WP Telegram | How to bypass the ban on Telegram by web hosts using Google App Script

Hello guys! Welcome to this new video. I am Manzoor Wani, the author of WP Telegram plugin In the previous video I showed you how you can send WordPress posts automatically to Telegram and in this video I am going to show you how you can bypass the ban imposed on Telegram by different hosts especially in Russia and Iran If your host blocks Telegram then this video is for you Here I have already set up WP Telegram. I have added the Bot Token here If you don’t know how to do this part you can go and check that video in which I showed you how to send WordPress posts to Telegram. You can set it up. Here if I click on “Test Token”, it gives me an error Curl error 7: Failed to connect to api.telegram.org which simply means that my host blocks Telegram. Now we need to bypass this ban. What you need to do? You simply need to activate the Proxy module here. When you activate the proxy module and Save Changes, the proxy module will be activated. You can see, you can open its settings in new tab. If we click the “Test Token” again, it should still give us the error because we need to set up the Proxy module first. Here in the proxy module settings, we have Proxy Method which you should set to Google Script because in this video I am going to teach you how you can use Google Script to bypass this ban. Here what you need to fetch? You need to get the Google Script URL. What is that? I’m going to show you in this video. Here, The requests to Telegram will be sent via your Google Script. See this tutorial I am going to click (open) the link in new tab. so that we can come back to this tab whenever we want. Here the instructions say: Go to script.google.com and sign in if required. I’m going to open it in new tab. When you open it in new tab, Create a new project and give it a name you love I’m going to create a new script here. It will open in new tab And you can give it a name here at the top I’m going to write it as “My WP Telegram Script” Click “OK” The project has been renamed. The next instruction says It should open a file (Code.gs by default). Remove the contents of this file. I’m going to remove all the contents Select all then press Delete Everything has been deleted Now copy the contents of this file below and paste into your project file this file is right here. I am going to copy the contents of this file and I am going to paste it in the project file then what I need to do… I need to click File and Save File and Save Our file has been saved now the next instruction says Click “Publish” from the menu and select “Deploy as web app…” When I select “Publish” from menu and select “Deploy as web app…” It will bring in this screen You need to follow the instructions carefully here so if asked enter the name of the
project, click OK if you have not already done that so, In “Execute the app as:”, select “Me” “Execute the app as:”, select “Me”, which is already selected we don’t need to do that. in “Who has access to the app:”, select “Anyone, even anonymous”. This is important! “Who has access to the app:”, select “Anyone, even anonymous” This is very important if you don’t do this this is not going to work So we can click then Deploy as given in the instructions when I click Deploy it will ask for the authorization because this script is going to access my Google account so I need to give this script the permission for that so I’m going to click the Review Permissions (button) here and you need to select your account here I’m going to select the account then you should click “Allow” when you click “Allow” it will come back to the project file
and it will give you a message “This project is now deployed as a web app.” Congratulations! now we have the current web web app URL so you need to select this URL. I’m going to select all and simply copy this is the URL that we need here so simply paste it here and Save Changes When you Save Changes and go back to WP Telegram settings this error should be disturbing here so let us get rid of it if we test the token again now this error should be no more. Yes! We have bypassed the ban on Telegram! Congratulations! so you can go ahead and Save Changes now you can enjoy WP Telegram without the ban on it. so in the upcoming videos, I’m going to show you more tricks about WP Telegram How you can use its power packed features so see you in the upcoming videos! Bye!

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