Will the 2019 Kia Stinger Be My Next Car?? | Extensive Test Drive

All right guys so as most of you probably know by now We’re making a little series of videos about basically the car shopping process. I’m looking to replace my Camry With something affordable, but also fun and What meets that criteria very well seemingly is the kia stinger So I’ve been really wanting to check it out. And today is a day checking out the 2019 Kia stinger. This is the base configuration As far as what I’d be looking at it would be the base trim of the vehicle maybe With all-wheel drive just depends the specific one has rear-wheel drive, but basically just like the last video we’re gonna give you a kind of like a Fly-on-the-wall kind of perspective. We’re just going to talk amongst ourselves you know just talk about the drive and whatnot and And see how see how it goes Of course like I said what interests me about this, is that your have German dynamics in the sense that This car is designed by ex-Audi designer peter Schrader and Also has the dynamics design or dynamics tuned by albert beardman a former BMW M Person, so when you have that type of resume for your car, it definitely gets my attention, especially when it’s priced That’s starting to bear. This one. Here is only $32,000. So, you know when you’re talking about that type of number you’re talking about Something like a regular midsize sedan. And this like you said has a resume. That’s a lot better than like a Camry so yeah, I Definitely expect that this will be a really great Drive A little i turned the steering wheel right there I mean the steering is really It’s like just super responsive. It really sucks in I have to say from that acceleration. That is definitely quick You know if the 2-litre feels a lot like the Audi a4, a5 combo And for 30 grand instead of 50 or 60. That’s right and frankly This has better steering for sure. Definitely I prefer a more stout a Heavier steering setup and this definitely has they have your steering setup then in the standard outie a 5 So is the steering all typed up to be You know it really is It’s it’s great definitely one of the best steering setups I’ve ever felt and we’re in the standard mode We can flip on over use the drive up controller hit the sport mode and things get even tighter But yeah, like I said if we like I prefer a tighter steering setup This is a sports sedan, but You know when you have something that’s your everyday car it needs to be comfortable – yeah, I mean that’s really important because I was I Guess concerned that this would be something maybe I had like a really stiff and harsh suspension You know with that That’s not the case It’s actually quite smooth very comfortable. You know, I like it. It feels Pretty much like any other luxury car or you know, just a regular midsize sedan The entrance power delivery is very Very smooth It definitely feels very linear it’s so what It’s for fine. Do you know I didn’t expect that out of you know, Apia You know in and out or whatever they put the two leader and everything So I kind of expected it to be real nice. But you know, this is not that’s not even a downgrade really Yeah, no, I completely agree with that. It’s a You kind of I don’t know you can never tell with these two liter engines like some of them are more refined than others Are we and recently they had that such a lag between the manual Powell shift mean twist that It was the q50 wasn’t Yes, the other was yeah, this is definitely this is much more responsive good q50 on the paddles You definitely have been having a rear-wheel drive car is just such a benefit for a tiny house, you know Yeah, I mean riding down the highway relation showcases What kind of this? To me. I think that this car I knew that it was probably gonna drive good based on what everyone else said So I kind of assumed that it would drive good but what I’m most impressed about is that a lot of the times in the media, they’ll be like Okay drives me remembering best driving car ever, but it’s not an everyday livable vehicle and just driving down the road I mean you can tell that this car is tuned like a luxury vehicle. It’s quiet inside The seats are super comfortable and if you have people in the back, there’s tons of legroom and tons of cargo space so you know this record to me it really checks off a lot of the boxes that I would be interested in looking at right I’m I’m driving Camry. I used to being comfortable You know, so I don’t want to go to some spine crushing rough riding, you know Frankly, you know, we live in a time I kind of expect the best of both worlds, but it’s hard to find something that has the best of both worlds you know, so I’m really tickled that this is It’s definitely delivered what I’m looking for and I do also want to kind of point out we’re sitting in traffic here Literally every person that drives by us is like staring at it like it’s a a Ferrari or something and it costs like 30 grand and It attracts the attention that you would not expect out of something because it’s an expensive. I mean this this car is an amazing deal I mean It’s an amazing deal. Just if you if you just shopped it on just the equipment that it has on its standard at this $32,000 price point it’s better equipped than regular mid-sized sedans like that There we go, literally every person yeah now that’s It is just such a amazing Value Yeah, see if you see if you get that much attention when you drive down the street and your Toyota Camry. Yeah Chevy Malibu. Yeah, I mean that doesn’t know what you’re looking for But it does that every that’s a testament to how you know Really good you I mean the kwatak size that can I value a car? Not too impressive Bobby I just want it to look good for me And I mean that That is a big deal is How nice it looks it’s got that rear wheel drive proportion. Like you said quad exhaust standard equipment nice wheels on the $33,000 one stripper model basically is what we’re driving and that is that’s right. It has super nice wheels on it And it only gets better from there. If you go to the GTS yeah, you’re just frankly not gonna feel like Bass it’s what the trim level is called, but they really should have came up with a different room for it. I think Yeah, so that I Mean that really was that was what I wanted to see I’m really tickled to know that this is a Really great option. I’d be strongly considering Because it is Basic in no way shape or form I mean yeah, because you just you have to check you have to check these things because these you know a Lot of brands. I mean even luxury brands like, you know, like a Mercedes or something like that It may start out really expensive, but you still are expected to put $20,000 of options on it before you know it gets to you know, an acceptable level of options that make it really stripper grade, you know, and I Just appreciate that. Even though this is cheap. You know, it’s a cheap luxury car You’ve got this cabin loads of features from cabinets out II love all you know. Yeah, you’ve got the Audi design BMW steering, the rear-wheel drive looks the handling So I would say the worst thing about this car would have to be For me would be the stigma of being a Kia would be the only thing that I could say as a con about this car And I don’t I think that that’s increasingly becoming less and less as they make new stuff. Like I don’t think anybody even knows Well, if you if you remove the bad job, if you look at the back of it the back of it I figured out what it reminds me of Maserati, ghibli. Oh, it does it does I believe that might be what people think it is And like you said, you don’t have to go for the GT to get the looks you can just look out the window and watch people in traffic that are if they will stare staring at you and Last time, we got a pension like that was in the rs5 Sportback, so Yeah, and that was green and that was a green howdy So I I don’t I’m I’m extremely impressed and that’s my honest to goodness truth. I really loved this car I’m through and through yes, this is It’s definitely a car you see myself owning!


