insurance companies a reason to increase your premium for the next 5 years, not really fair.

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