WILL.I.AM didn’t expect this when he turned around | Winner’s Journey #19

The winner of the voice is… … Anja Nissen! What’s your name? My name is Anja Nissen and I’m 18. I’m from the Blue Mountains. Out here I can make as much noise as I
want. A lot of people say that’s how I got my big voice… … was from singing as
loud as I want from a very young age. I was always finding a rock somewhere
or finding a place to sing. Living here can get really dangerous. We do have like bushfires
that come through and like… … this year especially, like, my
grandparents lost their house. It was gone. Like flat, completely flat. You guys are lucky
that you managed to get out. But I know that I’ve learned that you
have to enjoy every moment… … and be thankful for that. Yes, it’s very important to learn
to be thankful for what we have. Being on the voice
means to me… a new start. Definitely when I step out there tonight
I’ll have my grandparents in mind. When things like this happen and you need
somebody to make you happy… Like the first night that
they came back to our house. I just remember like we were
all shocked, completely overwhelmed by it all. And I just remember that I ended up singing
and it brought happiness back. Wowsers, wowsers! I wasn’t expecting that
when I turned around. You sounded fan-freaking-tastic.
– Thank you, thank you so much. When I turned around
I was not expecting you… Like ‘what?!’ and then I’m like ‘what?!’ It was like a lot of ‘what?!’ going on like… Your voice is a gift to the world. And we must do something
for everyone to listen to it. I’ll have to say Will.i.am. What’s up? How are you guys?
– Hi Anja. We’ll be singing ‘When love takes over’
by Kelly Rowland. It’s easy to familiarize yourself with,
because it is such a good song. There’s a part of the song
where, it’s like a basic scale… … but the way that Kelly Rowland hit it,
was like spectacular. I can’t hit it, but Anya hit it. And I saw the face that Sarah made,
it was like ‘okay, now it’s my turn’. And she failed. Focus on each individual note
and you do it staccato… … you have a better chance nailing it. Nail this riff, it’s the only thing
you have to focus on. That was so amazing energetic.
What a powerhouses! Fenomenal! You nailed it tonight, like, wow! The energy works right like this: Every once in a while,
a singer comes to culture… … that all the songwriters
can’t wait to work with. It’s usually like,
they perform well, they look hot… … and they sing sometimes kind of well. The ones that they’re writing for
don’t even sing that well. But every once in a while,
you get a freaking singer… … that sings amazing, looks amazing,
has this amazing presence. Like what?! And so because of that,
Anja, I must send Anja through. Hey Anja, you ready?
– Yes. Let me introduce you to Apl:
Apl, Anja. Anja, Apl. Hello. Alright, let’s go. I have chosen ‘Eye on the sparrow’ by
Lauryn Hill. I’ve been singing it for a long time. And I remember when I was
younger, this song would make me cry. In the blacked-out control room… … mentor Apl.de.ap
can only judge Anja on her voice. Nice.
– Wow. She is dope, right?
– Yeah. This is Apl.
– Wow! Total opposite,
what I had in my head. Well, what did you have in your head? I just pictured a black girl, sorry. He thought she was gonna be
an African girl. Like you couldn’t get any wronger. That’s like the wrongest. When you’re on stage,
when you’re up there… … who do you take with you? I think that I’ll be taking what I had
from when I was younger with me. Because I used to cry
all the time singing this song. And I think it’s about tapping into that,
but not getting too emotional. Because I know that I have a tendency… … to sometimes if I get too emotional in a song,
I can’t finish the song. If you’re gonna cry, do it at the end.
– Yes. What?! Perfect… every note. What?! Ridiculous!
– Oh my god. We’re matching. Venice Beach was beautiful. To be here, it just gives you
so much kick and drive. And it just gives you
so much motivation. This is huge. Hey, what’s up?
How was you guys’ flight? It was awesome. Will’s studio, never seen
anything so amazing. This is my factory,
this is my dream machine. You got a dream,
you execute it here. So, this is where you guys
gonna be doing your sessions. Right, so, let’s go. Anja is my prize singer. You could always do
a current song later. My fear is you being
sent home too soon. Your breaths are loud.
– Yep. … it’s those ones,
not the… Yeah, okay, yeah.
– So, you sound beautiful… … but taking gulps of breath,
that means you’re not breathing right. I just want to see you get through
and beat the best singer on the show. Looking back on it, like the beginning
was a bit shaky and pitchy and… You’re a technical singer, right? The worries that you have
with technical singers are… … that they never really
connect with the audience. That’s what I want
to do with this song. I want to do something
different that I haven’t done before. And bring something
that people haven’t seen in me yet. My biggest fear is… myself. I definitely don’t know who I am
at this stage in the competition. I’m still… … every performance
I’m finding myself more. As an eighteen year old,
I think we’re all like that. I think Australia needs
to see a different side to me. That I know I’m capable of,
but I just have to believe it. Two incredible performances
by these guys. Kylie what did you think about that? Uh, Anja, you’re 18… You’re 18… just checking… You’re 18. There was just a big
hashtag ‘Anja’ in the back there. And I was like
tweeting hashtag ‘Anya’. Listen, we’re at that place where you got to rise. And tonight Anya,
you rose all the way to the top! This week’s performance
is ‘Wild’ by Jessie J That’s exactly what Jessie would do. You don’t want to do it like Jessie J.
– No. The music has to be toned down,
so you could be the highlight. It was interesting to make a pop song
a different pop song. That’s the groove for the drums. His mind just goes to a different place
and he just hears all these different things. On the second verse,
can we try with no piano? So now it’s like tailor making a dress
for her physique. But instead of it being a dress…
it’s the band. Hold it, hold it, hold it,
hold it, hold it, hold it, You hold that note as long as possible,
if they have to drag you off the stage… … because you hold that note,
that’s what needs to happen. The longest freaking note
with vibrato ever. Just kill him like that.
That will be sick. You’re a fierce singer, artist… And when you are recording your record,
and getting ready to shoot video’s…. … and getting ready to go on tour,
you seem like… You are, not even seem like…
you are a ready to go superstar talent. This week I am performing
‘I have nothing’ by Whitney Houston I worked with Whitney. You, you’re just as good. But I don’t believe you know
just how amazing you are. When he said that I’m as good
as Whitney, I still don’t believe that. It just takes my breath away,
every time I work with Will… … when he compares me to other singers
and says that I’m of that caliber. This song is about “I’ve done
everything that I think to keep you”… But dude, don’t make me
like chase myself now. Right? So in a way,
this competition is that for you. So these emotions, you got to
put those emotions into this. The sentence “I don’t have nothing,
if I don’t have you”, resonated with her. And she applied it to how
she feels about this competition. If she is to win the whole Voice
competition… Australia is going to be blessed
with a true global superstar. The winner of the voice is… … Anja Nissen! Wow! The Wildcard has won all the way through
and won the Voice 2014! Wow! Here’s the family,
here are the friends. Will.I.Am. is popping
around like mad!

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