  1. Use the lease cash incentives. Then do immediate buyout. $9900 incentive on gt2 awd. i love the hud and 360 camera.






  2. Suggest you don't buy a car based only on value. You really got to like it too. The new "shine" will wear off in no time. 🙂

  3. This should be one of your top Choices for your next car, it looks like a Luxury car!! I also would try the 2019 Toyota Camry xse with red Interior, it’s white with a black roof!!!

  4. Great choice! The Stinger has been quite a show-stopper since its launch two years ago.

  5. Do you like it Drew? That’s all that matters…I like AWD and maybe add a sunroof…But that’s just me…

  6. if your car is clean i will probably look at it. and i havent seen a kia stinger yet but ill be sure to look at it too if i do.

  7. I saw a new 2019 Cadenza Premium on cars.com that is well within your price range @$26,312.00. https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/756395942/overview?aff=share_other

    The only thing you seem to be giving up is the rear wheel drive. Nicely optioned with v6. Not sure if Cadenza is avail with awd.

  8. “Replace my CAMRY”? OMG I can definitely see you in the KIA SOUL so practical and fun. Mason I can see in this Stinger

  9. If you are interested in the Stinger, I'd also test drive the Genesis G70, the 4-cylinder one. It's lighter, has shorter wheel base, an a bit quicker. G70 is a Luxury car.

  10. Fun you say,well prepare to Feel the Sting! Smiles for miles. It's the best Bang for Buck in the sporty sedan segment for sure. Just drive save and not too reckless.

