Workshop setup update

this video is a vloggy sort of follow-up
to the update on our move from last fall with the tendinitis problems I figured I
really didn’t need a big shop to tempt me to do workshop projects so at some
point last fall I just put setting things up in the big basement room on
hold and focus and other stuff like reliving some of my older videos and
building stuff out of Legos I used Lego to build another most
experiment and that video did quite well I was gonna do another video on that but
that most just hasn’t come back so I think I have to wait for spring for
another most to show up I also played around with building other contraptions
out of Lego like my pantograph and my machine catapult and both of those
videos did quite well and I’ve got a few more other ideas for building out of
Legos I hope to get back to those eventually emailing with max Sheldon who
sells the panderers in the US he wanted me to come up with some kind of plan
that involved some compound mitered mortise and tenon joints to show off the
abilities of the tilting table on the pantry router so I designed a
three-legged stool which involved some interesting angles in the joinery but to
me no plan is complete unless I’ve validated by actually building it and
this was a small enough project I figured I just tackle it for the time
being although first I had to find all the bits for the pant router and put
things back together and the video for that did quite well and it didn’t cause
too much pain in my arms so that gave me some motivation to organize more
workshop stuff again I cleared out the corner where I figured I’d put most of
my tools and I put up a few extra lights and that made that big basement room
looked that much more appealing this was just unfinished drywall and I figured I
would put a coat of paint on it just to give it a lighter color and then I
thought maybe I’ll just smear a little bit of drywall mud into the gaps just to
make that gap less obvious without doing a proper mudding job and I thought maybe
I should cover the screw holes – but I didn’t tape it and I certainly didn’t
money to fill that sort of a dip where the sheets join you meant to put tape
and mud in there to bring it up to a level to really hide the joints I’m just
trying to make it a bit lighter color so it looks better as a background
but now that I’ve got a layer of primer on here some of these imperfections have
become more glaring so I think I’ll put a little bit more mud on there before I
painted now that I’ve got the final paint on it looks pretty decent at least
from a distance and certainly through the camera you can of course see the
seams if you look at it from a low angle especially if the lighting was at a low
angle but my main goal really was just make it not look jarring ly bad in the
background for making videos so I called out a success I already had the belt
Sanders on this workbench and I just didn’t ever dit up to some dollies and
that way I could roll it out of the way and then it’s a new place without having
to lift the Sanders or the work venture and the reason they wanted this
workbench there is so I could still open that big drawer on the end you wish I
could never use in the big garage workshop and these are the drawers that
used to be in my lace band but I don’t have that big lathe anymore nor the
stand and I turn the drawers that used to be under this workbench into a
separate workbench in the other room and now the dust collectors for my Sanders
but it turns out that corners a little bit too tight and I had to move the
workbench just a little bit just to make room for it I was just going to put the
dust collector for the strip sander in place but I actually took their blower
off of it for the move six months ago and I thought before I wedge it in there
I should check if it needs emptying and there’s actually a fair bit of dust so I
should clear out got my to Sanders and dust collectors
set up now though it was awkward because this one’s got the dust port on the
right and I couldn’t run the hose down the front because there’s a drawer here
north through the workbench top because of the drawers in the workbench so I
have to run the hose all the way here to the dust collector which the corner is a
perfect place for because it’s kind of hard to get to so I can’t put myself in
there and then for this one the dust port is actually on this side but that
was getting really awkward raining hose all the way around so I drilled a hole
in the cover here and just know that the hose on here and that makes I think for
a much better airflow then through here and that’s plugged up now and I know
people will ask why to dust collectors like that well that way they’re both
always hooked up to the dedicated Sanders and they come out automatically
so I don’t ever have to message with blast gates or thinking about anything I
just switch on the sander you can see it pull the hose together
from the dock you I originally made this table as a desk for my bedroom back in
2004 and I made a note of an old lab bench that I bought at a surplus sale
the top of it was badly burnt from various lab experiments that presumably
went wrong and I couldn’t plant it down enough to get pasta burning but then I
just flipped the top over and the bottom side planed quite nicely oops that drawer hits the table top but
if I moved the table top way back then it clears and I totally designed this
workbench was moving it with a dolly like this in mind I have a video on that
and I think any future work my child build I’ll use that same method and I
think that jointer is gonna live against this wall here with the dedicated dust
collector right behind it but it turned out to be awkward the way
I ran the hose there so flipping around the dust collector made it a little bit
better but for where it is it would be better if the hose went the other way on
my jointer but I’ll deal with that later if I need to so this is how I forgot
things arranged now I figure I’ll mostly be filming this way because looking this
way it’s quite messy and I figure I should put my big table sauce somewhere
around here it’s still back here exactly where the movers plucked it except that
when they put it down it was surrounded by boxes and the ping-pong table is
actually an excellent junk catcher it’s just not very sturdy so I think I’ll
keep that ping-pong table here but maybe move it more this way to get more out of
view for when I’m filming and I’ve been experimenting with using this infrared
heater aimed at where I’m working and that’s actually worked quite well raises
the temperature at least then it feels like by quite a bit without actually
heating up the whole room so I think that will be a topic for
another short video but I think that’s all for this update video for now


