Why Do We Drive Stick Shift? [4k]


  1. Hey folks! Hope you enjoyed the video! Show Devin some love over at @devin.st1 on Instagram! And of course, let's discuss! What do you guys think? Why do car people still love stick shift?

  2. I made it a point to learn manual stick shift and my first car was a standard. It made me feel more connected and in control of the car as well as a lot more fun to drive. Automatics just feel weird to me. Only thing I don't like about standard transmission is having to do that tricky emergency brake trick when moving from a stop on an incline.

  3. The S2000 has always been my dream car, and I am fortunate to finally have one at 19. I absolutely love driving her the way she was meant to be driven, rowing through her slick & short 6-speed manual gearbox and wringing out that bulletproof F22C1 (2004) engine all the way to her 8200 RPM redline. I hope to keep her for as long as I can drive and maintain her as best as I can so that I can pass her on to my children and teach them that unique feeling of being one with your car.

  4. Good thing in our country, knowing to use a manual is a somewhat fundamental skill in driving. Most of our cars are still manual

  5. I am all for a manual car, but comparing it to cooking was just silly. Cooking by yourself is cheaper, better quality, ends up tasting better, while when it comes to cars, like you said, automatics are better than the manuals.

    I still enjoyed the video though.

  6. I have been looking for a manual japanese car under 10k and every dealership said
    Japanese: easy
    Under 10k: no problem
    Manual: laughs good luck

  7. I agree manual transmissions are sheer fun but unfortunately they become a massive chore when you hit series of traffic lights and/or when you face heavy traffic. That's why many need an auto. I'll be happy to stay with manual if I know I only drive a car in "back" roads, where there's no traffic or only if I do drive in racing tracks.

  8. The way I see it, automatic cars are just household appliance. The fulfill the task, bringing your ass to point A to point B. Manual cars are an experience, something you enjoy driving. You would never cruise without a real destination just because you find driving fun in an automatic car, because that's not what it is designed for. It's an household appliance, not a car.

  9. Well rip this. In 2019, it's looking more ad more like electric is the future for personal vehicles. Electric cars are becoming more and more common, as well as easier overall to maintain, and even the electric motorbike market is expanding. I've always loved the awesome sound of reving out to 10K on my bike, but there is so much to had in an electric bike, like instant torque the the ability to charge up at home from a wall plug. One of manual transmission's final bastions, the motorcycle, is slowly but surely getting pushed out, and I think from here on out stick shifting in cars is only going to get even more niche.

  10. I absolutely love the editing in this video, bravo! Seriously one of the best videos I've seen with one of the deepest messages , loved it.

  11. When asked why I prefer manual it's pretty simplistic…… # I wanna drive the GOD damn car I do NOT want the car 2 drive me!

  12. I know how to drive both and really now days driving a manual is just getting stuck in the old times, people that dont let go about manuals are the same ones that in a future when the industrie evolves are gonna be saying old car were better, like these manual lovers (at least most of them) are the same ones that used to bullied guys that had automatic sports cars but now things have change and really we will all have to accept that manual are not what they used to be

    Side note: my first and second car were manuals a honda civic and a hyundai tiburon and, I really love manual but times change and they are no longer what they used to be efficient

  13. This is incredible. I've been a cook for ten years and have recently been wanting to purchase my first manual. I think this video convinced me.

  14. US/Canada Automatic,Europe-Manual.
    Roads in US and Canada are straight as hell,automatic is the way to go,europe on the other hand manual is the way to go.
    On another note manual drivers are better drivers,as someone who has lived both in US/Canada and Spain i can vouch for that.

  15. Love the analogy and awesome short film. Manual is cheaper to buy, cheaper to own, can make any car fun to drive.

    I notice manual drivers generally are more aware of their surroundings and make better driving decisions.

  16. In Europe most of the cars are manual. It just feels better, you have the control of the gears, and if you can shift correctly it drives faster and more economical

  17. Its literally not gas guzzling. Being in lower gears such as 2nd and 3rd you literally are saving as much gas as in an automatic.

