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  1. Good video idea! I think so many places are ruined by tourists, but I guess I’m one also 🤷

    The only thing I have to say about this is I often find expectations to be the determining factor whether I enjoy a place or not. Like at the end of the day, cities are only cities where other people also live and work. So when you expect something to be just amazing at every turn, it’s so easy to be let down.

  2. Woah I totally disagree with rainbow mountain, absolutely loved my experience. I did however go on a sunny day in August as the video suggested and it is a tough climb but so worth seeing and equal to the pictures

  3. I agree with the Mona Lisa one. I went there and there were so many people and the painting didn’t seem impressive I have seen better paintings. I literally saw the crowd saw the painting and didn’t bother to try to get closer cuz it never seemed it would happen and mind you this is the time where there weren’t many tourists in Paris. Still though the Louvre is a must see it is amazing!

  4. If you ever do an underrated travel attractions list then you need to include Newgrange. It's a massive Neolithic structure in Ireland that's older than the Pyramids (the oldest one being the Pyramid of Djoser at 2600 bc)and Stonehenge(3000bc) being built in 3200 bc. And it has a door with a roof box above it that perfectly aligns with the sun on the Winter solstice and a roof so well made that it's still waterproof to this day. Archaeologists are baffled on how these people were able to build such a sophisticated structure before the advent of writing and the crane and how advanced their knowledge of the cosmos and the exact alignment of the sun was. Shows how skilled my ancestors were in construction techniques,lapidary design, mathematical calculations and astronomical observation.

  5. HOW ABOUT ALMOST ALL "BEACH ATTRACTIONS" ? Sorry, folks, but a BEACH is a BEACH. You don't have to travel around the world to find a nice beach – and almost ALL "attraction beaches" are OVER-PRICED TOURIST TRAPS !

  6. Hobbiton was not over rated… French quarter was not over rated… Not a good start for the list. Makes me doubt all the other entries.

  7. Agree with all your pics. I will however, swing by to see Mt. Rushmore just because it’ll be on my route riding my motorcycle up to Banff, Alberta from Atlanta, GA.

  8. While we’re at it let’s add…. the Blue Grotto(Capri), the Astrological Clock(Prague), the Clock at the Rathskeller (Munich), Stonehenge, etc.

  9. Manneken Pis. Not only is it tiny, it is also somewhat hidden away. I'm pretty certain you wouldn't even notice it if you didn't know about it (and if it weren't for the tourists around it). Similarly, the little mermaid.

  10. The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul — I just returned from a trip to Istanbul, and the Grand Bazaar is one grand tourist trap with loads of counterfeit luxury handbags, puffer jackets, belts, et cetera. You name it. Counterfeit luxury goods for cheap!

  11. If you go to kiss the Blarney Stone, look for the big wet kiss that I left there! I agree that kissing the Blarney stone is not much fun. Sure you can see the castle, but only one tiny step at a time as you will be in an enormous line that snakes around the castle. There are many other castles to see in Ireland that are not as crowded.

  12. Absolutely agree about the Mona Lisa. It’s in a beautiful place that has so many more beautiful paintings and sculptures to be seen. The crowds are so big and you are so far from her you can’t get a good look anyways.

  13. don’t kiss the blarney stone! my friend’s dad is from ireland and he said that locals pee on it and laugh when people kiss it.

  14. I had a history teacher in high school that described how disappointing it is to see the Mona Lisa. He said you come to the room it's housed and it's so crowded you have to wait your turn and everyone is taking pictures like their meeting a famous person, when you finally get to it it's really small.

  15. The most letdown are travel blogs that tell you "don't go", "it ain't worth it", etc. I have already been told about the Mona Lisa's size, yet that didn't quench my curiosity to go see it myself. Mount Rushmore disappointing? Seriously? I am more disappoitnment with Watchmojos criticisms of certian attractions that aren't really a letdown. Personally I don't buy into travelers telling me don't go to a certain attraction after they have been there for reasons that they don't like it. Look, we all have different preferences and travel inclinations. What may not be impressive for one person may be the opposite for another and vice versa. Unless the place they tell me has terroristic activities, earthquakes, or anything that would kill me, it won't stop me if they say "skip it" cause its small, not worth it (to them), disappointing, etc. I am my own judge and I have to see it myself to make that judgement. Its not buying into the hype, but satisfying one's curiosity. After all, that's what travel is all explore, learn, and see things for yourself.

  16. I loved Loch Ness. Knowing it wasn’t real, there was still an unexplainable feeling of mystery and you never know what’s deep under the lake.

  17. Hobbiton is not $80-$90; its only $30nzd approx (i paid only $24 3 years ago to go). hobbiton is actually quite remarkable; my mum and i went and we havent read the books or watched the movies; my mum is a garden nut and wanted to see it herself for inspiration for her own garden. worth every dollar.

  18. Agree with most except Loch Ness. No one in this day and age visits Loch Ness expecting to see a monster. It's extremely beautiful, and the highlands are worth exploring

  19. I wasn't disappointed seeing the Mona Lisa. I think everybody already knows that it's not a huge painting. Besides, just seeing the Louvre in general is awesome.

