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Hey guys, welcome to Alex Goes Coconuts!
Today I wanted to make a video on what to pack in a carry-on.
I actually made another video on what to pack in a carry-on for a long flight, so
you if you are taking a long flight, you can go check out that one. But today I
wanted to make a more generalized video about what kind of items you should be
packing on a carry-on. Now what you bring in your carry-on depends on how long
your flight is and the destination you’re heading to. Either way, before
packing a carry-on I do suggest that you go check out the government
transportation website to make sure what you’re allowed bringing on a plane and
what items are prohibited. you don’t want to get to the airport and then have
trouble once you’re passing security. Okay so now let’s talk about what kind
of bags you should be bringing on as a carry-on. I highly suggest that you bring
a bag that can easily be stored underneath the seat in front of you.
I know a lot of people like to bring a roll-on suitcase as their carry-on and
that is fine if you’re packing things in the roll-on suitcase that you
won’t need to access during the flight. Now the reason I do not recommend you
pack the items that you want to access in your roll-on suitcase is that this will have
to be placed in the compartments above and accessing them sometimes is a little
bothersome. Especially if you’re in a seat with several people, you’re gonna
have to ask people to move so that you can access your roll-on suitcase.
Another reason why I do not recommend to pack the items that you’ll need during the
flight in your roll-on suitcase is because sometimes, when flights are
overbooked, the airline might force people to check in their roll-on
suitcases. So even though it’s a carry-on, they will ask people to come up to the
gate and check in the luggage. Now if you’re intending on packing all your
clothes and all your products on a carry-on, you’re definitely gonna
want to bring a roll-on suitcase. Just make sure that before you pack it,
that it will in fact fit in the overhead bin. Each airline is different, so you’re gonna
want to check with the airline what carry-on size you can actually
bring onto the plane with you. Now if you are bringing a roll-on suitcase,
I do suggest that you also bring either a small backpack or a tote bag that can
easily be stored under this seat in front of you to make getting the things you need
during the flight easily accessible. I actually have a little tote bag here
that I travel with all the time and this one’s kind of cool ’cause
it’s a tote bag and a backpack at the same time. It actually
has backpack straps and all you have to do is clip it in. So let’s say
this gets too heavy to carry on my shoulder I can actually carry this one
as a backpack. Either one, either a tote bag or a backpack.
Something that’s big enough to carry most of the items that
you’re gonna need during the flight Ok
so now that I went over what type of bag you should be bringing as your carry-on,
I’ll go over the items that I think are pretty much essential when flying.
In your carry-on you’re gonna have to make sure that you’re carrying, you know, your
wallet your IDs your passport. I also recommend that you bring any kind of
documentation that you’re gonna need once you arrive at your destination.
You want all important or pertinent information on you at all times.
Now if you do check-in luggage I do recommend that you bring a few extra pieces of
clothing on your carry-on with you, in case they do misplace or lose that
luggage, you’re gonna have those those pieces of clothing to get you out of a jam.
Now it’s already happened to me where they’ve lost my luggage and I’ve
arrived at my destination and luckily, I had packed a few items onto my carry-on
so I was able to wear that clothing for the next few days until I got to the
store and bought a few more pieces of clothing. Now in this little TSA approved
bag, I do suggest that you bring your essential toiletries.
Just in case that they do lose your luggage or misplace your luggage you’re always
gonna have this as a backup. Now you don’t have to go out
and purchase yourself one like this, you can just use a quart size ziplock bag . When you’re passing security,
all your liquids will have to be placed into this bag, and they’re all gonna have to
be in a travel size format. I think it’s three ounces or less
if I’m not mistaken. So I like to bring my toothbrush,
a little container toothpaste, some hand cream,
maybe some face cream, and definitely some lip balm like this,
so that you can reapply during the flight. I also suggest that you bring
anything that you’re gonna need like contact lenses, contact lens liquid
and any prescription medication. You’re gonna want to bring
that onto your carry-on. the other thing I suggest is to bring
yourself a little pill box like this and fill it with Tylenol,
maybe some Cold and Sinus medication, maybe some gravel,
you know in case center of an emergency and I start feeling ill, I’ll have the
medication on hand to take right away. I also recommend that you bring some
antibacterial wipes. Airplanes have tons of bacteria in them and I can guarantee that airlines
do superficial cleanings of their planes. So they often do not
you know wipe down the armrest, or the tray tables, or sometimes the screens.
So definitely use one of these little antibacterial wet wipes and just wipe down
all the surfaces that you’re gonna touch in the plane, just to make sure that
you don’t get sick or catch any kind of diseases from anybody else.
Now another thing to pack onto your carry-on is some form of entertainment; something to keep
you busy during the flight. Whether it be a book or a tablet like this