  18. america is one of the only countries where the vast majority of cars are automatic. in the uk and europe its the other way round. thats probably the main reason manual cars are still made

  19. It's weird how big of a difference there is from the US and here in Denmark. Here in Denmark it is actually weird if you drive an automatic vehicle, it's way more common to have a manuel gearshift

  20. Fixing a manual car's transmission is EASY as FUCK compared to an automatic for 1, and yeah it is more rewarding when you're more involved. Which.. the more involved with your car you are, you feel more of a bond between man and machine because you KNOW when you should shift instead of letting the automatic trans decide for you. It gives you more control over your speed (to a degree) and to be completely honest, driving stick in the winter beats automatic every single time. I've crashed 2 cars during winter and guess what kind of trans they had lol yeah auto, I've been driving a 5-speed 06 cobalt for going on 3 1/2 years and I have had no issues driving in the snow and I love purposely drifting around when it's slick enough to allow it. It's fun having a girl in the car and she's never experienced stick shift first hand so you get to show off a little bit lol

  21. You and the car become one. On slick roads. You can limit the power. Climbing,and descending hills can be limited by the gear set. My duce would be set in Grandma gear that is low/low and you could walk along side the truck. At full throttle. Or speed up to 60 mph. Manual transmition. Do better in cold nasty wx

  22. I’m from the UK and honestly love the fact that manuals are still common here. I’ll never drive an automatic.

  23. Drove auto for less than a year when i first got my license and have been manual since then, I live in NYC the traffic is terrible and yup I still prefer driving manual.

  24. I will NEVER drive an automatic because im a REAL DRIVER im ONE WITH MY MACHINE and when im done i will take the shifter and SHOVE IT UP MY ASS

  25. This is like saying you shouldn't do your job the quickest (and best) way, because it isn't as involving as doing it the longer way.
    This is why nobody likes the manual fanboys. Room temperature IQ.

  26. Not sure what he means by more efficient. Manuals get better fuel economy. And autos do not give a faster lap time exactly. Racers use a manually controlled automatic trans. Manuals are cheaper, easier to work on, have more longevity. Unless you have a paddle shifter or something similar, a manual is still technically better.

  27. Automatics are for people who lack the skill or enthusiasm to actually drive. "But automatics are faster," some say. Yes and my ancient grandma neighbor got a speeding ticket in her Prius, and it's an automatic of course. Grannies drive automatics.

  28. I knew that automatic transmissions were populare in the us, but holy sh*t i didn't imagine they were 96%! In Italy automatic transmissions are only 20% and you can only get your license if you pass the test driving a manual. I drive a manual because i love it and I don't have any problems if you drive an automatic, but if you enjoy driving you should at least try a manual transmission car for once.

  29. After a painful automatic experience with an Ibiza Cupra for 2 years, I went straight back to manual. Although it was shifting quicker than a manual (it was a DSG) it cost me much more money on repairs and sometimes I had to leave my car at the shop for days. After deciding that I couldn't take it any more, I sold it for dirt cheap and got me a manual V40 T4. Now I am happier than ever. Hopefully I will have Polestar software installed in it soon.

  30. I love stick shift too but can't always say it in Southern Cali traffic ! Me neighbor love the Volester N, went for it, now saying that his commute is painful

  31. This gets me so excited! I am currently sharing an automatic civic with my brother, but I am about to get my own manual car. I'm looking at Honda's or Mazda's in particular.

  32. making fresh food like that is not more expensive then eating the pure sodium microwave diet, you're paying more for convenience. those thins cost like 4-5 dollars per meal, and the potion sizes are tiny as fuck. go buy the on sale 1 pound of chicken breast for a few dollars, 10 pound bag of rice for a few dollars, and some vegetables.

  33. I find stick shift gives you more control over how the car behaves, maybe a sequential with a clutch does the same but I'm used to the delays in shifting and actually use it to keep my revs up when driving.