  1. Your new setup resembles your first workshop, even has a post in about the right place.

    I think we all agree that your small videos are more interesting than no videos, so take recovery slow.

  2. I’m glad you got motivation to start getting the shop ready.

    I would install insulation in the ceiling to keep the shop even warmer. Also I would add some kind of a foam on the floor to keep easy on your feed. Concrete flooring is bad for your back and you do not want to add that for your health problems.

  3. I hope you recover well from the CT problem. Any of these critical nerve pinching issue can be chronic and could get worse if you ignore and continue to stress it. I had to undergo major surgery for my Sciatica after off and on problems for 12 years where I did not take adequate measures to prevent worsening the problem until it just became intolerable. Anyway all the best with you getting back to pain free state without medication if possible.

  4. hey man. ive been following your channel for a few years now. i think the first video i saw of yours is the one where you fucked up all those wasps with your shop vac. anyway, i soon after learned what a pantorouter was – i didnt know wtf a pantorouter was. i never really did hands on stuff like this, never really worked with my hands ( except typing of course, i work with computers ) but i have been watching your videos pretty regularly since then. through your channel ive gotten into some other crafty channels as well. thanks for the cool content and helping educate me on a subject i was super ignorant on. its also weird not seeing you in a fully decked out workshop! take care and keep up the good work

  5. Dear Matthias, I'm a natural health practioner as well as a woodworker. I took my education in Europe, but I have done a little research for Canada, and through you should be able to get most of natural medicine products I use, and that will give you relief and help. I will recommend you to see a natural health practioner such as a homeopath or biopath (such as myself), to test you for inflammation in the muscles and soft tissue. I think the pH-level in your body needs attention as well. Taking painkillers will just reduce the pain, but natural medicine works with the cause of the pain. I hope you will take my advice, so we all can enjoy your work for a long time to come… Jesper

  6. I’m happy with your progress regarding tendinitis, but don’t rush back into turbo mode too soon. I like your decoration of the background – it will make quite a difference in the quality of your future video productions. I also like your methods of moving heavy objects – using your brains to save on strains. Thanks for sharing your progress with us.👍

  7. Your health should always come first when it comes to things. And don't just worry about what videos are most popular; make the videos you want to make!

  8. I hope you feel better soon Matthias. I went through the same thing a couple years back messed up my right elbow keep doing stuff and just kept going using my left more…. Ended up getting tendonitis in that one too and it took me 1.5 years before I had them both up and going again. If you haven't already check out an acupuntureist that provided by far the biggest relief and reduced the irritation which allows things to heal much faster. I thought it was Eastern hokum until I got desperate enough to go and I have to say it worked better then all of the Western medicine I tried combined.

  9. Glad you are feeling a bit better and are able to make a video once in a while. It sucks losing your mobility

  10. You know, i even like to watch you moving stuff then seeing you complaining about anything. Keep positive.

  11. Thank you for sharing this with us. I can only speak for myself but I find any part of your workflow interesting, especially when the alternative would lead to injury for you. Nobody wants that. Good luck with your recovery!

  12. Great to see you firing up your systems again Matthias.. We've all been starving out here waiting for you to put out a video.. 😉
    Stay warm, and we look forward to more from you soon 🙂

  13. I love seeing you make things but be very careful to avoid aggravating that tendonitis. I'd rather wait and see small projects than see you harm yourself.

  14. I hope this comment does not get your channel in trouble but have you looked into CBD oil? One of my coworkers uses it for her tendonitis. I don't know a lot about it but it seems to help her.

  15. Thank you for sharing this with us. Matthias you are a true inspiration. I am battling with herniated discs and how it affects my woodworking. I'm happy to see someone else whom despite health problems does not give up and just leaves all this behind. Way to go!!!