  20. For New Orleans French quarter Disneyland has one that is SO charming, super impressive, clean, less crowded. I felt like I was therrre in the real place lol

  21. I disagree saying Mount Rushmore is over hyped. It is nestled in the beautiful part of South Dakota in a gorgeous forest. It’s very majestic.

    Hoover dam is overhyped

  22. Nah rainbow mountains are definitely not overrated. Of course, you do have to be there at the right time but I went in 2017 and it was amazing even on a slightly gloomy day. And the fact that it's far to get to shouldn't be a knock… Stop being lazy.

  23. Agree with Rushmore, but having been that area, it's worth driving by, but not stopping. I might add Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, the crowds ruin the view and there are better meanders.

  24. HAHA! basic tourists only visiting locations to say they were there or to clout on instagram are going to have the worst travel experiences by far. You can never truly appreciate a culture or a community if you haven't taken the time to learn about it in advance. Most people hyped over "traveling" these days are exactly like that planning rapid fire trips across europe or south america trying to visit as many places in as short of a time as possible when they should really be trying to immerse themselves in that space. Anyone familiar with Leonardo would know he was one of history's many rumored bisexual icons and led a life of a wandering gypsy taking his work with him from place to place. The Mona Lisa was no different, he traveled with that painting for years before finally completing it; it was one of his most prized items. Sad fact is only a handful of people who actually visit the Louvre will know this and instead take a minute to snap a pic then move on smh. Its not the size of a piece that makes it relevant but the lasting impact it leaves behind

  25. I think you mean Bourbon Street, not the French Quarter. You said you won’t find locals in the French Quarter … dude I am a local and I am there all the time. The French Quarter is so much more than Bourbon St. And where you went that is overpriced I do not know, but there are numerous bars and restaurants in the Quarter that are extremely reasonable.

  26. I totally disagree about NOLA. The French Quarter is awesome. Yes it is overcrowded at night especially on the weekends and during football and Mardi Gras season, but if you go in the spring or summer on a weekday it is great. And you don't have to eat in the French Quarter to have amazing cajun food. There are so many great options throughout the city that won't break your budget. But wherever you eat ya got to get something with crawfish! Crawfish etoufee is a personal favorite of mine. 🙂

  27. The title should start with "the most-politically correct list…………………………." it cannot be about the world's when it only enumerates western tourist spots. There are a lot more and worse overrated spots outside the west Are you so afraid to offend other races? Lol. I am asian btw not a child.

  28. Taj Mahal is also highly over rated in India we have monuments that are completely master piece compared to taj mahal

  29. You didn’t mention the disappointment of the pyramids when you go and it’s in a suburb of Cairo and all the photos of this amazing site are from an angle that doesn’t include 21st century Cairo! The pyramids and the Sphinx are brilliant though!

  30. Some tourists are disappointed that the ancient, man made, hand crafted pre invention of the wheel, Stone Age site of Stonehenge is not bigger in size and scale. But it’s all about it’s age and feat of ancient human engineering. English Heritage and their staff do a great job at Stonehenge imo.

  31. The royal palace at Caserta near Naples,Italy is one of the most underrated tourist attractions in the world -the amazing cascade in front of the building runs for miles -a whole river was diverted to make this amazing feature!

  32. The funny thing is that there are more than one Mona Lisa painting and they are all better preserved than the one in Louvre.
    For example, the one in Madrid at the Prado Museum and the one in Rome which has just been found recently. The colours of both paintings are brighter and the one in Rome is closer to the one Leonardo painted.
    The colours and the drawing itself of the Louvre one have been altered because of the bad restoration works and now they result almost yellowish. The majority of people wants to see it just because it’s more known and most of the time they don’t even know who Leonardo Da Vinci was.

  33. So unfortunate that some people think they are so “sophisticated” they can denigrate or diminish what others consider awesome. Example, Mount Rushmore.

  34. So the thing about Mt Rushmore is that it wasn't supposed to be just heads. It was going to be their full bodies. It was just never completed.

  35. The Wisconsin Dells. For a town that caters to tourists, good dining is limited. The shops sell nothing but t-shirts and towels.

  36. Phi Phi Island – it would be stunning and absolutely worth if it was as portrayed in travel brochures: deserted beach with perhaps one or two empty Thai longtails floating lazily offshore. The reality: THOUSANDS of people, a good part of the shoreline occupied by large tourist speedboats jammed side by side, a thin film of oil on the water in the snorkelling areas as well as diesel fumes from the numerous longtail boats which are also really loud as their engines are hardly muffled.

  37. We arrived at the legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris and my friend couldn't believe how small it actually is. "Is THIS the Moulin Rouge? Is that ALL?" she asked. And then come the overpriced tickets for the shows.

  38. Good list, and the sites at Washington D.C were overrated in my opinion. I didn't enjoy my experience there back in the 1990's. I hope they'll do a list of the most underrated tourist attractions if they haven't yet.

  39. Kissing the Blarney Stone isn’t all that great, but wandering around the castle grounds is the true highlight! I went a few years ago in early November, and there was hardly anyone there. The trees were a variety of colors, some growing in twisted shapes in and out of the ground. You could wander around for several hours, and there was no line for the castle and stone.

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