with some movies downloaded you never know if your flight is gonna
get delayed a few hours, or if you’re going to be stuck on the plane because, you know, they can’t dock
once you’re on that runway. So sometimes, you know,
a 2-hour flight can become a 4-hour flight. So you definitely want something
with you, to entertain you at all times. You know, if you’re bringing a tablet
make sure that you have some earphones, and that you have the plugs to
charge your tablet with or your phone with. And when I travel, I always travel
with an external battery like this so that I can charge, you know, my tablet,
my phone, any kind of electronics. In case I don’t have access to a plug
I’ll always have this as a backup. Now I also recommend that you bring an
empty water bottle like this, that you’re gonna be able to fill up once you pass security. Not only is it gonna save you a lot of money but you definitely want to stay
hydrated during your flight. Drinking a lot of water will help
prevent headaches, it will help prevent dehydration on the plane. Now a lot of people don’t think
about bringing snacks or food onto a plane, but you can totally bring food onto
the plane as long as it’s not in liquid form. Like I said it’s a liquid form,
it has to be three ounces or less and it has to be put into that quart
sized ziplock or TSA approved travel bag. I always like to bring a protein bar,
some fresh fruit, and you know, if I know I’m gonna be flying during a meal time,
I’ll often bring like some kind of sandwich or salad with me in a little
Tupperware and make sure that I have something to eat
while I’m flying on the plane. The only thing I have to say
is that if you’re flying to aforeign country, Just be careful because a lot of countries do not allow you to bring
fresh produce such as fresh fruits, or fresh vegetables, some meats,
dairy, certain nuts and seeds, so definitely check with the
country that you’re flying to. Usually any packaged goods can
go through customs no problem. but just double-check before
you do pass customs because you don’t want to get in trouble.
So if you do bring food on to the plane eat it on the plane and whatever is left,
if it’s fresh produce, just throw it out before you exit the plane.
Now depending on how long your flight is, you might want to bring some extra pieces.
I definitely recommend that you bring something to help you sleep on the plane.
So here I have a little neck pillow. You can also bring a little eye mask
or some earplugs, something that’ll help you get some rest on the plane and not be
disturbed by all the noise. But I do not recommend bringing these
things if your flight is four hours or less. It’s just an extra thing to carry,
and it’s gonna be a little bit cumbersome. If your flight is a really
long flight I definitely recommend bringing some compression socks.
Compression socks are good for the circulation and they’re also going to
prevent blood clots forming in your legs. So it’s definitely something a worth
investing in. I also recommend that you bring a change of clothes especially if
you’re taking a long flight. I’ve seen this happen quite a few times
where people have spilled drinks all over themselves and you know it’s just nice
to have something to change into, so that you’re not wet the whole duration of
your flight. I also recommend that you bring something to cover up with.
As soon as the plane hits a pretty high altitude it can get really chilly on the plane,
and you definitely want something to keep warm. Now I recommend either that
you bring a little shawl like this, something to cover your shoulders with:
either a scarf or a shawl. Something that you can use as a blanket
to stay warm. I often travel with a shawl in the summer months just so
that I have something to cover up with. And in the winter months, I prefer
traveling with this little puffer jacket like this . It’s great for travel because
it’s super lightweight and it rolls up into a little ball
and can be put into a small pouch. What’s great about this too is that it can also double up as a pillow.
So let’s say you know I miss a flight or something, or my flight is delayed,
I can fold this up like this and use it as a pillow. It’s very puffy, and
soft, and easy to sleep on. Okay guys so those are pretty much all the items
I recommend you bring on your carry-on. Let me know in the comments below if you
have any other suggestions. If you enjoyed this video please give me
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to see more videos like this one. Thanks for watching guys. Bye!


  1. Medical liquids, like contact solution, eye drops etc, do not have to be in your quart bag but will need to be declared. TSA precheck or Global Entry (for the U.S.) is a must have for us since we travel a lot. The Mobile Passport app is also great to have.

  2. Nice video. Only suggestion is that airlines might consider that backpack, a second piece to take with you in the cabin. So is you take that backpack and the carry on, the charge you for the backpack, because It is more than a handbag

  3. With those "wet wipes", please please please, make sure they are as odor neutral as possible! I have clinical migraines & super sensitive to smells, (those hand sanitizers are 1 of them) so if someone comes onto a flight & starts wiping down next to me, that would be a huge problem. Thank you for some of these reminders, and thank you for not being a "perky perky", but down to earth!

  4. You also have to check the carryon weight. Some airlines only care about the size of a carryon, but others also are very strict about the weight as well. Lufthansa is one who is strict.

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