  16. Lol, once I decided, that I make no-finish drywall in my basement. Ended up with a finish better than in many peoples' bedrooms…

  17. 1:28 That table of Multi slot mortising machine looks like it can tilt. The pair on the right side of the screen is also like a Japanese style sawhorse.

  18. Your talking about heaters now too… boy! (Dave Jones @ EEVBlog released a video about them) lol… Glad to see your feeling better!

  19. Speaking from experience here, if you don't have your arms looked at or do something about they will cripple you long term. I had both tennis and golfers elbow in my right elbow and I was lucky that physio was able to get rid most of it.

    I would go to specialist and have them look at your arms and maybe surgery would be required to fix the issues, what ever you choose this will not get better by ignoring it.

    I hope you feel better, I was recently told I have early aging of the spine but hey I am not going to let that stop me. ( I had a interesting 2018 health wise so been told that is the least of my issues 🙂 )

  20. As a co-sufferer … ICE right after you work and it helps a lot…. now, if only I did that…

    Sander Dust Collection – given the straight line runs, why not swap in some longer hard line across the back of the table and/or up tot he strip sander with only short bits of the dryer hose .. better airflow I should think, make a good thing even better ??

  21. I hurts the tendom behind my elbow once, it took a year to mostly heal. That was 20 years ago and i still have flairups with it.

  22. great to have another update, but please, let the injury heal fully before jumping back in, and be very careful not to over do things, little by little.

  23. Please do that video on the infrared, I would love to hear some science about whether these add value to a workshop.

  24. Matthias, it's good to see you setting up shop again. Although I miss your original shop, I think this one might turn out well.

    I had an idea, if you like that IR dish heater. With your skill set, couldn't you give it a couple degrees of freedom and make a program that makes sure it's always pointed at you using a webcam? Maybe that's what you have in mind already. Those dish heaters are alright, but only when you're standing directly in front of them, I find.

  25. Had an odd question for you:
    My son takes karate and is always bringing home the boards he breaks. So I'm presently overrun with pine boards that are 8mm thick, 24cm long, and whatever width depending on where it breaks. Got any ideas as to a good project for them? Not firewood?

  26. Почему не на русском языке ? непонятно же ничего .

  27. Hallo Matthias, ich sehe Dich immer mit dem Holzstäbchen bisschen Leim dran schmieren. Da Du aber so eine tolle Testmaschine für Kräfte hast… könntest du mal ausprobieren, ob es nicht besser ist mit einem Pinsel , da der den Leim unter die Fasern streicht? Ausserdem wäre interessant ob die aufeinanderstehenden Flächen nicht auch, nach Einleimung noch zur Stabilität beitragen.
    Gruß Jörg aus Gronau

  28. Hello Matthias what's happened to the video of your workshop tower motorising?
    I would like to do something similar.

  29. Nice, but why is everything pinned up against the wall? Why not have a big worktable in the middle of the floor, so you can get at it from all directions?

  30. Your tendonitis might would get better if you would quit moving lol. I'm just messing with you, good video as always man.

  31. Why don't you move the table tot he wall and put the dust collectors on the right side of the table? The dust collectors will be on the correct side of sanders and the side drwer will not be in the way of the door. Also, are the heaters on the adjacent wall working? Why are you blocking them?

  32. I've enjoyed your video's, keep up the good work.

    Be careful with those plastic hoses on the dust collectors, the steel wire in the hose should be contacting the grounded steel frame at each end so you don't build up a huge static charge and potentially end up with a dust explosion.

  33. To help with your tendinitis, I think you need to quit using screwdrivers and use an impact driver, the trigger can be feathered as much as you want.

  34. So, I really like your videos… but.. what happened to the wife and 2 kids?.. and all your previous equipment…???????????? you seem to be back at blackberry… now…. patents are flowing through there… which is good… I am an engineer myself… with 2 kids… my parents divorced (when I was in high school- and I kind of recognize all of the steps you are going through (as the adolescent, I have no idea what that would be like at a younger age)). You seem to be in the divorced dad mode… which is fine… but… was there a video when you mentioned this?.. or… am I severely out of date?.. on the tendonitis side- are you a big tennis player… or… uh… yeah… might be time to stop blaming other people for being a normal human…

  35. I have made all of your woodworking machines. I still use it very useful ^^ You seem to enjoy woodworking. :)Of course, I bought your design and made it. 🙂 I uploaded it on YouTube video.

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