When You Ride with Nora, She Hooks You Up – Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

– Okay, Tokyo drift. (upbeat rap music) – [Nora] Edmund? – Ugh, of all the ride
share drivers in New York. (upbeat music) (car horn beeping) – My name is Nora, and
welcome to my ride. This is my ride, I
love it, my baby. My newborn, the love of my life, my angel, my sweet baby boy. Let’s go in, I didn’t really
prepare for an audience or anything, but here
we got the front! – [Announcer] The front. – When you do ride shares,
you need to have snacks. – [Announcer] Charcuterie. – I had a French
themed drive day. I serve my passengers
charcuterie. Charcur, charcur,
charcuterie, charcuterie. (cow mooing)
I would say eight out of 10 times, they
say no to the cheese. And I get it. Here’s a ride share driver tip. Energy drinks. – [Announcer] Energy drinks. – This is 200% caffeine. Do you know I’m lit up
(firecracker whistling) like a fucking
firecracker on this shit? (metallic clanging)
The horn. (car horn beeps)
That works. And I actually tuned
it to a G minor. (air horn blasting) Yeah, let’s head to the back.
(cassette tape screeching) Here’s the rear section,
the ass of the car. – [Announcer] The
ass of the car. – You know what I mean? Oh dear, it’s messy, okay. Lots of good rides back here. Well, with passengers,
not like I’m ride, I’m not riding
back here. (laughs) Here’s the thing about me, is I’m a collector, I
like to collect things. I have about 30 of
these back at home and I stack ’em up and
I talk to them at night. Sometimes I’ll put it
there, it’s Penelope. – [Announcer] Penelope. (buzzing)
– What is this? Um, it’s a microphone. – [Announcer] Microphone.
(microphone feedback) – Asians love karaoke. There’s a hair on it. I’m gonna put it up
front because that where I’m gonna get the
most use out of it. But yeah, I’m Nora! Thank you so much
for stopping by. I’m so happy to
show off my baby.


  1. Great show. Alot of haters out there don't like to see people on the come up…but Nora (awk…as her peeps call her, lol) is a brilliant creative mind.

    She's gonna stick around for a while.

  2. I enjoy your energy Nora from Queens! Awkwafina is a cool AKA. Loved seeing Crazy Rich Asians, and now I am a fan. Go Girl Go…Do it all, your special way!

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