  11. if you get it be aware kia and hyundai do not make aftermarket parts. my advice is to keep full coverage until the car is worth 5 grand if you intend to keep it that long, or lease it. one of my friends had a hyundai sonata and it was hit. they totaled the car even though it was less than $5G in damage. the car was worth more than $9G.

  12. Why in the hell wouldn't you just buy a 2018 GT2 with decent miles….maybe a little more but good grief it's worth it….for goodness sake you guys are car enthusiast!!! 😜

  13. Get a used Stinger GT instead of a new base model!!

    -Buying a slightly used car is a great way to save some money. Maybe even a used 3 series, Acura TLX, or Volvo S60.

  14. Nothing against Kia, but do these Stingers really get that much attention? I have seen them in person and they are just another Kia to me. They seem like they will look dated eventually and not age that well design wise. But who knows, I may be wrong.

  15. You could get the new 2019 nissan maxima. It has a sporty and agressive ans stylish look and has a sunroof and a moonroof with all latest safety features like lane departure alert, radar cruise control, RCTA and all those. It also has a nissan light carpet below the car, remote engine start/stop, keyless entry, you can also enter the car using your mobile and lock it, unlock it, flash lights, etc. It comes in a V8 variant too with comfortable leather seats and high definition bose speakers. It also has heated and cooled seats and steering wheel, android auto and apple carplay support, nissan connect powered by sirius XM and a ton of cargo space, amazing interior, amazing and smooth infotainment software and great center console screen. It also has great reliability like toyota and holds its value for many years. It also has a poised handling, new generation LED lights. Hope you get the nissan maxima and best of luck for your college. It goes up to 35,000 dollars (highest trim), so its pretty affordable and is in your price car range.

  16. The maxima is a better buy in my thought because me and my dad has tested drives this and we both feel the Nissan Maxima was more comfortable!! Only me thought

  17. Excellent choice Drew! The Kia Stinger is the best sedan for under $35k. Hope you enjoy your summer weekend.

  18. Is there a reason you haven't tried a manual sedan? I'm not in the market but I think for me, I'd test out a Civic SI and Jetta GLI. Just so I could drive a manual again. Not sure their comfort level is what you want though. Also, might I suggest a Civic SI vs Jetta GLI comparison? Any other manual, family friendly sedans? Mazda3 maybe? That'd be a comparison I'd like to see. Good luck on the hunt. Enjoy it since you shouldn't be doing it again for awhile. Keep up the content stream.

  19. I would say the GT2 is definitely the best sport sedan to buy for the value. Also it works out as a daily driver. So is a grab for me

  20. Did you also consider the Optima SX/T? Lot more equipment, 10 less horsepower but good value minus rebates about 30k

  21. Didn’t think of this as a option, it’s a good car and looks cool, but I think most cars look fine 😂😂 at the end of the day I’ll only buy a Lexus or Toyota, can’t beat that reliability.

  22. I realize you two are four years apart in age, but the twin factor comes forth strong in this vid series. You two definitely look like twins tho four years apart. Drew, I think an esoteric 4 door sedan would be great for you, a Mazda6 in a red diamond metallic paint in a 200+ horsepower spec. Also, the 6 is a driver's car. Give the Mazda6 another look. Looking forward to you two being back online, and I hope your vacation has been awesome.

  23. Definitely make sure to grab (if you're getting only a base model) the sun & sound package… The upgraded headlights are a must and driving at night is so easy with the LEDs

  24. I find it odd you never showed us the vehicle, especially the exterior. Seems like a nice Kia for you. I won't hate on you, i drive a Malibu lol. 🙂

  25. This car has been off my radar screen, but it appears to be really impressive! The styling is sporty/aggressive without being over-the-top, and the performance seems to be all you could ask for. Definitely a serious contender!

  26. The Kia Stinger is a great car and all but I feel you should consider the Charger or Challenger R/T before going all in for the Stinger.

  27. I got a new base with with the sun and sound package and remote start last month. It was a great deal on an amazing car.

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