  34. manual feels better, and i don't think that a full auto A5 2019 can bring u at 70mph in 2 nd gear, if i made mistakes, im not native english

  35. As a Brit, and only having my license for a year now. I've been driving a manual, and have never been in an automatic, yet I have no intention of ever going near one. The control you get from a manual transmission is incredible! If you've never been in a manual, take a few lessons and give it a go. once you can do it its not at all difficult or a hassle, its completely worth it when you get that perfect shift through all the gears.

  36. Automatic doesn't feel smooth, so you have less control. And automatic repairs cost a lot more than manual cars.

    Anyway all this is redundant since electric vehicles are way superior when it comes to the pure enjoyment of driving and as an added bonus, they are way more efficient too.

    PS: Cooking analogy is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Self cooked means are 100 times healthier than pre-made crap sold as food.

  37. Wait Wait, "slower and less efficient" I would rather drive a stick than any slug auto any day. off course unless you are are talking about several thousand high tech auto trans, wait I wouldn't drive them either. I would drive stick even if I have to fix them myself.

  38. Honestly only tried manual once as I'm a learner in WA and I love it, driving auto makes me forget that I'm driving, makes me sleepy and black out but with manual. I'm more awake, I engage with the car and people are safe because I'm awake

  39. Here in Europe, whenever you talk about buying a car, it's with a stick shift. If you want an automatic, you have to ask for it. And I'm glad that this is the case and that I still managed to learn how to drive stick shift. It's so much more fun and I feel I have way more control ove the car, which I appreciate a lot.

  40. LOL I drived with stick shift for 30 years, and yes you feel "more connected" but unless I'm on a race track I don't really care about connection, I just want to go from point A to point B. Anyway in a few years cars will be electric so no need for shifting gears.

  41. why do we drive stick shift?
    -cheaper to both buy and maintain
    -engine braking in winter
    -more control over the vehicle in mountain-road conditions (stiff curves + hill climbing)
    -on highway situation a automatic does not make its point because when you're at cruising speed you don't have to shift at all
    -fuel efficiency (important for countries where the gasoline is 1.5 dollars a liter)
    -driving experience (this is valid for petrolheads)
    -maintenance takes less time in terms of transmission (not having to change transmission oil and filters all the time)
    -new cars got power hydraulic clutch (very soft clutch pedal) + short throw shifter and a very comfortable armrest, making it a very comfortable ride

  42. America 99% of cars are automatic gear box

    Europe 99% of cars are manual gear box

    (Not real numbers, but probably not far of)

    In sweden manual gear box is the norm and have been for a very long time.
    You have to drive manual gear box to get your license unless you want a license with restriction.

    ”You can’t mess it up in an automatic”
    Most swedes i think have tried to press down the clutch when driving an automatic car…. u know what that means?😜 you accidentaly press the brake pedal instead… with the same force as if it was the clutch… that will be an very fast emeregncy brake😅😂

  43. Hi guys. 2 me manual’s keeps me awake more then auto’s. If u think about it. It’s like ur still at home watching tv & ur notice ur self drifting to sleep. When i drove an auto once i hit 3 cars coz i wasn’t moving my hands & feet

  44. Ummm you can manual shift a modern auto tranny. I do all the time with the tiptronic in my Golf. But no annoying clutch. Seems like paddle shifting would be cool too….that's what they do in F1.

    However if I had money to buy a dedicated weekend sports car…..I'd get an ND Miata with a manual tranny.

  45. So.. there are AT that are more efficient than MT? And you guys wants more involvement in driving huh? You should go to India or Philippines.. All of a sudden, you will understand that EFFICIENCY is everything when it comes to cars.. And MT is a punishment.

  46. Im 16 and I drive a manual ford ranger, im never driving a automatic, whenever i have to it gets boring, nothing to really do with your hands besides steer, your feet dont move as much. Im hoping I can get a wrx to drive soon (bet with a parent) but nothing more satiafying than the feeling and sound you get when you hit a shift just right, you cant do that with a automatic.

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