1. It's time to start hunting down people that do this to innocent people they're only trying to do the right thing. Are there police start stepping up their game and put these killers to Justice or the good people we're going to come out and take care of it once and for all Justice for the victims….

    Sometimes you have to send an equalizer to solve the problem

  2. And why do the DPD ACT THE WAY THEY DO? THATS ALL THEY SEE AROUND THEM. Every time the police do their job they get fired!

  3. My heart breaks to see this beautiful young lady die like this my heart goes out to the family my respect and condolences to the family. May you all receive the comfort that only God can give.

  4. This shouldn’t have happened….Ever! This is why people/ citizens don’t cooperate in any way. S.I.H.P. SHakeisha ♥️🕊

  5. People comment on how beautiful she looked. What does that have to do with anything?. . . Think before you comment.

  6. Hello friends are you aware that we are living in times of rapture which is the second coming of our Lord and saviour Jesus christ?. Remember that the trumpet may sound at any moment. Don't forget to continue to pray for God's mercy, his grace and his forgiveness. May our heavenly father have mercy on us amen

  7. The last police department to depend on. They will NOT guarantee your safety by any means nor will a piece of paper etc etc. They indirectly contributed to her death for a prosecutor and department need for faster easier results.

  8. She should of been in witness protection or they should of had a undercover on her they allowed this to happen .She knew they were dangerous I guess police act like they didn't I'm sure they had records whoever carjacked her .The police need to value lives more especially ,when your trying to help them as well as yourself I'm sure they wanted them behind bars but needed her testimony SMH.

  9. Criminals have too many rights, too much access to the outside… too much everything.
    This world is full of demons, you literally gotta watch your back every where you go! Gas stations, schools, stores etc…. treat every person as suspicious… man or woman…..R.I.P 🙏

  10. Don't testify is the rules on the street. Such a beautiful young lady that died died four helping a system that's so lazy tio doo their own job that they get paid to do

  11. There are several words for someone that guns down a defenseless woman. COWARD, PUNK, PATHETIC, GARBAGE!
    Feel free to add your own descriptions.

  12. Yep, blame the thug in the police gang for Black violence. When is MSM going to start reporting the level of out of control Black violence? Statistically off the chart compared to other races.
    Don't make the Black kids angry.

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